BEYOND HACKABLE: OSX 10.13 "High Sierra" hackable just by typing "root" (More by Jim Stone)

BEYOND HACKABLE: OSX 10.13 "High Sierra" hackable just by typing "root"

This proves Mac OS is just a linux distro (something the tech saavy have known for years). This flaw is possible to circumvent by setting a root password, but the fact that it was out in the open, never mentioned and easily executed for two and a half months is inexcusable. It had to have been done on purpose.

From Wired magazine:

There are hackable security flaws in software. And then there are those that don't even require hacking at all—just a knock on the door, and asking to be let in. Apple's macOS High Sierra has the second kind.

On Tuesday, security researchers disclosed a bug that allows anyone a blindingly easy method of breaking that operating system's security protections. Anyone who hits a prompt in High Sierra asking for a username and password before logging into a machine with multiple users, they can simply type "root" as a username, leave the password field blank, click "unlock" twice, and immediately gain full access.

In other words, the bug allows any rogue user that gets the slightest foothold on a target computer to gain the deepest level of access to a computer, known as "root" privileges. Malware designed to exploit the trick could also fully install itself deep within the computer, no password required.

"We always see malware trying to escalate privileges and get root access," says Patrick Wardle, a security researcher with Synack. "This is best, easiest way ever to get root, and Apple has handed it to them on a silver platter."

As word of the security vulnerability rippled across Twitter and other social media, a few security researchers found they couldn't replicate the issue, but others captured and posted video demonstrations of the attack, like Wardle's GIF below, and another that shows security researcher Amit Serper logging into logged-out account. WIRED also independently confirmed the bug.

The fact that the attack could be used on a logged-out account raises the possibility that someone with physical access could exploit it just as easily as malware, points out Thomas Reed, an Apple-focused security researcher with MalwareBytes. They could, for instance, use the attack to gain root access to a logged-out machine, set a root password, and then regain access to a machine at any time. "Oooh, boy, this is a doozy," says Reed. "So, if someone did this to a Mac sitting on a desk in an office, they could come back later and do whatever they wanted."

Reed also notes, however—and other researchers confirm—that it's possible to block the attack simply by setting a password for the root user.. If you've installed High Sierra and haven't set a root password, you should do it now. In a statement, Apple confirmed the problem, reiterated that short-term fix, and promised a longer-term software patch: "“We are working on a software update to address this issue," an Apple spokesperson wrote.

Want a Trump christmas ornament? This is actually made to a very high standard. Click it to go to the page. This is an official item.

Trump directly called out the deep state!

New Trump stifling tactic tried

How do you stop a Trump appointee from taking a position? Why, you petition the courts for a restraining order so the appointee can't work within a mile of you!!!

That's right! Leandra English was elevated to acting deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Friday when Richard Cordray resigned. The fight over who would lead the bureau bled into the weekend and on Sunday, English filed an emergency restraining order to keep Trump appointed Mulvaney from taking control.

GET THIS: Leandra English tried to get the courts to issue a restraining order on Mulvaney so she could keep her acting director position! Fortunately the court said NO, and Mulvaney is on the job now.


This is a hilarious item at Nordstrom's

If you can't afford to shop there but just have to,, you might be able to at least fork over $65 for a leather clad pet rock!

Here's my favorite review:

Igneous? Come on!

What a disappointment. Here I was, thinking I'd be receiving some kind of micaceous schist or gneiss, but what do I get? A ho-hum, every day, plain Jane piece of granite, and a felsic variety nonetheless!

Sure, it's well-rounded, oh, it's WELL-rounded. Probably spent at least 10,000,000 years, rolling and tumbling in some kind of high energy riverine system. Still, I wouldn't pay more than $50 for that. $65? It'd better be metamorphic.

WHAT THE ****!!


THROW THEM IN THE FIRE!!!! The report is not a hoax. I checked for satire, it is not satire. It has been ruled that as long as a man identifies himself as female, he can go right into the shower with the girl scouts!!!

From the London Telegraph

The Girl Guides will allow boys who identify as female to shower with girls, it has emerged.

