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Dead Bankers Tell No Tales, But I Still Can – Mad Max & Martial Law In The Streets Is Coming Soon

Dead Bankers


Tell No Tales


But I Still Can



Our Financial & Legal

System Has Been Taken

Over By The Banking Cartels


Now It Seems They Are Cleaning House




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We Have Been Living In A Police State Hidden In Plain Sight.

The System Is Near Collapse Because We Are Becoming Aware!

911 was an inside job…Physical science did not take that day off!

(Youtube “Building 7″ & see for yourself if you need convincing.)


No One Can Deny All The Preparations

Our Gov’t Is Making To Go To War

With American Citizens!!!

(Over 2 billion rounds of ammo is not for training!)  


The Internet That Was To Enslave Us Has Awoken The Masses.

Powers That Be Are Becoming More Brazen & Are Making Mistakes!!!




Not long ago Several Attorneys working for Bank Of New York Mellon got caught committing multiple felonies in their attempt to cover up something that is going on all across America.  These malicious & criminal acts involved their Client’s purposeful failure to securitize loans, by not physically transferring Notes and Mortgages into Real Estate Investment Trusts, most likey so that the bank could illegally re-sell these same loans many different times over to investors & also collect on multiple insurance policies in the form of “credit default swaps”, one of many forms of derivatives from companies like American  International Group (AIG) who are now suing to recoup their losses.

Derivatives in this case is like betting a horse will lose a race that you have both sold to various investors unbeknownst to each other & also overly insured them under multiple names or numbers.  Next you make sure the horse loses at all costs after you have been paid by the buyers, then collect all of the insurance monies & blow town before anyone catches on.  The Biggest Banks in this scheme are getting ready to skip out right now & that will be catastrophic to the United States and the economy of nearly every major country on earth.  

Bank Depositors are now considered to be “Investors” & can lose everything with a few ones & zeros moved from your account to off-shore accounts, most likely in Geneva Switzerland.  Check into the FDIC Insurance Racket.  They can pay you $10 a week or just not pay anything.  Their FDIC insurance is a scam to lure your money into banks rather than local credit unions or other much more secure places.  Look up a combination of “JP Morgan Chase”, “MF Global”  & “Gerald Celente” to better understand your financial savings can be gone in a second whenever they chose to pull the plug. To the big banks it is all about The Benjamins (Money).  It’s nothing personal, just business as usual.  And if that is not scarey enough, take note of all the promotions to get you to deposit or transfer large amounts into new accounts with banks like JPMorgan/Chase Bank right now…of course the new accounts all have you as an investor even in checking accounts. 

Have you heard…the major banks, even the Federal Reserve are now refusing to give other countries their gold back or to even allow them to properly inspect it and account for its actual presence in their vaults in New York City or elsewhere.  The U.S. has no gold now, only debt that the Federal Reserve (A private Banking Cartel of International Banks) has created out of thin air and taken our wealth, creating inflation when there had been none in the first 130 years of this country’s history while our treasury printed our own money with no interest & no debt.  Read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin for more on that.  The charter on The Federal Reserve has run out after 100 years of theft & their job is nearly complete now.  Fort Knox, Kentucky…(crickets chirping).

These events unfolding will make The Depression look like the Very Best Of Times.  This will be a precursor to world war and false flag events here at home to distract from the enemy within retreating into the shadows.  Think Mad Max Crazy In The Streets or worse with Martial Law and Paramilitary Troops in major cities.  Military vehicles will also be on your neighborhood streets and you will at least hear word of why our troops have been asked if they will fire on American Citizens if ordered to do so.  Again…Look It Up!

Even without a EMP False Flag to take down the power grid, every developed country, especially the U.S. is based on a “just in time delivery system” that must keep moving 24/7/365 to keep stores stocked with inventories.  Once word spreads of Bank Runs far worse than seen in 1929, grocery stores & gas stations would be cleaned out in hours with no restocking because money would be deemed worthless within days.  ATM’s & even local banks would close down due to the nightmare scenarios the supposed doomsayers have been warning us about.  There would be mobs in every city and with no deliveries anytime soon, the chaos would be incomprehensible.  (Get ready for the gov’t paid shills to belittle this in the comment section.)

