AMERICA--pushing for War, yet keeps on LOSING.


1) America has ZERO merchant marine shipping ability.(recently confessed to) This means, no War anywhere would be sustainable for longer than 2 weeks.

2) America is equipped with poor quality Mid-1980's Weaponry, 50-70% of which is NON-FUNCTIONAL. America has huge numbers of A-Model M-1 Abrams Tanks, 80% of which are non-working rusting hulks. The Abrams, a good tank on hard-packed middle east roads, would be LESS than useless in Russia or China, and 89% of Iran. In terms of Missiles either ship-board, or Mobile, they were 'hot stuff' in 1990, but in a 2018 War environment, are EASILY defeated by Modern Electronic Warfare, from spoofing WRONG GPS guidance to cause missing Targets, to being Electronically SHUT OFF. This equates to going against machine guns, with a flintlock rifle. To discuss the Parts Pipeline and Replenishment aspect, virtually ALL current Parts from the US are "value engineered" to either not work at all, or to fail upon first use. Keeping US Fighter/ fighter-bomber aircraft flying now entails cannabilising non-flyable aircraft in 85% of all cases. The two newest US aircraft in this category, the F-22 and F-35, are BOTH about as unready for sustained Combat in ANY theater as is possible. In the case of the F-35, is was NEVER INTENDED to actually be in real combat. Bombers: the US has relatively very small numbers of flyable Heavy Bombers, all of which are VERY vulnerable to ANY class of S-300 or 400 missiles. They are equally vulnerable to Electronic Warfare, just like the outdated missiles. B-52's are now kept flying only by "parting out" other B-52's. There are LESS than 50 flyable B-52's left, and these can be downed by virtually ANY SAM used today. US Navy: As we have all seen in the last 3 years, virtually everything in US Navy surface assets, are nearly defenseless against the new Anti-Ship Missiles coming out of Russia, China and even now Iran. The days of the "Exocette" are very long past, yet US Navy missile doctrine centers upon that very type of threat. The Trident Submarines are still a threat, but lacking Satellite or GPS to guide them, they become essentially BIG Scud Missiles. A terrific Terror Weapon, but insignificant in a World War situation. US Land Based ICBM's; Here things become interesting. America has retained "Mechanically Guided" Missiles, due to the electronic versions getting "turned off" decades ago. These in fact, as of now--are only 68% useable, and these again are not terribly accurate, with the Warheads themselves subject to Electronic Warfare killing the BRAIN, resulting in a DUD. In a Nuclear War senario, perhaps 10-18% of America's Nukes could be delivered as promised. Of these, about 12% would actually hit their intended Targets.( as opposed to Russia, with hits in the high 80% range ).

3) Troops; The US has LESS than matching Troop strengths, in the cases of Russia, China or Iran, and in a World War 3 senario, would be fighting ALL OF THEM. As this article addressed so well, "Troop Quality" has NEVER been so poor, and America is talented at LOSING Wars.

The bottom line: The Criminals in DC may "believe" they can win such a War, but REALITY is, they'd end up fighting The World AND the American People together. Not a "happy ending" for the Psychopaths.

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