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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Burbia on Sunday
Comment by Burbia on Sunday

Just kidding. Been wanting to use this clip for something. Back to pron. Gonna have to make not paying taxes sexy. Peer pressure. Ha. You still pay taxes and use capitpliat pigs bank money? Me and my way hotter than me gf are going on vacation with the money we didn't pay taxes with and used our oh sp sultry crypto-currency to do this.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Real solutions exist. Defund the assholes.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I am sick & tired of people who tell me, "You just bitch about every thing that's wrong with the world but you don't offer any solutions."

Um.. excuse me. I have suggested for a couple of decades we abolish the Federal Reserve, a privately owned corporate bank, that creates money out of thin air & charges the American tax payers interest to fund globalist/zionist wars for a debt that's the designed to be impossible to pay.

So I want to shut the Federal Reserve down.

So shut the fuck up. I have real solutions.

And I'm just gettin' started.

to be continued...

Comment by Burbia on Sunday

How does this even become a thing? Who brings it up in a conversation? No, that ain't masturbation. Check this out, this is masturbation. Go ahead try it. 

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I always thought orgasms were intense enough as they were, without any tweaking, that involves a chance of dying 700,000 times more likely of jumping out of a plane with a really good well-made, high quality parachute.

Comment by Bananaman on Sunday

He made a pretty cool movie called dogs in space years ago, very oz

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on Sunday

David Carradine, Albert Dekker, Michael Hutchence, Frantisek Kotzwara, Kevin Gilbert, Stephen Milligan, & Vaughn Bodé are certified members of that exclusive club ;)

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

'Auto erotic asphyxiation'. It's common enough where they have a name for it. Apparently by choking yourself to the point, just before you die, your orgasms get more intense. Shit. I know a much safer way to get more intense orgasms without endangering your life. It's called 'cheating on your wife'. 

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Yeah Anthony Bourdain. What a tragedy. One of those weirdos who likes to masturbate while they're choking themselves to death. A lot of 'em don't back out quick enough in time & they fall off the cliff. Me personally I prefer regular masturbation where I don't try to hang myself just before dying. I could never do it. I have really shitty timing. Oh well. To each their own...


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