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  • Wolf

    Greetings...thank for the features.
    Please explain "thank them"...que?!
  • Tara

    Finally going to have a functional laptop by Monday, WOOT! Time to play catch up on the site, ya think? 


  • Dr Yuri Zhivago

    same old shit i suppose -how are you?
  • Dr Yuri Zhivago

  • pepino jimenez

    Director IRS income tax is voluntary "voluntary" Affirmative, why have you all not run with this, talk about keeping the sheeple uninformed!!

  • UnitedWeStand

    Hello James, i am not sure about this this video, and don't want speared fear, or propaganda. i would ask to evaluate, the content, and see if has any merit of truth.

    We at a turning point so this current Astronomical activity is very and at this time at a delicate condition given the 2 videos i have just down loaded The Electric Comet, and Solar Outbursts Could Wreck Civilization. Thanks 4 taking a look.

    sincerely UWS

  • MAC

    Hear yeah go James, a little known big story

  • Hawkeye

    Be happy to join in, I am well versed in how difficult it can be to stay focused.

    I wanted to get a blog going which would get people thinking, and doing. Prepping is more than a bug out bag, it is a fundamental skill. During the great depression, many rural communities weathered quite well because they planted gardens and canned food. Modern convenience has created modern dependency. We the people must again learn to stand on our own two feet.

  • Judy Himmelhaver This is my website and it is something I would like your viewers to check out. We do this as a family full time.    Thank You, Judy

  • Cryptocurrency

    i can't accept friend requests for some reason

  • Nobody Will Observe

    James, I think Deep likes your Pussy ;)!

  • Nobody Will Observe

  • Roger Donald Quarton

    Hi! Hope all's well with you today - have a blessed day!

  • mystery

    Thanks for your trust in my abilities and judgement James, it means a lot to me dear.

  • Terrorist #655321

    Thanks! Now to get used to the interface...LOL

  • suzie

    I will take pictures and say hi to Pokerface if i can get close enough to do so .. i'm a little nervous about the whole camping thing, but i said to myself.. just do it!  

    say a little prayer for me :)  


    Thanks for for the friend request James. Us good people must stick together and try to get through to the 80% of our Brothers and Sisters who have a hard time believing that this massive conspiracy exists. Love & Light to you and yours Bro.

  • Jim Freeland show

    thank you

  • Tara

  • suzie

    Haha haha I loved the b-day song ... Hehee cracked me up .. Your da ma! :)
  • Dee

    Hey back stranger :) def gotta catch up! Hope all is well. Smile too :)
  • Sharon Cox

    You are most welcome, I share all I can....Blessings

  • Exposure

    Hi James, and all, this recent blog I've done is rather important to those concerned about 9/11.  My computer is rubbish, hacked to death and hard to post and then share further afield.  Can you please see to it you can share this with as many people as you can.  Thanks you; 

  • Nobody Will Observe

  • Frances Farmer

  • Billy aguilar

    Hey what's up? Thanks for that comment. I actually saw UFO in October 2008. I got an image I made in photoshop of what i saw. It was shooting a blue beam. I found a picture on the Internet of the same ship I saw during the day 4 years later. Same ship. Exactly. Email me your email address and I will email you pictures. They said the blue beam project is to bring in the new world order. Thats why I am here. I am going to put the pictures on my profile. Later James
  • mystery

    James are you there?

  • Patriot Horse

    aloha James. GOsh I miss this place. Im at a friends right now using their computer. Early July the fam I live with saw I was frequenting your site and other truther sites. Also they don't agree with chatting or me calling anyone from sites I don't know. that sucks and gosh. Am I 12 years old? So after my last hearing the end of Sept. I am moving to Indiana. Oh... please also email me here, YOUR ph number again. THey take my phone too at night, and I erased all friends from sites. Fookin crazy. I have to testify and be cross examined. Prayers my way. It was a living hell my friend. BUt I kept the peace and stayed as long as I could. This site was my escape and I grew reading and being involved here. so I will be back and be more active. Mahalo. Oh saving money for a Maui trip... come on... lets go... hahaha~ mango and margaritas.... who can resist??????? :) PH OH... erase this comment after you read it. :) mahalo.

  • truth

    Where's that confounded bridge?

  • mystery

    James Untypeable please check your email.

  • mystery

    Good nite James Untypeable, I hope you have a good nite and a better tomorrow!! I am leaving on the 3rd of September for my sons wedding in Elmira New York, and will be gone until the 10th. Take care and be well, out my friend. Please understand, life before business.

