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conspiracy fact, because the Wal-Marts really were converted into detention centers

Conspiracy theorists were laughed at because "nothing happened". Now the "conspiracy theorists" have conspiracy fact, because the Wal-Marts really were converted into detention centers.

These detention centers house immigrant children, who were taken from their parents. Now, this is pure speculation, but there's plenty of wiggle room for abuse in such situations, and it would be foolish to overlook the possibility that these detention centers are in part used in the child slave trade. I have no evidence of this, but it is an obvious possibility with the current child slave trading situation.

Senator Jeff Merkeley showed up at one of these detention centers in Texas, and was denied access. The detention center CALLED THE F***ING POLICE ON HIM when he asked to enter!!! WTF, OVER!!!

The detention center then issued an apology saying "oh we are sorry, but it does not matter if you are a senator, you will be denied access without an appointment. PROBLEM: HE CALLED FOR AN APPOINTMENT, AND THEY REFUSED TO ARRANGE IT. So he showed up anyway. If this place was on the up and up, he should have been granted VIP access.

MY QUESTION: WHY NOT? HE IS A SENATOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, NO VIP ACCESS? WHY??!!?? They refused him access completely. WHY??!!??

Repeat: I strongly suspect child trafficking. If it has to be kept secret, there is something evil going on. If they won't let him in, even after he announced he was going to arrive, SOMETHING IS SERIOIUSLY WRONG

There is a video of him walking up to this detention center HERE (this is the entire video of the incident.)It is complete, the senator is very thorough, and explains it all very well as he does this.

This is one of the spookiest things that has ever been put out there, if you did not watch that video, WATCH IT. SPOOKY AS HELL.

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Comment by Deep Space on June 9, 2018 at 4:20am

It's a farm to procure child blood sacrifices for the George Soros Cult.


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