For the first time, Girlguiding's official guidance instructs guide leaders to allow members who were born male but now identify as female to share changing rooms, toilets and sleeping quarters with girls when away on excursions.

The 107-year-old organisation updated its rules, which apply to members aged from five to 25, to allow transgender girls to "share accommodation with other young members if they wish" and use the same facilities.




North Korea missile launch

2800 miles up. Enough velocity to hit anywhere in the U.S. 13,000 km range.

Trump: "We will handle it".

If Bali volcano lights are not caused by "Haarp" tech, it could be the next Krakatoa

Mount Agung on the island of Bali, Indonesia, is supposedly producing huge pulses of light, such huge pulses that satellites are picking them up from space. The same satellites cannot see lightning, so there might be something big going on, (that is, if Haarp tech is not what is producing the light, and it really is due to large geologic electrical discharges).

My guess is someone is playing with a volcano, and a satellite caught it. But if that is not the case, the current eruption at the volcano is probably a precursor to a really big blast.

There have been, in recent times, massive volcanic eruptions that make Mount St Helens look like nothing. The Krakatoa blast of 1883 was one such eruption, which created a volcanic winter and was heard 3,100 miles away, having a sound level of 310 DB at the blast site, being 180 decibels 100 miles away from the blast site. The proximity of Mount Agung to Krakatoa may be a cause for concern if Mount Agung really is producing the light flashes on it's own, without assistance. See map:

Perovskite crystals to make internet 1,000 times faster?

This appears to be a flawed report on Forbes.

Evidently, perovskite crystals can transfer data in the form of light rapidly. However, the article has big problems. The first big problem is that they claim you can use a "halogen lamp" as the light source. That's not possible without an unexplained factor, because halogen lamps use filaments and you'd be extremely lucky to hit 400 baud with one. So what would the unexplained factor be? It would have to be that somehow perovskite can gate light if it gets an applied electric current, but the article does not mention that, so this is a real head scratcher.

So the article is incompetently written, and the only thing you can get from it is that the internet might get sped up at some point in the sort of near future, and perovskite might be used.

Perovskite, as we know it now, is currently under development for use in solar panels, but none that I know of have hit the market because the crystals degrade rapidly. They are working on prolonging the life of the crystals and have made some progress. If they solve the degradation issue, we will see a day when solar panels can be produced as cheaply as news print. They will not be quite as efficient as what we have today, but you'll still be able to apply them cheaply in roof tiles or shingles, and then go off grid, for cheap. They could also be deployed on something like a tarp, where you could be out in the wilderness and pull a thousand watts of solar panel out of your back pack and lay it on the ground like a blanket. But we are not there yet.

New Crown prince Salman beheading people at a steady clip

Saudi's new crown prince, who supposedly ousted all the "corrupt" leaders and also supposedly tortured them with private hired American mercenaries, at the same time he gave a robot citizenship and claimed to be ushering in a "new era of softer Islam, with much greater social freedom" in exchange for complete fielty to the state, Is now beheading people at an increased rate. 130 so far this year.

Yeah, mister "I love Israel and it is wrong to be against the Jews" host of Mecca must be a nice guy. SEE THIS.

An Iranian wrestler threw his own match to avoid an Israeli

As I suspected, this could be FAKE NEWS, yet ALL American news outlets and Israeli news outlets carried it.

I confirmed that PressTV was not blocked by the search engines, yet this story did not come up on PressTV, Fars, or IRNA in both direct web site searches, and search engine searches referencing those news agencies specifically. So either Iran is censoring this (doubt it) or it is FAKE NEWS to make the world believe Iran is totally at odds with other nations. Anyway, here's my original post:

I did not know the emnity between the nations was so bad sports are not allowed by Iran. This was reported in the New York Times, so it could be a hoax. I'll have to check an Iranian source to confirm this if possible.

From the New York Times:

TEHRAN - The Iranian wrestler was cruising through the match, looking like a sure bet to defeat his Russian opponent. But suddenly, as if suffering an injury, he fell to the mat and was thrown around the ring like a rag doll by the surprised Russian. Finally, the match ended and the referee pronounced the Russian the winner.

