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Comment by Deep Space 25 minutes ago

I broke up with her 3 years ago. Best thing I ever did.  I got a total upgrade.

Comment by Deep Space 37 minutes ago

I saw a picture of an ex-girlfriend with her current boyfriend. It was sad & depressing. Both of them were totally depressed. I guess I bailed at the right time. Cause you can tell from the picture that she is completely fucking sad.

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

My biggest gripe with orgasms is that they don't last long. And that's my exact same complaint about long term relationships.

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

Humans aren't meant to fly. It takes a shitload of jet fuel to hurl a human being from one place to another. Energetically it's very economically inefficient. I recommend a bicycle.  

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

Yeah I would totally trade-in my cell phone for the ability to flap my arms & fly. I agree with the birds.

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

I go back 'n' forth on the pluses & minuses of being able to fly or not. If you give up the option to fly you can make shit like computers & cell phones & go to the moon. Yes we can make jets & helicopters but to actually organically fly, there's no comparison. So I don't blame the birds.

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

Birds can fly. And flying is totally awesome but they don't have opposable thumbs so they can't actually build anything. It's a trade-off. 

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

I felt really sorry for the baby goat that got knocked off the cliff by the bird. But the bird's gotta eat he's just trying to survive. It's not personal.

Comment by Deep Space 2 hours ago

Who knew birds could be such awesome predators?.

They're literally like flying tigers.
But they wanna eat & survive & not die.

Who am I to judge?

Comment by Deep Space 4 hours ago

I love cheetahs but when I watch a cheetah chase down a gazelle I'm routing for the gazelle cause I don't want the gazelle to die but I don't want the cheetah to die either; she's gotta feed her pups. And I'm totally torn cause I don't want any of them to die. But that's Nature.She's gotta eat a gazelle in order for her to live & I don't want the gazelle to die.

I don't like Nature. I think Nature is very cruel & mean.


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