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  • Swtnlovabl

  • Maria De Wind

    Red Ribbon
  • Maria De Wind

    Red Ribbon
  • Meglamaniac

    With much Love,


    (be ready...)
  • suzie

    just because ((hugs))
  • 14300

    Thanks for the compliment.  I also greatly admire Betty Page.  Love your home page. 
                                                                          . . . xo Bettie
  • Michael Wolf Heart.

    Hey Hollywood -  I am brand new to this network so please be patient with me -  Thanks for the cool welcome !  I am more active at I'll be spending more time here soon. Until next time be safe .. Howl at ya laterz ...

  • Tara

    I see you've got a mic there in you're new pic... ya sing too?

    Tonights the big night... my bands first gig together, woot! We're gonna go pop the preverbial cherry ;)

    Rock on brotha, peace ~

  • Tara

    Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you right away. Our first show was a blast! There will be many more to come :)

    I've been taking a few days off from the site. A little break every now and then is needed if you know what I mean? And lately I've been dealing with insomnia so I've been tired as hell and trying to sneak in sleep when I can between family, work and life in general.

    Other than that I'm still rocking on... peace ~

  • Old Denmark

  • Old Hobo John Rabbi Bernays

    I have not checked all your links yet, listening to RADIO LOSER now, Bingo. This seems to be a High Energy Message Board, I dunno, as I scroll stuff kinda Jumps Up and Crazy like. I am WAY OVER 60 Years Old. I may not fit here. However, 12,160 KiloCycles Short Wave used to be the Frequency of one of my favourite Patroit/Christern Broadcaster, WWCR Nashville.

  • Joseph Newingham


  • blindilluminati

    Thanks for the Welcome!! 

  • Brian Rowe

    Thanks for the Invite!! Locked and Loaded... But this isn`t any party, it`s a cold war and we will win it...

  • Lorie Meacham


  • Lawrence Harmen

    A mountain of proof Boston Bombings were not real. See the mountain of collected proof and share this with everyone please.

  • Mark I Rasskazov

    Hey, brother!  Thanks for the invite!

  • shane kenny

    thanks for that mate! 

  • question everything

    Thanks for the welcome.  It can be intimidating being the new kid on the block.  I love everything I've seen so far about this site.  I can't wait to start making friends.  Thanks again.

  • Steph

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • Dora Hermann

    Thanks for the "Welcome!" Dora

  • Old Hobo John Rabbi Bernays

    neat jpg from Church Sign Builder! You built a Better Sign!

  • Nobody Will Observe

    For what it's worth 'coming from me' I love the new Avatar!

  • mystery

    Holly crap Hollywood I had no idea that we were neighbors!!!! I have been to Bald Knob several times!!! High four twenty brother!!!! Give it up for the south!!!!!

  • Taxedtodeath

    Thanks Hollywood....

    Sorry for the delay....

  • truth

    what is this about gay robots? lol

  • Kelli D

    Thanks for the tips/hints Hollywood, finally able to check this site out more.  :)

  • truth stop on by, its free :)
  • Nobody Will Observe

    Getting a little slow in your old age.

    Didn't want you to be all alone in COINTELPRO ;)!

    So I came to the dark side! ;)

  • Anonymiss68

    thx for the add :-)

  • Dean

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • Jack Jacobs

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • truth

    NEED STREAM FOR A SHOW, CAN DO? - >> Ben Swann - Guest, Wed July 17th
  • Nobody Will Observe

  • tennwalt

    Thank you my brother from another mother, herbal essense abounds:)

  • truth

    fyi, Elysium.2013.CAM. pretty good

  • Chris Marr

    thank you for the warm welcome!
  • 1st Marine

    Wow, some fanfare. Great welcome!

  • Juggs Bunny

    Thank you for the kind welcome. New to the site and welcome any assistance!
  • Sallie Dodd Butters

    Thanks ya'll for the welcomes......I'm in the midst of a meager harvest session as winter nears up here, so may not post much......just trying to squeeze myself out of Face Book and find a place for me and my old friends to meet up.....LOT'S of major issues to discuss....I hope I've found the place to 'roost' ( I have chickens)

  • Central Scrutinizer

  • ErynHarvey

    hi to all
  • truth

    Howdee from oHIo

  • Chris Katko

    Thanks for the welcome.


  • Kelly

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • mystery

    Hollywood, can you re-post the video about the wood burning stove please. I am not able to blow it up to full size and it is so tiny. It would be good to feature if you would do so thanks Hollywood. mystery

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

    Red Ribbon
  • 14300

    Hollyweed - Thanks for the Invite to 2014 Predictions - and I predict the biggest party the world has ever seen the day Obozo is kicked out of office 2014! . . . 14300
  • Maria De Wind

    Wishing you a warm abode