But the Iranian wrestler was not injured. As Iranian news outlets reported on Tuesday, he said his real problem was that his coach had told him to throw the match to avoid facing an Israeli opponent in the next round of the tournament.

In Iran's hard-line ideology, Israel is not recognized as a state, and supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei often refers to the country as "a cancerous tumor." Iranian athletes are forbidden to compete with Israelis in any sport, and, if necessary, are told to forfeit their matches or to feign sickness.

My comment: Too sad for the wrestler if this is true, however, the report goes on to say his coach loudly, in a way everyone could witness it, yelled at him to lose or he'd have to go against an Israeli. That would be a victory all by itself, because Israel will never know if they could have beaten the Iranian, Israel only knows Iran handed them the loser. Gotta laugh, I do have sympathy for the wrestler, who may have gone to the top, but what a slap down to Israel!


They created the term, but now that it has rightfully been turned against them, it is "not good anymore."

They go out of their way here to say "fake news sites" only do it to get ad revenue, and completely miss the point that practically all alt media has lost their ads now, and are STILL ONLINE, REPORTING THE WAY THEY USED TO.

The type of people who run CNN will not do anything without a profit, and they are completely out of touch with the concept of reporting the news for the sole purpose of saving civilization from people just like them AND THEM, included. That is all alt media does. That is why it exists. Anyway, if you want to see a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black, here it is:

(CNN)When we use the term "fake news" it is not only self-defeating, it oversimplifies a very complex problem.

A year ago, this wasn't the case. The term actually meant something. It described a particular type of website that used the same design templates as professional news websites but its contents were entirely fabricated. But earlier this year, the term started to become meaningless. It became used to describe any piece of information that someone else didn't like. Increasingly the term has become weaponized by politicians who use it to undermine independent journalism in an effort to reach the public directly through their own channels.

This is not just a US phenomenon. Research by the Columbia Journalism Review shows that people in three other countries increasingly believe that the "mainstream" media peddle fabricated stories.

In countries where a free press is a luxury and free speech is not guaranteed, this phrase is being used as an excuse to clamp down on both. Terminology matters, and using it simply "because everyone else uses it" is no longer good enough.

The term is also woefully inadequate for describing the complexity of the situation. When we think about the Facebook posts created by Russian accounts during the US election, would we consider them news? What about the image of a shark swimming up a Texas highway during Hurricane Harvey? That shark was real, but it was not in Houston during that hurricane.

We live in a time when our information streams are polluted and there are many different types of information. They move and shift. Some types are visible; others are harder to spot. Some we would all agree are problematic -- manipulated images created during a breaking news event, for example, designed to confuse and to hoax. But what about satirical news websites? What about misleading headlines designed solely to drive traffic? We need to rethink our vocabulary.

In our recent report, "Information Disorder," commissioned by the Council of Europe and published by Harvard's Shorenstein Center, we proposed three different terms as a way to think and talk about this issue.

MY COMMENT: Rusted and blackened cast iron hillbilly pot full of rabid squirrel guts calls stainless steel pot black!!

HEY CNN: Here is an interesting grass roots poll, one of many you seem to have "missed".

I agree. I trust Trump more, but believe he's been prevented from fullfilling many of his promises. Umm, I am dying of asphyxiation holding my breath WAITING FOR CNN TO NOT BE FAKE NEWS AND REPORT THIS!!!!

this is not the only poll like this out there, and CNN knows it!

By the way, "I could not vote on that poll" because it requires registration to keep fakers and bots out and I did not want to go through the trouble. READ IT AND WEEP CNN, THAT IS THE REAL AMERICA, YOU ARE "FAKE NEWS" BUSTED!!!

FINALLY: FBI informant William Campbell to testify on Tuesday (tomorrow)

The hillary body club already paid him a visit while he was out for a jog, but he was packing before they shot him, got his gun out on time and they vanished into the woods. Gotta have a perfect ambush I guess. Will Campbell actually testify tomorrow? That will be up to GOD. It will take an act of God to prevent him from dying in a remote control car wreck, OR, suddenly getting depressed and shooting himself in the head multiple times, OR, accidentally swallowing a whole bottle of _____ OR getting caught in the drapes and strangling to death. 24 hours to save Hillary, WHAT WILL THEY DO?

