America Would Objectively be a Better Country Under Russian Occupation

America Would Objectively be a Better Country Under Russian Occupation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2018

So the kikes are mad because not enough people give a shit about their stupid “election meddling” hoax.

Why would anyone care about this?

Even if it was all true – which no one believes, not even the people who say they believe it – who cares?

Washington Post:

new poll from CNN and its polling partner SSRS suggests another problem: A large percentage of Republicans don’t think that interference will happen and that, if it does, it’s not a big deal.

CNN’s poll gets close to that question. If interference did occur, the pollsters asked, how big a problem would that pose?

More than a quarter of Americans said it would be a crisis for the country. Nearly three-quarters said it would be at least a major problem. But, again, that wasn’t the case among Republicans.

Among Republicans, more than 4 in 10 said it would be, at worst, a minor problem. One in 8 Republicans said it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Among Trump supporters, that figure jumped to about 1 in 7.

I’m so sick of talking about the fact that when they talk about “election interference” they are talking specifically about Russians posting shitty yellow font memes on Facebook – something that isn’t even close to being against the law – that I’m not even going to go into it.

Obviously, when they say “election interference,” people think of changing votes, and don’t know they’re talking about memes on Facebook… but seriously. I can’t even bear to talk about that talking point anymore. It’s just too much.

And look.

Here’s the other thing.

Everything that the existing American establishment wants to do to us – and is doing to us – is worse than anything that would happen to us if we were literally invaded and conquered by Russia.

Right now, the Jews in control of America are intent on:

  • Promoting trannyism to children
  • Promoting mass abortion of white children
  • Promoting ultra bizarre forms of hardcore feminism
  • Promoting homosexuality
  • Destroying traditional family values, generally
  • Destroying Christianity
  • Flooding the country with brown people from shithole countries
  • Inciting black people to riot and commit acts of violence against whites

None of those things would be happening under a Russian occupation government.

By any objective measure, excluding freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, which we don’t really have now anyway, we would have a more free and certainly a more healthy nation if we were invaded and conquered by Russia.

I don’t even think that this is controversial.

If you had a discussion with any genuine Christian conservative, and presented these facts, they would be forced to agree that America would be a better country under Russian occupation.


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