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Sheboygan, WI

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  • you cant have it

    greetings for the greetings,....earthling.. im new to the site and still checking it out.

    com with you soon.....

  • Purewords

    Hey Tara, thank you for the greeting - glad to be here

  • James Power

    Thank you very much Tara, I would be delighted to accept.

  • illuminated-dj

    Alright wee Tara....sorry for late reply...just the trials of life getting to me..but hopefully some light at end of tunnel.but you know i'm still in the fight ;)..thanks for comment...hope all is well with you..if you're talking with james tell him i was thinking of him...all the best for the new year <3

  • Aka Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Didn't think anybody noticed ;)


  • Anti Everything

    Appreciate the welcome.  That is nice.

  • Shawn Hunter

    thanks you kindly

  • Brandon Jensen

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Kelly C

    thanks for the welcome!
  • Nobody Will Observe

    Aloha, Cheese Head ;)

  • Central Scrutinizer

    shiiiot, jan 15...a month later i now see this.....dohhhh once again...sorry T-

    what is the youtube requirements???

    will do sumfin w/ it ;)

  • Carole Rose

    Thank you for the welcome Tara <3  Cheers !!!!

  • Joe+Wendy

    Thanks for the welcome but I just changed carriers and updated my profile to match. I've been here for a while.

  • Cynthia Fox

    Hello Tara,

    Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here.


  • Sam Sammy

    Thanks, glad to be here!

  • Cynthia Fox

    Thanks for the friend request, Tara. 

    Glad to be connected with you. 


  • Don Austin

    Hi Tara how are you today? I will get my profile updates as soon as I can.
  • Cowboy Tech

    Thank You for the kind welcome! :)

  • Gates Collins

    Hi Tara,

    Thank you for the kind welcome. I must admit that your site caught my eye because there are so few that take a stand for Biblical doctrine that is correctly understood and taught.

    But I also must tell you that I have not yet had the opportunity to "dig in" and to thoroughly examine what you believe, teach and support. I am a long-time reformed believer with favorite Pastors including Charles Spurgeon, John MacArthur and R C Sproul.

    It is my hope that I find your site compatible with the teachings of those fine men. I'm sure you know how difficult it has become to find anyone who un-apologetically believes God's word and realizes we are either slaves to sin or slaves to Christ Jesus.

    I am not impressed nor will I tolerate easy-believeism and I am equally opposed to those who take a position of piousness to the extreme without making room for the love and forgiveness manifested in the Gospel. I guess you can say I have a Calvinistic view but not the "New Calvinism" which tends to be a bit extreme.

    If you think I will find this site to be inline with what I just said or even if you don't, it would save me an extraordinary amount of time and effort if you would be kind enough to tell me. And by that I mean to tell me either way.

    I'm sorry if you think this an unusual request but at almost 70 years of age I have learned that time is indeed precious. My time is almost totally committed to finding those in need of hearing the Gospel. I am constantly in search for resources (and I hope your site is one of them) that will provide a source of inspiration,  communication and edification for those whom I approach in His service.

    I would appreciate hearing back fro you.

    In His Name


  • chris dorsey

    Greetings Tara,

    Nice to hear from you greetings

  • William Spencer

    Thank you for welcoming me I am looking forward to learning new truths

  • Md Bakhtiar Uddin

    Nice to meet you Tara. I'm happy to see your touch....:) 

  • Mike Vaughan

    Hello Tara thank you for welcome me here. I hope this site holds up to what it says. Feel free to contact me whenever thank you
  • Joan Ols

    Hi Tara, thanks for the welcome.  Joan

  • Anti Everything

    To bad we all live so far apart - or we'd be real friends! But the 0000 and 1111'a type friend will have to do for now. Appreciate your 'friend request'. Thank you Tara

  • Saintluger

    thank you, glad to have found like minded people!  " )

  • Jeffrey Bruce Lynn

    Thank you for the welcome! It is appreciated.

  • Rich by Drone

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to be here and looking to meet as many patriots as possible especially any that live near me in the Jax area.