Maybe they'll kill someone else who is critical to tomorrow or you fill in the blank.

At any rate,

" William Campbell, the FBI informant who will testify on Tuesday, will be able to show that the Uranium One scandal went far beyond the sale of the U.S. mine and its assets. The Russian conspiracy is part of a larger plot.

If it were not for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Campbell's attorney Victoria Toensing, this information would have remained secret. The gag order would have put Mr. Campbell is jail had he revealed the information he collected.

William Campbell, the FBI informant who will testify on Tuesday, will be able to show that the Uranium One scandal went far beyond the sale of the U.S. mine and its assets. The Russian conspiracy is part of a larger plot.

If it were not for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Campbell’s attorney Victoria Toensing, this information would have remained secret. The gag order would have put Mr. Campbell in jail had he revealed the information he collected.

There are documents, video recordings and more to show the Obama administration and the FBI were very well aware of the depth of the Russian conspiracy to control the uranium market, even in the United States. The former president wanted a reset with Russia at all costs.

Circa news reporter Sarah Carter was asked if Hillary Clinton should be worried about what we learn Tuesday and her one word answer was, "Yes."


My comment: William Campbell has a lot more to worry about than Hillary does. That guy needs to sleep in a random bank vault tonight.

What is really going on with the NFL?

Depending upon what report you read, the NFL is in the tank, and the NFL is "doing better than ever, with record viewership". Who's being honest?

To be frank, a lot of the empty stadium photos are pre game and half time. That said, there really are a lot of sparsely populated games. How bad is it really? Over the weeks I have tried to piece this together.

First of all, the NFL was already down by about 15 percent (before the anthem idiocy) simply because it began to appear like the referees were making calls based upon market share and what team was worth more, rather than what was a legit call or not. And the referees were, they did the same thing to the Utah Jazz basketball team, which actually won the finals a couple decades ago but was not allowed to because, well, UTAH. Not enough cash there. This is evidently common in sports nowadays and it is all driven by money. Fans don't like that, they want to see real. So for doing the same, the NFL was starting to slump.

And then the NFL started inventing stupid rules, like no spiking the football or touchdown dances. WTF??!! what is wrong with that? why not spike the football? Who on earth ever decided there was something wrong with that? Can't people have fun and enjoy the game, or is it all just too "insensitive" now? Go out, break people's bones, give them brain damage all you want, but spiking the ball after it all is "insensitive". But a black man can do a victory dance after tackling a white guy and that is not. Yeah. I get it. THAT HURT. That probably cost them 7 percent or so. So that plus 15 percent is 22 percent. But there's more (obviously)

Then they had to start kneeling for the anthem. This would have hurt them more if the people who left for the other crap were still around, but they already lost a fair number of the deep thinkers, so it only nailed them by about 15 percent more. Ouch. Down 37 percent now.

And then it was revealed that the black guys allowed a star quarterback to be injured, and threw the game because he did not kneel. I don't know how much damage that did, but it certainly enforced the anger towards market driven referees and the black victory dances. So the question is, HOW FAR DOWN IS THE NFL NOW?

My best guess, and it is probably bang on - With all losses from all time frames factored, they are down 35 - 40 percent and dropping. Time to start pulling the federal stadium funds. The problem with the reporting on this is that no one adds it all up in one place so no one really knows how bad it is. Here it is.

Study: Men have the same physical response to two guys kissing as they do to seeing maggots

Come to think of it, now that it has been brought to light, yes, I do lurch the same way when I see two guys kissing as I do when I discover a bag of trash is loaded with maggots.

Here's the real truth you'll never see the MSM report, from,

and they actually did a real scientific test of this.

"Participants watched a series of slideshows: male couples kissing, male couples holding hands, mixed-sex couples kissing, mixed-sex couples holding hands, boring images (e.g., paper clips) and disgusting images (maggots)," Blair explained. "In between slide shows, we asked participants questions about their responses to the photos (not yet published) and we also collected saliva samples in order to assess salivary alpha-amylase in response to each slide show.

