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These are the times when evil rules supreme. These are the days of universal deception, abuse, torture, mass murder and blood sacrifice. But the tide is turning, vipers burning.
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  • Don Austin

    Hi less thank you, and how are you doing today? I will get my profile updated asap.
  • Philomena

    Hello LP, I am new to forum and look forward to navigating the space to find a niche where I may add my thoughts. I agree,to effectively resist tyranny, truth is an indispensable ally. Another ally in times like this is to let these abusers of power know that we cannot be fooled or seduced by their false construction of reality. These times are very scary and in all of my days ( 65 years old) I never thought I would live to see global tyranny so seamlessly implemented into every fabric of our realities by the powers of one small country in the Mideast. I will wait until I am more inspired before I write anything else. I just want to thank you for inviting me to your forum and I hope I can contribute something meaningful.
  • Regine g.

    I just added a comment earlier on, but it disapear...
    Anyway I am new a this "game" but it is a serious and scary game, because somebody is playing with our life... Somebody is trying to play with our food intake, our personal life including health, pet, anything making us an human being, but, for the profit of an other entity..... Not for our use. Anyway after scanning so many of my food at home, and thinking about all the intake of GMO I ingested through the years, without my knowledge and against my will, if somebody asked me, it is just scary. Can I grow my crops and have my feeds, no, so, I am not sure where to go to avoid all of this. And I cannot keep on to scan the barcode of the food I eat, every single time. What about restaurant, what r they feeding u also? So.... At least I can control the food for the kids (my bb pets) and for me, wish me luck....
  • Cowboy Tech

    No matter what someone says, you will always come to know them better by their actions over their words.

    Intent, knowledge and wisdom applied with understanding.

    Words for knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Action for example.

  • Charlie Bluehawk

    I am 56 years old. I spent 48 years of my life trying to get people to care - about anything.  I failed.  I did two Internet Radio Shows (honest-government,org,, and 

    The evil we see today could end now - right now - if people cared. We outnumber the "masters" at least one million-to-one.

    The reason evil exists is that people do not care. Why? I have no idea. But I threw my entire life away based on the belief that "people are basically good."

    I was wrong.

    I finally fled the USA in 2007 and went to New Zealand - a country so ugly, so evil, so vicious, so brutal that it made the USA look good. How was that even possible?

    I grew up with ex-military street thugs who were so stupid they made "The SImpsons" look smart - and yet they personally knew a USA President, , and millionaires , and every headlight act in Vegas.

    They were the scum of the Earth, and yet they never went to jail, were never even accused (only by me - the "village idiot").

    They did business with CIA/Mafia guys; sub-continent Braham class drug lords; iranian drugs lords; Saudi princes - and they were morons.

    So - do you want the world to be a better place? Figure out how to get people to care.

    Figure out how to get people to just say one word: "no."

    Get people to say "no" to Obama and his mass murders. 

    Get people to say "no" to cops shooting people down in the streets.

    Get people to say "no" to a military that butchers countries across the world for the benefit of a corporation and their "bottom line."

    If you can figure out how to get people just to care - you will win.

  • Rich by Drone

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to be here and looking to meet as many patriots as possible especially any that live near me in the Jax area.

  • Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod

    Hello! I'm in Central Oregon, and trying to get out of this area. There's NO ONE in my own family I can talk to about this. They think I've "gone nuts" in my old age or something. Friends, family - they're "...sick of hearing all this conspiracy theory crap. Get a life!"  They don't get it, won't look, won't listen. I'm just an old medic/paramedic, etc., disabled (nerve damage, 7 back operations)... I've an old 5th wheel I'm trying to get into shape, and an old pickup to pull it. Oh yeah - I've been a professional musician, and I'm a singer/songwriter. I've a few on YouTube, but that's about it. As for getting people to listen and ACT - I don't see it happening. Until there's a REAL disaster that really touches people, nobody's going pay attention, and by then it will be too late. I wish I had some better ideas.

  • Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod

    To anyone who knew Liz Dillard and John Ryan, I've some sad news - they are no longer with us. Here's what information I have, such as it is. Please let any friends of theirs know. This is a copy of what I've posted on their pages:

    Liz had been saturated in the new Denver with an unidentified, apparently unidentifiable mold that almost killed her. She ended up hyper-sensitive to artificial substances like air fresheners, you-name-it. She couldn't eat GMOs, anything with preservatives, etc. Recently (a few months ago) she was unknowingly exposed to an air freshener that had soaked into the seat material right by her face in John Ryan's truck, and she became irrational. Her friends and family got her home, but John HAD to work (he was a truck driver) so they could have a place to live. He was going to do some repair work on a rather special, old guitar of mine - a Harmony hollow-body electric - that had belonged to my late wife's father, and I had loaned them a night-vision scope in a woven vinyl case. Well, suddenly we lost touch.

