Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)


I am only allocated 140 characters with respect to the:

'Latest Activity' - 'What Am I Up To' - feature on my profile.

That's clearly not enough (unless you're an illiterate Neanderthal).

Go Twitter!!

So I am initiating this FREE FLOW of 'Deep Space' thoughts in blog format,

(to outwit the character restraints).

This is raw, fertile ground to ferment material for my YouTube Channel

Deep Space



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Comment by Deep Space yesterday

Pretty sure all this father/daughter porn is fake. I don't think they're actually genetically related. All this so-called incest porn reminds me of CNN.

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

Savannah cat 101

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

I took Obi (1st generation Savannah kitten - hybrid - Serval Dad x domestic mom) to this same guy back in 07 when he was a kitten & he told me these are 'special' cats. He used an analogy, he said they were like "sports cars" that need "xtra special attention". Xtra special attention meaning = lots of vet visits = lots of $$ for him. Total dirtbag. He knew that high percentage Savannahs were expensive & he assumed I had lots of money to burn. 1st gen Savannahs sell for over $20k these days.

Which is total BS. Savannahs (at least the early generations) have very little issues w genetic disorders cause their genetic diversity is expansive.

There's another young girl in the clinic who is very sweet & isn't in it for the money. She gave me a 10% discount a couple months back for no reason when I took Obi in.

She's married. So am I, basically, in case anyone was wondering. LOL!

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

He's not in any overt pain. He's just not eating. He's starving himself to death. Flipping back n forth between whether to have a vet put him to sleep or not. I can't take him to the same vet I've been taking him to because he's a slimy used car salesman kinda guy who just wants to make as much $$ from a dying cat as possible. Most vets I've experienced are really awesome. Not this guy.

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

@Diana - We all go thought this in some way or another. With pets. With people. With ourselves. It sucks. But there is Gold at the end of the Rainbow. That's a shitty analogy. (cause I dislike precious metals).

I could say so many things, but words don't mean anything when we begin to dig deep...


Comment by Diana yesterday

Deep Space - So sorry to hear about your cat.  Animals are a gift, unlike most humans.  I truly understand what you are going through, just found out my boy has cancer.  So the wait begins...   

Thanks for posting the words from Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Comment by Deep Space yesterday

I don't like the word "humane". That word is used to express compassion & caring & love. But humans are the most twisted, violent, destructive, war-mongering, fucked-up animals that ever inhabited this planet.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Thanx BM. We're all attached to this Matrix in some way or another. That's why we're Here. Me personally, I just wanna get the fuck out of here & go Home. If you add it all up physical manifestation is a whopping net loss. Not sure if anyone did the math. In the end; you die. Try Spirit. 

Comment by Bananaman on Thursday

Sorry to hear about your cat DS 

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

One of my 2 cats is dying & my mother died back in 11/16 so death is on my mind & I want to share some words from Ramana Maharshi (because we all go thru this shit) We have THAT in common.


Here, as recorded in the book “Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi”, are a few words he spoke, from the depth of his experience, on death and dying.

MOURNING IS NOT the index of true love.

It betrays love of the object, of its shape only.

That is not love.

True love is shown by the certainty that the object of love is in the Self and that it can never become non-existent.

There will be no pain if the physical outlook is given up and if the person exists as the Self.

There is no death nor birth.

That which is born is only the body.

The body is the creation of the ego.

But the ego is not ordinarily perceived without the body.

It is always identified with the body.

If a man considers he is born he cannot avoid the fear of death.

Let him find out if he has been born or if the Self has any birth.

He will discover that the Self always exists,
that the body which is born resolves itself into thought and that the emergence of thought is the root of all mischief.

Find where from thoughts emerge.

Then you will abide in the ever-present inmost Self and be free from the idea of birth or the fear of death.

Recall the state of sleep. Were you aware of anything happening? If the son or the world be real, should they not be present with you in sleep?

You cannot deny your existence in sleep.

Nor can you deny you were happy then.

You are now the same person speaking and raising doubts.

You are not happy according to you.

But you were happy in sleep.

What has transpired in the meantime that happiness of sleep has broken down?

It is the rise of the ego.

That is the new arrival in the jagrat (waking) state.

There was no ego in sleep.

The birth of the ego is called the birth of the person.

There is no other kind of birth.

Whatever is born, is bound to die.

Kill the ego: there is no fear of recurring death for what is once dead.

The Self remains even after the death of the ego.

That is Bliss – that is immortality.

Training the mind helps one to bear sorrows and bereavements with courage.

But the loss of one’s offspring is said to be the worst of all griefs.

Still it is true, pain on such occasions can be assuaged by association with the wise.


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