Measuring levels of salivary alpha-amylase, a digestive enzyme that is associated with stress and is especially responsive to disgust, allowed the researchers to examine the men's physiological reaction to the photos. The study was based on results from 120 heterosexual men (aged 18 to 45).

"In comparing the salivary alpha-amylase responses of participants to the various slideshows, we found that participants had higher salivary alpha-amylase responses to the images of two men kissing and the disgusting images. In both cases, these responses were significantly different than the responses they had to the neutral stimuli."

My comment: YEP. This study proves that a majority of men don't want a guy in their mouth, and don't want maggots there either! See this.

Youtube depravity

It goes way beyond the first auto fill for "how to have" being "sex with your kids"

Last night it broke on a popular forum that when you type "how to have" the auto fill results on youtube first said "sex with your kids", "sex with kids" "your first kiss" and "sex at school". Folks, that's nothing compared to what Youtube is really doing.

When you type common search terms that kids would use, you end up with completely uncensored videos of live action sex scenes, with people depicting super heroes and cartoon characters, and the biggest target is Elsa from frozen. These channels have racked up billions of views, and all the while Youtube has focused on getting rid of "innappropriate" political talk, they are letting that kind of crap run free, totally unabated. And I know why. Because it is "good" for the children I guess. Why else would the first auto fill term be "sex with your kids" and sex with kids?

Anyway, the story broke big enough after the discovery last night that even Buzzfeed had it today.

The bottom line is that Youtube is going to be for pushing depravity on kids, and they are doing it any way they think they can possibly get away with, all the while the censor all dissenting opinion any way they can possibly get away with. It may get to the point where parents are going to have to prevent their kids from using youtube, but with most of them glued to tablets that will be tough to accomplish, and those who are seeking to destroy the children KNOW IT.

Here's a typical comment on the topic:

"Yep. My 5 yo kid ran into those videos. We had made a playlist for him, but when it ran out, the fucking youtube started playing unscreened videos for him.

It started playing that fucking Finger Family shit. We heard it (we never let him use the net without one of us nearby) and stopped him from watching it, because we hadn't screened it. Later, when me and my wife watched it, we were horrified at the contents. Drug use, sex, characters urinating and defecating on each other, simulated sex, and just bizarre shit that left even us adults feeling disoriented and kind of anxious... mind raped, even.

I enjoy modern art that has often disturbing elements, but these videos had something in them that really put hooks into your brain."

My comment: If Youtube goes from innocent cartoons in a playlist to THAT, it is intentional, no ifs or buts. Once again - filter dissent so no opposing views can be heard, and then ram what should be filtered right onto a five year old's tablet. Cute.

Now running on a totally new system

This ought to get 4 devices capable of administering this web site. Wait and see. Worked on the first one.

It took an old old old celeron (that will not be used for the web site) to get everything kickstarted (knoppix clashed with the UEFI bios on the new laptop) and black screened with the CD but from flash it works perfect and is very fast and very complete. Lots of experimenting ahead.

Knoppix appears to be extremely efficient with bandwidth. I will have to use it more to find out but one huge problem with the newest Linux Mint was that it for some reason tripled bandwidth usage which is for me inexplicable and inexcusable.

So far the things I don't like with live knoppix are the desktop background, the fact a voice says "initiating startup sequence" when you start it, and no matter what application you open, it bounces the window once on purpose for "coolness" - only that kind of crap is for mac, not my computer. Whatever.

What I like: Even from a live cd, it runs much faster than Mint or Ubuntu run from flash. When using flash, Knoppix runs perceptibly instantly with enormous applications like Gimp and Blender opening perceptibly instantly. Once the UEFI bios gives the go, Knoppix boots in about 4 seconds. It takes longer for the bios to do post than it does for knoppix to boot. So it is real fast.

The computer is running cold as a bone. Someone told me a while ago that a programmer sabotaged power management in Mint and Ubuntu, and they never fixed it. But since it all started with Knoppix (which they took from) there is no excuse other than wilful intent that it stayed broken. I believe Mint and Ubuntu are intentionally crippled. Knoppix is obviously way beyond. No power management issues at all. The hottest thing on the whole computer now is the flash drive it is running from. The CPU would get hot with windows and Mint, but with knoppix it's as cold as a TI-35. No perceptible heat anywhere at all on the computer itself. That ought to do wonders for battery life, changing the flash drive for one that runs cooler is obviously going to make a difference. The flash drive is by far the biggest heat generator. So that's worth pointing out.