    John and Liz both stopped calling, then their phones were shut off. I finally, just 2 days ago, managed to make it over to their trailer, and it was empty. Some neighbors informed me that Liz's family had shown up with a trailer, emptied the place out and left. The story is that Liz shot and killed John while he slept, then shot and killed herself. I've had some trouble with money and other things and hadn't been able to make it over until just a couple of days ago. I'd been trying to help out, but not enough, apparently.

    If anyone from their families would contact me I'd very much appreciate it. My email is

    Liz and John, it was a hellofa time to check out, dammit! We'll meet again, though. Love to you both; sorry we missed each other this time around!


  • Ahyash Yasharahla

    Lol the NWO does suck. They are the devil's progeny but there is more than one way to skin a cat isn't there? It starts by communicating. The enemy likes to work through ignorance but they can't keep all of us distracted.
  • Galerius Maximinianus

    Hi Less. Thanks for the welcome!

  • Kaylee

    Thanks less! I m excited to be here.
  • Rick V

    Thanks for the warm welcome :) I've hated the lies that invade most aspects of current earthly existence as long as I can remember. Time to surround myself with truth seekers.


  • Central Scrutinizer

    Tom, Hw00d here, Admin, gotta ask WHY???

  • truth

    HWoodTom was offered an admin job by one other admin, and later, when told,  approved it via others in favor of him... I simply changed my mind HWood. It happens, apologies, no need to run  for the door Tom..

  • Doug McArea

    Thank you my friend

    It is heartening that it would seem that more and more people are becoming enlightened to reality. It is, however, an uphill struggle to inform the more immovably passive who are led by the major media. The starkness of the truth can frighten, anger and be a deterrent to awakening them. We must tread carefully and put forward our findings in a manner that inspires curiosity.

  • Sarah Rotella

    Thank you, I agree.

    Thanks for the welcome. I feel I am in the right place.

  • Anti Everything

    Appreciatcha, Less Prone. Maybe I  say Less Prone More Productive! Anyway, glad you find the material posted worthy of a read or view.

  • Princess Leia Lucas

    Happy to know you. I am trying to go public with my story, but estranged husband and government want me penniless, and gone. Appreciate your candor! Hugs to you, from P. Leia

  • Becster2016

    I've been learning alot lately... But need to learn more
  • Kroenen

  • Robert Colescott

    Thanks for your message Less Prone.  I hope you and the members appreciate my comments when I make them from time to time.  Thank you for providing another source of information and for allowing comments.  

  • linda dagosta

    its says my donation  was accepted just making sure you have it ,


    Hi "Less Prone"
    You're right, however, I have chosen another way. I have left for Panama in order to survive what is going to happen in €urope and North America, in especial.

  • Penelope naveen

    Hi thank you for commenting on my profile it was very informative.

  • Keisha Ruan

    hi...nice to see you!

  • Thomas Hamilton

    couldn't agree more or have said it better myself. Many people including family and close friends don't want to hear the truth, society is so dumbed down with media, phones tablets etc and caught up in the world they have been programmed to be in, you certainly can not say to anyone you are brainwashed as that would be taken as an insult and people become defensive, it seems the blinkers are well and truly on and for those people it will hit hardest, the NWO is coming and information is priceless, the powers that be will do everything in their power to bring it to fruition, they fear a united people and have spent decades on divide and conquer.. I will send as many links to these pages as I can, the change now is so blatant and openly on view to the world and yet so many ignore the signs, the more good people and informed people the better. 

  • Thomas Hamilton

    your a very wise man and good men can not be fooled by those well versed in their own deceit, a quote from the bible proverbs, its not the wise men they are after it is the youth that they can manipulate through media and I once enjoyed new age sayings as I missed the underlying deception, the real truth comes from real discovery, all major stations are controlled by governments, I once said on a tech forum about facebook the FBI don't have to leave the office as the doughnuts are delivered, which basically is all your information is online and every word typed is recorded

    I wish you well and keep saying the truth as it is as I can find no fault in anything you have to say, my conclusions are the same and I look at both sides the same to make an logical conclusion as to not have my judgement clouded by bias, I loved the idea of landing on the moon but my heart says it is a hoax when a cheap digital watch that I wear is more complicated than any Apollo rocket, people say conspiracies   Darwin and Evolution are conspiracies, if we are to believe Darwin man came from a rock and we all have the same Soul, nothing more than a chimpanzee another lie, and I have read Darwin was a 33 degree free mason, Once down the rabbit hole there is no turning back, but I do have to agree proper research is the key, Free Masonry  is a real enemy

  • Keisha Ruan

    it is starting to actually getting kind of tired waiting for it thogh to be honest.

