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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)


I am only allocated 140 characters with respect to the:

'Latest Activity' - 'What Am I Up To' - feature on my profile.

That's clearly not enough (unless you're an illiterate Neanderthal).

Go Twitter!!

So I am initiating this FREE FLOW of 'Deep Space' thoughts in blog format,

(to outwit the character restraints).

This is raw, fertile ground to ferment material for my YouTube Channel

Deep Space



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Comment by Deep Space yesterday

Quadruple cheeseburgers give me jaw spasms.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

There's only 26 letters & an infinite amount of numbers, but none of them are vowels. What are the odds?

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I bought a lotto ticket & then I immediately burned it, just because I'm a realist.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I'm very indecisive. I was thinking I'm gonna be a cross between Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny for Halloween. 

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

You know a cheeseburger sucked when the ketchup was the best part.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I sorta believe in reincarnation. But not completely. I believe we come back as different people with a lot of similar personality traits.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

But then it gets funny again. So I don't really know where anything is going.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Believe me. You don't wanna be as funny as me. Cause after a while it just starts to get sad.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I'm gonna make a video of me taking a crap. Just another bodily function to document


Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I think porn is completely stupid because anyone can buy a camera & fuck.


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