It has chrome and firefox. But there are security features on them that are not in any chrome or firefox I have seen. Knoppix must have added stuff. It also has konqueror but it malfunctions on most web sites.

It has a zillion apps, (like what happens when you use someone's computer and they have a fetish for putting 5,000 things on it they'll never use) yet the desktop is perfectly clean and none of that stuff starts unless you ask it to. I never knew there were games for Linux but there are evidently hundreds. It also has the ability to run games like DOOM. Basically, if it is worth having and in the Linux world, it is in Knoppix 8.1 Blender is supposed to be powerful enough to do feature animated films, it's here. It is cryptic for someone who has not ever done that. There are 4 normal video editors also, along with a music score creator and several multi channel audio apps. Obviously it has open office and all those types of things.

Anyway, Knoppix is obviously the gold standard in Linux. I never had this much crap available, all running smoothly and cold as a bone. By cold as a bone, I mean, the laptop is cold to the touch and the CPU fan never came on. If it was not managing the fan correctly, the laptop would be hot. It is not hot. Power management is simply so good a CPU fan is not needed. It absolutely DESTROYS Mint (which I was using up until this evening) it is 20X as fast at least,

I forgot something huge: With both the latest Linux Mint, and Windows, the new computer was constantly highlighting and deleting text while I typed. That's not happening AT ALL with Knoppix. That's a big thing to point out, because even with a live CD that was perfectly fresh, Mint would constantly highlight and delete text while I was typing, and Knoppix is not doing that at all. It is as if both Windows and Mint piped me straight into enemy hands, and they raised as much mayhem as possible. Now everything is rock stable with no interference whatsoever, it is immediately noticeable. Perhaps the speed boost and bandwidth savings were due to not having to serve data to multiple computers . . . . WOULDENT DOUBT IT.

It does little good to have an open source application be publicly verified, when the public has to go through so much code it is longer than 2,000 New Testaments. Now that even programs like Linux have universally expanded beyond 1.5 gigs, it is all a matter of trust. It appears in this case that the original is still the best. I should have just stuck with Knoppix, that is obvious now.

Saudi Arabia has outed itself

The new prince only proves the mossad takeover of Saud is complete.

Prince salman has:

1. Allied with Israel, and against Iran in a way that has not been seen before. Saudi Arabia was always shaky with Iran, but lately has basically gone over the edge calling Iran's Ayatolla the "hitler of the middle east". I'd like to see a shred of evidence to that effect when Iran has attacked no one in 200 years, (only defended itself against a U.S. backed attack by Saddam Hussein,) who the U.S. subsequently trashed three years after that affair was done.

2. Had the immam of the Grand Mosque issue a fatwa saying it was wrong for Muslims to call Jews the enemy. This won't fly, because the Quran specifically states what the Jews really are as well as David Duke does, which can only mean the Saudi royal family is Jewish. I always suspected they were crypto Jews, now there appears to be strong evidence.

3. Given a robot citizenship. This is really twisted, especially since it is no brighter than an Amazon Alexa or cell phone app, and totally flies in the face of Islam which would accept no such thing.

4. Called for the destruction of a huge portion of the middle east, including Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and whatever else he can take. Funny thing is, Saudi Arabia is part of Eretz Israel. How's that gonna wash?

5. Told everyone they can completely relax on Islam, but can no longer speak out against the state. If they do, there is no forgiveness and they will be jailed or killed. So he is pushing "social freedom" and in exchange demanding total fielty to the state. That's exactly what the Jews are attempting to do everywhere, pushing all forms of immorality, gay marriage, transgenderism, you name it, and making it harder and harder to have any free speech against the state - that which they put in place. Having Saudi Arabia take this turn speaks VOLUMES.

