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  • mazi

    Dee, it was nice to see you in chat, best wishes to you this year.
  • Thomas Gambill

    "If you start the commencement of member deletion then only the 10% that are active on a constant basis will be members here"


    There is so much wisdom in that comment its almost funny.    Good comment.   lol

  • Thomas Gambill

    Dear Dee, I am very active against this cabal.   I have a radio program, Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00 Central Time and 10:00 to 1:00 Eastern Time at Liberty Broadcasting Network.   You can listen to the broadcast.  Yesterday and today are special due to the current events and how they really fit into this conspiracy.   The Archives for last nights show is on March 21, 2011; and the one for today will be up this evening.   I only mention this because I have a mission to bring the truth about this conspiracy to light.....

    to listen online the links or by phone the number  is 858 216 3404 ext 123456#.  You can call in around the last hour if you want to tell the audience your thoughts and how you feel.   That would be nice.  

    800 787 5044


  • illuminated-dj

    Red Ribbon
  • Thomas Gambill

    Have a wonderful day, and know Jesus loves you.  


  • Thomas Gambill

    hello dee, the address didn't work for Skype....let me know




  • luggnutz

    Awesome background..since my screen is 37 inches...kinda breathtaking...:)


  • Tara

    Sorry I missed your comment! I hope all is well with you too. Do take care~ peace

  • truth

    cheers !
  • gregory bradford

    Welcome aboard Dee! :) What a cutie, thanks for the request. Realizing the world may come to the end I am making moves to keep my head above water! :) Love your pic let's chat.

  • suzie

    wow ~ your page is awesome i would love to be friends thank you for the invite ;)

    Beautiful Fairies Glitter Graphic

  • Patriot Horse

    Dee OH Dee it's me I'm back love!  Hahahaha Sista Hula whatya say?  Gotta catch up girlfriend!

    love you, have a Merry Christmas ok? love ya!


  • truth

    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays !

  • Chris

    Hey I really missed you too......

  • Travis Bradley

    Thanks for the "WELCOME!"

  • Tara

    Thanks Dee! I've been pretty busy online and offline as of late. It's the best way to be... keeps me out of trouble ;)

    The new band is called, 'Alien Lab Rats' and our first show is on March 9. I'm a little nervousto tell you the truth. I haven't sung out in public now for several months :(

    Hope all is well, take care... peace ~ 

  • truth

    Hey there stranger! You are on my growing list of folks Id like  to catch up with here hopefully soon..til then smile smile smile !

  • Easty

    hey dee,long time no see

  • truth

    thx for welcoming our newest members sweetest Dee !

  • honeygirl

    Your very Welcome ! Thank you and Aloha !

  • Remnant

    Hi Dee,

    Thank you for the welcome. I'll hopefully get a little more time soon to read up on what everyone is talking about.

    Remnant aka Mickey

  • 5WarVeteran

    Thank you for the welcome Dee

  • Steve

    Thank you, Nice site!

  • Steve

    Hi Nikki, thanks for the welcome! It was a great day today seeing those FEDS have to abandon the scene!

  • Russ Jensen

    Thank you for the warm welcome Dee!  Glad to be here

  • Bonnie Smith

    Thank you for the welcome, Dee. New to this site, but an old "fart" fighting an even older foe !

  • Tara

    Welcome back Dee! And thank you for featuring new members.

    Hope all is well for you and yours, much love :)

  • Nancy Haas III

    Hey thanks! I was hoping to get approved, this is just my kind of site!

  • space wabbit

    Dee - Thanks for the warm welcome. . .   Space Wabbit (p.s. Bugs sends his regards as well)

  • Tara

    Right on... lol.. I meant greeting new members. I'm still in a fog from last night... lack of sleep, a few too many beers and still reeling in the awesome moment we had as a band. Let the good times roll sista...

  • Chuck

    Hi Dee, Thanks for the Welcome

  • Jon MacLaren

    Hey Dee,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Just wrote some scoring music in the back of this JFK speech. What do you think?


  • PsiloCyber

    thanks nice to be here :) .\/,,
    (takes some time to explore this all)

  • Jon MacLaren

    Thanks for listening Dee. I think music can be an incredibly powerful communicator that talks to us both on a conscious and unconscious level.

  • WillZen

    THX for the welcome. It's appreciated!

  • J.Scala

    Hi Dee

  • Janet Hoshel

    Hello Dee;

    Thank you for the warm welcome !

  • Howard Musselman

    Thank you!

  • Howard Musselman

    Thank you Dee!

  • Lori

    Thank you :)

  • R V Currier

    Thanks, Dee.  Discovered the site via posts related to the Utah Incident last week.  Clearly, there are some thinkers on 12160.  Not sure I can contribute anything;  perhaps, I can learn.  RVC

  • Romy

    Hello Dee. Thanks for the welcome
  • Patriot Horse

    oh gosh Dee. Aloha. Its been so long. I apologize sista. Darn... so much has happened. Lets connect... I will msg you my ph  when I see you online. Just returned from visiting fam on Maui... yep missed the whole damn Indiana winter.  Yay. much love. PH

  • Lori

    :)  Have a great weekend.

  • Stroe Kinov

    Thanks Dee

  • Bernhard G. Pudewell

    Thanks for the Welcome patriot Dee
  • Ozymandius

    Thanks for the welcome Dee. Looks like an interesting place.

  • Bernhard G. Pudewell

    Likewise I am honored to be accepted by true Patriots.
  • Cheryl Plumlee

    Hey wonderful person. Thanks for your warm welcome, I didn't realise you'd written to me, as this is only my 2nd time on the site, it's really cool. I publicise the work of a GREAT man who's selflessly exposed 'rings' of organised sex~offenders, whilst saving the lives of countless children. He DEVASTATES the VERMIN who've targeted him and I'm just doing my best to wake people up, as HUMANS tend not to realise they're surrounded by primitive, evil, hate~fuelled LUNATICS *!*

    On a lighter note, I've just been brick~wall banned from in~for~wars IMPOTENT website. I've tried several things tonight, even TOR, but blocked each time.

    I simply exposed the FACT Alex is EXCLUSIVLEY backed by Zionist Jews and posted '1 link' to this Christlike man I publicise and his PHENOMENAL impression, where he not~only impersonates Alex JEWns and his CORRUPT organisation to a T, he also NAILS the entire crew:~


  • Deelite

    Hi Dee, thank you and it's an honor to be part of this movement. Bless you Dee.