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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space yesterday

I'm just gonna reiterate the message that all legitimate spiritual teachers have expounded throughout all of human history: "Die before you die."

And I will personally add to that awesome advice, "It will make the transition way much easier." :)

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

Yep, It's true. The sun's gonna blow-up. All stars die. (just ask Kylie Jenner).

And then you get like these really freaky people who think humans are gonna get in spaceships & find some other planet to live on.

Yeah, you're gonna send people in a tin can with zero gravity into space & find a planet that can support human life, like a million billion light years away & build shit once you land. With material you don't have. 

Even if you get there it's totally gonna suck; cause you won't have an internet connection & there won't be any Walmarts.

Basically if you made it that far, you're still totally screwed.

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

There's nothing wrong with the world. The world functions flawlessly.

Other than earthquakes, volcanic eruptions & meteor strikes & the fact that the sun is eventually gonna blow-up; but yeah other than that, it's people that are screwing up the world.

It's you.

It's your fault. Let's be honest.

You're a fucking asshole & you're trashing this entire planet. The human species. With your wars & nuclear shit & GMO toxic crap & the Kardashians;

I'm like, "Fuck you, human species! You screwed up this entire planet. I liked you guys better when you were just monkies in the evolutional scheme of things."

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

I don't recommend dating hot chicks. Because they can get away with doing a lot of shit that pisses you off. If you date an ugly girl & she starts to piss you off; it's much easier to cut her loose...

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

The best thing I like about being in a relationship is that it forces me to appreciate my alone-time. 

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

She wants to get back together again. And I'm like, "Why? We're already sick of each other now. That's why we originally broke up. What's different?"

...................................... No answer

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

I can't wait 'till facebook gets flushed down the toilet like MySpace. Having 3,000 fake virtual friends & posting photo-shopped pics of yourself that look nothing like you, must get old after awhile...

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

I don't believe in ripping people off. I've never cheated on any of my girlfriends. Does that make me better? No. That's just the way I am & most people are very selfish & greedy. Big banksters? Yeah they suck. But so do most plumbers, doctors, mechanics & heating/cooling guys. It's just the human condition to be greedy & self absorbed. 

I personally think that kind of mindset sucks, but to each their own...

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

Plumbers are fucking scammers too. And doctors... And most mechanics, etc... Why can't all these greedy mother fucking assholes realize that this is a closed system & that ultimately, in the end, in the Grand Scheme Of Things, you're only stealing from YourSelf?

Comment by Deep Space on Wednesday

I'm gonna rant. These heating/cooling people are fucking scammers. The first two companies I called told me that it's a $150 to come out to my condo & tell me what's wrong with it. I asked if that $150 would be credited towards the repair. Both of 'em: Big fat "No!".

And then I'm like I already know what's wrong with it. The blower motor needs to be replaced. So you don't need to come here to figure out what's wrong because I already know what's wrong & I can save myself $150 & your time for you to tell me something I already know, right?

"No!" they said. "We gotta come down to your place & charge you $150 to tell you what you already know."

So I dropped off the motor at a third place & right on the motor is all the info on the motor. Brand name, amps, voltage blah blah blah. You'd think that would be enough, right?

But noooo.. They want the make & model of the unit itself which is not listed on it & the property manager doesn't have that info.

I don't see why that's important. They got the motor. They know what the motor is. They know what the specs are on the motor., that should be enough, right?

I told 'em I'm gonna pick up my blown out motor tomorrow.

F 'em.



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