Now that I have seen what has become of Saudi Arabia in such a short time, and how they are filling out an Israeli wish list, perhaps it is not too far fetched to say Saudi Arabia may have at least provided the patsies for 911, though the entire plot was external, and done via remote - I doubt anyone was actually on the planes that hit. CC Lyle's phone call, having her prompter tell her "that was great" sort of blows that notion. I had that recording on the front page a while ago, perhaps I'll dig it up.

Were the Sauds involved in the Vegas shooting? I doubt it, but with Bin Salman acting the way he has lately, I certainly would not say they would not be capable, they are clearly a Mossad asset ALL THE WAY.

McCain explained why the medical boot was switched from one side to the other

He said he needed to give the side it was originally on a rest, so he put it on the other foot. I think he really might have a brain tumor.

If you need to give the side it is on a rest, you take it off, you DONT PUT IT ON THE OTHER FOOT! If it is on a foot for a damaged tendon, and you put it on the other foot, it won't do anything other than stress the foot you took it off of while you try to compensate for having uneven feet.

Ok, so McCain is wearing a tracking device. Done deal.

Nov 23 2017


It has a bug many people believe is intentional. It fronts as a bitcoin wallet, defaults to a bitcoin cash wallet, and allows bitcoins to be sent while in bitcoin cash mode. If you make the mistake of sending bitcoin as bitcoin cash, it has no safety checks and your bitcoins vanish into the ether, no one knows where to. The block chain will still have them somewhere (because it has to), just not in your wallet!

Saudi royalty tortured by mercenaries?

PROBABLE HOAX. But . . . . .

Rumor has it that private mercenaries were sent to take care of business and tortured saudi royalty. I find this story hard to believe.

This is from the daily fail, so take it with a huge grain of salt. Source in Saudi Arabia says American private security contractors are carrying out'interrogations' on princes and billionaires arrested in crackdown Detained members of Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogates, source says Among those hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor worth at least $7 billion who is being held at Riyadh's Ritz Carlton Arrests were ordered three weeks ago by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Source claims mercenaries are from 'Blackwater', a claim also made by Lebanese president But its successor firm denies it has any operations in Saudi Arabia whatsoever and says its staff abide by U.S. law. Americans who commit torture abroad can be jailed for up to 20 years

My comment: Blackwater operates globally and is everywhere in the middle east. So scratch that. Blackwater does not operate legally anywhere. So scratch that. Here's a good one - U.S. LAW DOES NOT APPLY IN SAUDI ARABIA. So even saying that in relation to this is bogus. About the rest? You guess. Prince Salman probably would order this, and could certainly pay for it.

This goes in the whatever file, but if it did happen it would certainly be interesting.

Here's something interesting

A lengthy list of mercury poisoning symptoms (if you have time to read through this on Thanksgiving)

While coming up with this list, I discovered something really interesting. And that is, if a woman gets a vaccine during pregnancy, she probably won't feel the effects of the mercury in thimerosal, but it will have a severe impact on the developing brain of her baby. They don't know why, but for some reason it accumulates in the baby's brain at a higher concentration than the mother, where it can do severe damage.

Here are the symptoms of methyl mercury poisoning. Methyl mercury is not exactly the same as ethyl mercury (thimerosal) but it is so close to being the same chemically that any doctor that says thimerosal is safe has got to be a quack. I flat out don't believe the claims they make about thimerosal being safe. Here's the admitted to effects of methyl mercury, (which is, chemically, a twin brother of thimerosal.) We know the vaccines are wrecking the children, let that stand as proof that this is an equal:

This was found at

"Since many pregnant women have had methylmercury toxicity, the effects of this toxicity on their children was studied. Importantly, the fetal brain was shown to be very sensitive to methylmercury; developmental impairments such as reduced ability in thinking, attention span, memory, and most motor skills occurred in various degrees, often severe, even if the mother developed few if any symptoms."