Back to the horse race.  The horses they bet on were subprime loans in the housing market and the banks did everything they could do to be sure they failed.  The winnings to the banks issuing the loans was 10 to 1 better return if they failed & the banks made sure they did by overcharging on interest, penalties and fees that snowballed small loans into big ones that no one could afford to repay.  Many mortgage payments doubled or even tripled with a little sleight-of-hand by the loving banksters.  

Homeowners eventually began to catch on to the scam in 2008, but only a few were able to successfully fight back in one of the few honest courts using evidence that the banks foreclosing were not a real party of interest.  Courts illegally allowing foreclosures by parties who were not a real party of interest is a crime with serious repercussions in the future that almost no bank or court appears to be concerned with. They are not worried about tomorrow like they know something we don’t is about to happen & they are cleaning out homeowners for everything they have. 

If nothing catastrophic was going to happen in this country in the near future, someone else could always appear later in court with real interest in the property and create a DOUBLE JEOPARDY for the Homeowner Of Record and a Civil Suit against the Judges who ignored evidence to represent the banks in violations of their oathes of office and the Constitution which they swore to uphold.  The Judges & Officers Of The Court as you will see in this case did not care about Justice for they had multiple undisclosed conflicts of interest with BNY Mellon and repesented BNY’s interests without any legal restraint whatsoever, like there was no accountability. 

You are not allowed to win the race…remember.  Think about the thousands of illegal foreclosures in this one county alone facilitated by Judges with those same undisclosed conflicts of interests in fabor of the plainitff banks.  Now multiply that times the number of counties in the country who are operating under the same means and then you will begin to know not only how serious this is, but that there is something really big on the way that makes them treat us as if there was no tomorrow. 

There is much more than a brief Bank Holiday on the way.  The mega banks are packing up all their holdings and ours for an extended leave.  Your personal, business and retirement funds will be removed on que as the doors slam on their limos headed for the airport.  This case is an illustration of how far they will go with the assistance of the bought Judges & their attorney henchmen to pack up your life savings for the trip. 

The banks like BNY Mellon in this case had transferred fake interests they did not have by creating fake/bogus assignments to Trusts long after they were closed and only after the loans had defaulted because they were still in the process of re-selling the loans to multiple investor groups, retirement funds, unions, you name it.  BNY Mellon needed to claim authority to foreclose, take the homes and often times buy them back at sheriff sales to close the loop to hide the fact that the loans had been churned over & over.  Any interests that might have been, were shredded in the wind to hide from their investors that these same loans were both sold & insured many times over to the benefit of just one party. 

Have you ever heard of Countrywide Home Loans…you know the lender who was caught doing this in 2008.  They were conveniently sold to Bank Of America to distance the public from the truth.  Few realized Bank Of New York Mellon actually controlled both of them and was always slated to be the Trustee and illegal beneficiary to every loan they produced.  We are talking about Trillions Of Dollars (if not a lot more) in the largest ponzi scheme in history taken off the backs of American families and investors from around the world.

In this case a lot of this evidence & documentation was coming out on the table to the point that BNY’s attorneys were affraid of the case and their biggest client.  At that juncture they crossed the line into facilitating multiple felonies in altering a loan contract already on the court docket (existing evidence), making an original version of loan contract unreadable to accompany it stating it was for the Court’s reference, to claim in bold print that “Defendant has waived his Defenses” (No Kidding…that is a quote).

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Comment by H●ȴȴɣwͼͽd on February 17, 2014 at 7:31pm

I've been saying Knox is empty since early 80's. Ya know this is all truth, look @ Germany right now, trying to get back their bullion from the FedRsrVprivateBANK. They keep getting nothing but excuses from the Bernanke Mob. Yellen's claiming ignorance ;)

“They don’t have any more gold. That’s why they can only give Germa... -Paul Craig Roberts

correction, meant early 90's ...dohhhh


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