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  • chris from canada

    Thanks for the e-mail

  • chris from canada

    I am interested in  survival/foraging topics.lets talk

  • JOE


  • mystery

    James we need to really consider opening a group that deals with the camera and audio of machines that are on the market for purchase. Which has the ability to observe and say which is observing and which is not. It would bring traffic to the site. Please respond as to DS thought and mine.  

  • Conky

    thanks for adding me :)

  • Carol J Burns

  • mystery

    I would like to remove red and the blue but preserve the content, may I do so? I also made a new group, WORDS, please accept and use the invitation.

    Hope to hear from you soon, if not have a very merry christmas, James.  

  • Vincent VonDoom

    Hello James we are doing a areticle about DOOM Porn- Fear for profit for our next issue of our magazine we would like to use your blog for a portion of it. you will recieve full credit and recognition and receive a 6 month free subscritipn. Can we republish your article in our magazine. Can you help write the article? email us at

  • margaret

  • Peter Semple

    Hi James, thanks for your response. I would like to see an `About Us' link on your site. It helps if casual visitors can see what and who the site is about



  • truth

  • Not mainstreamer


    Downloading 20 Gigs takes a lot of time and often something will go wrong. When it works you will have a clickable website copy (on Memory stick ..). Worked on moderate sized sites years ago.

  • Barry Mundy

    Yes I did James.

  • Nobody Will Observe


  • B or D

    thanks James!
  • Nobody Will Observe

  • Central Scrutinizer

    holy funny fukshit....thats hilarious....what????.......too soon???

    ...and yet still more believable than that kooky "Official" Tale ;)

  • Steve Curry

    Hi, James;  My apologies for not getting back to you.  I've been a little predisposed of late, as you will read.  You are welcome to share these files with folks who may need some help, guidance, or encouragement.

    I placed these files in a reply.


    Steve Curry

  • Tara

  • Tara

  • Dee

    Anytime sweetest James!
  • MangusColorado

    Thank you all - Patriots one BLM zero . . keep fighting 

  • Citizen Quasar


  • Russ Jensen

    Thank You Looks like a lot of information  I better get started!

  • space wabbit

    "CONGRATULATIONS" on 12160'S 5th "BIRTHDAY" . . . space wabbit
  • Chuck

    Thanks for the kind welcome.

    Noticed your interest in the Camper, I lived in a Pickup Camper for about 7 Years,

    While i was fighting the VA for my pension, and making my VAMC appointments.

  • Chuck

    We will all get by with a little help from our Friends

  • Easty


  • BloodWillow

    Thanks for the welcome.  Yeah it's been awhile.  Never really used the account much, I usually just lurk, but figured hey what the Hell.  Reddit sucks anymore!

  • Stroe Kinov

    "Angry" Never. Sassy? Yep. :)
  • Stroe Kinov

    Thank you
  • Patriot Horse

    aloha James.

    Didn't find any hula girls for you and all my gf are taken, lol but I brought a hibiscus cannabis back for you! hahaha   seriously good to just be here. Sent ya a msg. Site looks great. Much respect for all ur work and the admins/mods.  Will serve best as I can as time allows me to... ok?   Malama pono  Keoni (James)

  • Exposure

    Everyone knows no one else has put more into this website than James, unless I'm wrong, as I know others work hard on here too, but we're addressing James here.  Perhaps it would be nice to explain why, vent a bit of whatever, if ever as this type of constant "truthing" - researching, reading, writing, checking the posts, listening and talking whilst trying to eat, sleep and be fucking normal without going doo-dally takes it's toll on the best of us!   You know the truth about the truth, that when you find it you wish you never had!  Some of us deal in dark matter, know dark secrets and the truth as to what is really going on, yet knowing deep down we are powerless to prevent what is going to inevitably happen.  To us truthers who know the truth - we're living a slow-motion car crash.  We can see the shattering of the windscreens slowing exploding and splintering into millions of tiny sharp pieces of shard - cutting each and everyone of us.  So it's hard this bloody life - a life of trouble and strife that's even harder without a wife or harder with a wife that is there giving you strife the rest of ya life so have a break, switch off, fuck everything and have a joint, take a deep breath and relax.  Take your time and take that time to reflect on what it is that's making you feel like quitting, not a term I would of thought I'd hear coming from you James 007!   Nevertheless, relax, reflect, recharge - then make your decision.  As after this time if you do then decide to quit then you've done it in the right frame of mind and taken your time to get your inner gut feelings right.  

    Whatever this site would not be quite the same if you quit completely. So I'm sure I speak on behalf of many more on here - that we would be greatly disappointed to see such talent go and of course miss you.  Best wishes.    

  • DTOM

    James, thankyou for all your hardwork on 12160 - have a safe and happy Independence Day!

  • Justin Mckay

    I have been a friend of Adam Kokesh since 2008. I am still a friend and I am thinking about what I can do to help him distribute his new book "Freedom" and to help launch his campaign for President in 2020. Anyone who is interested can email me at

  • Meriem K. Peillet

    Thank you! Indeed... My best regards and wishes. Much Love! Meriem

  • Ahyash Yasharahla

    Hello I'm glad to be a part of this community. It's difficult being one of the few with open eyes but in this community we can keep each other well informed and look out for one another.
  • Anti Everything

    Hello virtual friend, now lets get high...

  • Sherry Bailey

    Thank you for the welcoming aboard...

    I have not had much time to view anything as yet but it seems to be a breath of fresh air in a world of 'miss information and diss information'-  Be Blessed!

  • Thom

    Truth is something not known in this country anymore!  The people in power have found was of constricting the truth or slightly changing the truth so all you hear is NOTHING!!!

    Has anyone heard about the money problems this country will face on October 20, 2015.

    The IMF will be adding the Chinese YUAN!!!!!

  • Elias

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am glad to be here, I am sure it will be a learning experience

  • CattyScatbrat

    i don't know how i lost touch with this site, but, i re-found it the other day! I think, as i'm posting now, that i didn't like how difficult the posts are to set up?? unless i'm doing it wrong?? IDK??

  • CattyScatbrat

    thanks James, it's good to be back! still adjusting to the posting style here, but, hopefully at least getting it done!

  • Less Prone

    Thanks for all you have done for this site.

  • Tihomirsky

    hey truth

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    Hello there Truth, what upset me was that Anne Frank story and info....half of what I learned in highschool is a shame made by the Zionists.

  • Eric Brian Brewster

    Hello Truth hope you have more videos like the one you had put on here.

  • Chris of the family Masters

    Hey mate, Would be possible to 'tweak' the Ning software to include favoring comments?

    Some of them are better then posts.


  • Central Scrutinizer

    Negative, non existent option :(

  • Chris of the family Masters

    Hey, did you censor my comment about I$rahell?