This following list (which is unrelated to the vaccines during pregnancy issue mentioned above) is from and it clearly outlines a huge number of problems that are prevalent in today's society, with the root source being mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning 


  • irritability
  • anxiety/nervousness, often with difficulty in breathing
  • restlessness
  • exaggerated response to stimulation
  • fearfulness
  • emotional instability
    -lack of self control
    -fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior
  • loss of self confidence
  • indecision
  • shyness or timidity, being easily embarrassed
  • loss of memory
  • inability to concentrate
  • lethargy/drowsiness
  • insomnia
  • mental depression, despondency
  • withdrawal
  • suicidal tendencies
  • manic depression


  • bleeding gums
  • alveolar bone loss
  • loosening of teeth
  • excessive salivation
  • foul breath
  • metallic taste
  • burning sensation, with tingling of lips, face
  • tissue pigmentation (amalgam tattoo of gums)
  • leukoplakia
  • stomatitis (sores in the mouth)
  • ulceration of gingiva, palate, tongue
  • dizziness/acute, chronic vertigo
  • ringing in the ears
  • hearing difficulties
  • speech and visual impairment
    -restricted, dim vision


  • food sensitivities, especially to milk and eggs
  • abdominal cramps, colitis, diverticulitis or other G.I. complaint
  • chronic diarrhea/constipation


  • abnormal heart rhythm
  • characteristic findings on EKG
    -abnormal changes in the S-T segment and/or
    -lower broadened P wave
  • unexplained elevated serum triglyceride
  • unexplained elevated cholesterol
  • abnormal blood pressure, either high or low



  • chronic headaches
  • allergies
  • severe dermatitis
  • unexplained reactivity
  • thyroid disturbance
  • subnormal body temperature
  • cold, clammy skin, especially hands and feet
  • excessive perspiration, w/frequent night sweats
  • unexplained sensory symptoms, including pain
  • unexplained numbness or burning sensations
  • unexplained anemia
    -G-6-PD deficiency
  • Chronic kidney disease
    -nephrotic syndrome
    -receiving renal dialysis
    -kidney infection
  • adrenal disease
  • general fatigue
  • loss of appetite/with or without weight loss
  • loss of weight
  • hypoglycemia

A checklist of other symptoms that could be related to mercury toxicity.
A Mercury Test by Dr. Hal Huggins: 

1. Heart problems
_heart/chest pains
_tachcardia (heart racing)
_heart murmur
_low blood pressure
_abnormal EKG
_partial heart block
_high blood pressure
_heart attack

2. Skin Problems
_unexplained rashes
_excessive itching
_red flushes of color
_rough skin
_acne (pimples)

3. Nervous Disorders
_bell's Palsy
_Multiple Sclerosis
_Dr. told you "It's your nerves"
_the shakes of hands, feet, head, etc
_twitching of face or other muscles

4. Digestion
_Crohn's disease
_Graves Disease
_bloated feeling after eating
_poor appetite

5. Blood Disease
_false positve for venereal disease

6. Cancer
_Hodgkins disease
_any other name

7. Endocrine Problems
_tipped uterus
_thyroid overactive
_cervical erosion
_mensturation-painful, too often or too seldom/ stopping without reason

8. Emotional
_sudden anger
_wish you were dead
_suicidal tendencies
_been divorced

9. Annoying Symptoms
_frequent headaches
_noises in your ears
_ringing in your ears
_hissing in your ears
_chronic eye inflammation
_chronic fatigue
_do you tire easily?
_swollen lymph nodes
_do you sweat excessively or not at all?
_hearing problems
_cold hands and feet
_motion sickness
_slow healing
_leg cramps
_get up at night to urinate
_urinate frequently during the day
_have insomnia
_tired when awaken in the morning
_have trouble making decisions

10. Allergies
_soaps and detergents

11. Diseases
_rheumatoid arthritis
_tennis elbow
_painful joints
_Friedreich's ataxia
_sickle cell anemia
_kidney stones

12. Miscellaneous
_Infections take a long time to heal
_Do you work around mercury?
what capacity?_______________
_what medications are you taking that have mercury in them?

13. Dental History
_had silver amalgams
_had gold fillings
_have gold fillings now
_removable metal bridge
_gold bridge
_porcelain caps (crowns)
_non-precious crowns
_root canal
_root canal now
_metallic taste in mouth
_burning sensation in mouth
_increased flow of saliva
_have more than half your teeth

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