  • Nobody Will Observe

  • Dr Yuri Zhivago

    on a slow computer-maybe i got a virus
  • 14300

    Thanks for the heads up that someone else already posted the World War 3 Video.  I took mine off.

  • 14300

    Hi James - I was looking for your posting on the Monsanto Extension passed by our Gov. and can't find it.  I think I may have posted the same thing before I saw your posting.  Like minds - if I did.  If so I will take mine off.  I also found another Monsanto article with a lot of detail as to "who voted for the Monsanto extension and who did not" along with 2 videos.  I was going to post it but was not sure if you had posted this very same article.  This one is on the Huffington Post if you want to see it.  Good info - just want to share the info with everyone - we need to do an "election recall" like Colorado did on these bastards and or vote them out in 2014.  BTW - I want to "friend" you - I hope you accept....Sincere thanks for all you do - we so appreciate you...sincerely 14300  

  • 14300

    Red Ribbon
  • Nobody Will Observe

                                         Welcome to CRAZYWORLD ;)!

  • mystery

    James I have tried twice to post a continuation to my blog attempting to survive and it keeps saying I am only allowed so many characters. Am I doing something wrong?

  • XEggsG

    whatever y`all may need, please holler. I will be able to donate once I start earning decent paychecks again on the 4th, but have idle time on my hands that needs to be put to productive use towards greater purpose.
  • mystery

    James I cant find group planners and mods wanted group??? Anyway I was wondering why I only get a portion of the new members notifications in my email? I went to my controls and looked to make sure it was set properly, it was. Is there is something I need to change? If you can look for me or provide an explanation to me or fix it from your end I would appreciate it. Thanks. mystery

  • provo

    thx i hate to say it  i really missed you guys GREAT SITE AWSOME

  • Ed

    Things are going to start happening soon- like we have never seen before - i dont think our will comprehend it all. Worse that the middle east. When i read Revelations i see it coming. It aint going to be a picnic nor a walk in the park. I watched the movie on the Preppers.I read the book 3 years ago- and it was written years before and it talked about drones then so reading this and watching the Prepper movie wont wake anyone up then they desertve what they get..Very good choice-almost like the bokk ONE SECOND AFTER which has a note in it from Newt Gingrich which he said on the Floor -that every Govenor should have this book-----However when it all comes down the only WELFARE PROGRAM you will have is your own. The main HOG has gone from the trough and the one on the hind tit wants more and it will cry but wont do any good.SurvivOUr or die. Its that way in the animal world. Thats life. It will be something to watch the animals  that will be in human form. These are 2 very good things to get as they TELL you what to do. We here know that the system will always tell us way before it happens. They have been telling us how -when-why- and who will do it. Yet who is watching.I myself am a Watchman on the wall. So there has to be more. I talk  to people and they think im crazy .mmmmmmm--makes me wonder if i am in a looking ahead kind of way. Also -the old TV commercial for a TV show-----SMILE YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA? Well folks------SMILE

  • Lisa nolson

    Hi james I would like to join your group about survival and foraging please x
  • Zen Shaman

    :) your emails with Mr. Santilli are extremely amusing. love to you brother.If Mr. Santilli is into making house calls, I hope to be included. It would be a very enlightening experience.

  • truth

    RIP PAL -1998 -2013

  • mystery

    James I am so glad to hear from you!! Hope all is well your way. As for me and mine we have suffered a lose in our group. Our rock dove that we raised from four days old has been shot and we are in mourning, I may be off or non responding for a few days. I know it may seem strange to some but I mouth feed him and he was very special to us. Please try and understand, I have not told the rest, I do not want to appear weak. Even though weakness do not mean softness, some do not understand.

  • mystery

    I am so heart felt sry for your loss. I know what it is to lose a family member. My love is sent to you!

  • mystery

    I too have lost a love one and family member. Baby, my rock dove, he is my son raised from four days old to 1 and a half years until someones bullet took his life. I have sent him into the future, he has become a time traveler. May time never diminish the love and understanding felt between species. A rock dove and a woman. May it be the same for you!   

  • mystery

    I have sent you a message James.  Could you please respond if at all possible. Thank you.

  • Robert UnitedWeStand

    I didn't know It duplicated. I just deleted one that duplicated. I understand the trutube thing but I still like posting the links anyways.