  • Burbia

  • TheLasersShadow

    Thanks good to hear from someone I know on here :)

  • Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod

    Thanks for the welcome, Tara! I' some bad news, I'm afraid. Here's a copy of what I posted on Liz and John's , but in short, they've both passes away, I guess is the gentlest way I can put it:

    Liz had been saturated in the new Denver with an unidentified, apparently unidentifiable mold that almost killed her. She ended up hyper-sensitive to artificial substances like air fresheners, you-name-it. She couldn't eat GMOs, anything with preservatives, etc. Recently (a few months ago) she was unknowingly exposed to an air freshener that had soaked into the seat material right by her face in John Ryan's truck, and she became irrational. Her friends and family got her home, but John HAD to work (he was a truck driver) so they could have a place to live. He was going to do some repair work on a rather special, old guitar of mine - a Harmony hollow-body electric - that had belonged to my late wife's father, and I had also loaned them a night-vision scope in a woven vinyl case. Well, suddenly we lost touch.

    John and Liz both stopped calling, then their phones were shut off. I finally, just 2 days ago, managed to make it over to their trailer, and it was empty. Some neighbors informed me that Liz's family had shown up with a trailer, emptied the place out and left. The story is that Liz shot and killed John while he slept, then shot and killed herself. I've had some trouble with money and other things and hadn't been able to make it over until just a couple of days ago. I'd been trying to help out, but not enough, apparently.

    If anyone from their families would contact me I'd very much appreciate it. My email is

    Liz and John, it was a hellofa time to check out, dammit! We'll meet again, though. Love to you both; sorry we missed each other this time around!


  • Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod

    Tara - I know after what Liz went through she could likely use a good rest, but truthfully NEITHER of them were much into putting their feet up and relaxing for long. They were DO-ers, for sure. The fact that her condition rendered her hypersensitive to almost everything in this plastic-coated society was a real hardship for her! She got around around a lot of it with wit, intelligence and humor, though. I admired the two of them a lot. John (Pat) and I were just starting to work on a musical duet, too. He played guitar and sang, and I play almost anything with string or keys, some brass, percussion, etc., and I also sing. We'd have made some good music together I think. Next time around, maybe.

  • susan hayes

    Hi Tara - Thank you for welcoming me.   Imagine my surprise when I get to your page to thank you for the welcome and the first thing I see in Tara's videos is the story about  The Economist magazine.  I have an image of that cover in my favorites.  Every so often I will go to it and try to figure just what  is being said  in the symbolism.  SomeI have ideas and some stump me.  It was good to see the video you had posted.  Thank you

  • Ahyash Yasharahla

    Hello Tara thanks for the welcome! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I have a full plate. I'm sure you understand. What was it that opened your eyes to reality?
  • Galerius Maximinianus

    Hi Tara. Thanks for the welcome!

  • Kaylee

    Thank you Tara! I am glad to be here. I am recently awaken from the NASA's lies, 9-11 deception, delighted to know we are the centre of the universe, living on our beautiful flat earth.

    Currently on my learning path to figure out why the NWO needs to exist, their profile and what is their purpose.
  • Mario Reyes

    Thank You for the Welcome

  • Thom

    Tara, For some reason this once proud nation is going down fast due to the

    fact the current president is borrowing to much and giving in to the desires of all. 

    This is not correct in my opinion.

  • Tori Kovach

    Hello Tara, thank you for welcoming me.

  • Tori Kovach

    Hello again, Tara.  To give you some idea of whom you have befriended, I once was a Fuller Brush salesman, but have always wanted to be a Zamboni racer.

  • Rick V

    Thank you for your kind welcome, hun <3

    I had heard of this site, but hadn't gotten around to checking it out til now. I never knew you were one of the maintainers! Great job :)

    Peace and Love!

  • Jan narboe

    Thanks Tara, glad to be here.
  • Burbia

    Didn't really wanna join to make this comment. Apparently, this is an article from corruptico, stating Bill Murray and Ted Cruz are of the same stock. Idk. Thought it might interest you.
  • nil_db

    Glad to be here.
    Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • Doug McArea

    Thanks Tara

    I'm curious to know why I have received a message from a certain Elizabeth Leveques requesting that I contact her outwith 12160. Her profile page here states that she is no longer a member?

  • Rachel

    Thank you! ~Rachel ;)

  • Elias

    Thank you Tara for the welcome. I am glad to be here


    Thank you.Glad to be here.

  • Mizelle