  • Thomas Hamilton

    I agree totally, even worse now than ever it is on full display for the world to see and people in general seem to be ignoring it, I suppose the analogy of putting a frog in a pot and heating it slowly so the frog doesn't realise comes to mind, conditioning started apart from the education system with the introduction of Tell Lie Vision, If only I had paid more attention back then I would never have allowed my children to watch it, but its in everything that is media, along with the poisons in the food industry and water, and so called vaccinations seem highly suspicious, they own just about everything there is that they can use for evil even Satan Claus is just another distraction from the real meaning of Christmas, I found it hard as a parent and worked my socks off just as they intended, if your working hard your not seeing what truly is going on, divide and conquer is another tool in their arsenal, create as many on-going arguments as they can to distract from the NWO, and as Bush Jnr said and it will come, most people will not see the bank collapse coming, already in Ireland they are raising the retirement age to 70, work the people to death for a few bucks, I'm a Christian  and believe George Sorros and his little army will be  judged, one thing they have always done is remove God from everything and New age is a prime example a little truth with the lesser truth mixed in so people can not see it for themselves. The people that don't see a total take-over by the NWO will be hit the hardest as we are only considered to be cattle, I believe Sorros has had up to 7 heart transplants, seems evil wears them out fast

    keep up the great work of informing people, they have always shown us what they intended to-do  and mocked us with their lives

  • Thomas Hamilton

    Sad is it not that Clinton as evil as she is was only used to distract the people and make them think they have won, blind the people with one hand so they can not see what the other is doing

  • Burbia

    Thnx4th'add. Your contributions don't go by un-noticed by me.

  • Wayne Paul

    :) can't resist: does Less Prone mean less lying down?

  • Vladimir Putin

    We'll make our best! Thank you, mate!

  • Penelope Smith

    thanks for the friendship....i should devote more time to this site but get all sidetracked by FB.....i am super patriotic and always interested in learning more about what REALLY goes on...esp in Russia....

  • Gralton

    Hey Les glad o be here. i'm glad o be anywhere!

  • Boris

    Thank you, it is sincerely appreciated

  • A.K.

    Hi, thanks for having me guys!However I never,  and will ever, used FB and all that and in all honesty I hope that this site is not again a CIA honey pot. We'll see. I need some time to figure out how all this works and will post and debate. Kind regards.

  • Michael Miller

    I will take that into advisement. It's been a long road since I was red-pilled, and hard to say exactly when. Perhaps it was the Flint water crisis that pushed me over the edge? Either way it seems to be getting easier to come across new information these days, despite the rigging of data-giants like google. This seems like a battle that can be won.

  • Kenneth Alan Sharber

    Thank you so much for this network and accepting me, I cant tell you how happy I am especially my first day with such crazy stuff happening this morning. The ig report hasent even become news wow

  • Lori

    The changes I have made in my own personal life are vast because of the lunacy I am being told to embrace. I was just thinking the other day the changes are pretty much polar opposite of everything this country has taught me. I have had positive changes but I am still in what they call a healing crisis with lots of ups and downs. One of the many changes is my hair went from fuzzy frizzy to hardly any fuzz and frizz after I quit using chemical products which are sold as healthy for your hair. I could go on but it would take too much time. I encourage all to consider not supporting other's lunacy.

  • PW

    Thanks for the welcome. It will take me a little time to learn the ins and outs of this site because my time is limited just now. That was a profound comment you left though.

  • Kuku Mukunga

    Great so what do we do? I'm trying to help, trying to figure things out, what in tarnation is going on ?!

  • righto Kunga, we get some trolls here occasionally i'll assume you're legit. I can only tell you what I do. I speak up, I'm politically incorrect abrasive sometimes and use sarcasm and ridicule to belittle authority. I respect other peoples cviews even if i don't agree with them but i reserve the right to take the piss out of the absurd. I ring the politicians at their offices and laugh in their face (the staff) either at them or with them. THey eyeball the idiots that make the stupid laws and i feel it takes some of their undeserved dignity. I out up posters and hand out flyers, I post stuff on this site and Before Its News where I'm still BM. I speak out loud at work onnoxiously and use satire to make my point. I don't take vaccines or give them to my children, I eat well, I train, I can fight,   i do weights i feel powerful, I smoke, I drink, I party, I ebjoy life i spend time with my kids, I'm well read, educated, alert, I stick up for tghe homeless, palestine, and i try to remain spiritual, I'm arrogant and don't cower in front of kings or cunts. My actions make me and not where i live or what ive got, (fortunately i have what i need). I try not to get caught but there will be a day the gloves come off and that day is coming, I'm old i intend to die on my feet. 

  • Stefan Verstappen

    You're welcome Less.

  • Boris

    as i read your email this video popped in to my head
    So best of luck, hope you can get by once in a while -cheers !

  • linda dagosta

    Yes glad to be back. Finally son won his custody struggle.. so stress is minimizing for a small window until the wrath comes a flailing.. which we know will soon come ..but for now.. spreading the love and knowledge
  • Franc of the Frey clan

    no worries

  • Larry Flinchpaugh

    Less, I set up a new  group called "St. Joseph Missouri Patriots" that appears it wasn't accepted but when I tried to set it up again it said "sorry this group has already been set up."

    When I finally get it set up do I transfer some of my blogs to this new group of mine or will they show up in both places?

  • hearts-horses