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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

Oh yeah trump; PS: Crimea wasn't annexed. You probably think it was cause you're a stupid piece of shit who believes what your stupid asinine neocon generals tell you.

Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

trump is a bloviating moron. "Unemployment is at the lowest rate it's ever been." Come on chump; you know that's a bullshit #. 

We got a 100 million unemployed Americans in a population of 315 million. 

Subtract the retired, children & those who don't wanna job we're looking at 33% unemployment/

And you know this.

Just like you know Assad doesn't gas his own people with chemical weapons.

Fuck you trump. You're a shill for the Deep State.

Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

All organized religion is crap. But let's be real here. The Rothschilds planted a nuclear armed weed in the middle of the Middle East. They're fuking fake Ashkenazi jews. They're very evil scum that need to be wiped out & Palestine needs to be liberated.

Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

The real jews are Palestinian. You don't need to take a genetics course to see that the fake Ashkenazi jews occupying Palestine don't belong there. Hitler was right about those parasites. Look at the way they treat the natives & steal their land. They deserve to be exterminated.

Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

First of all cops are very low IQ. No one debates that. They're borderline retarded. And I'm not even joking. They are abusive in nature. Did they get enough hugs from their mom's when they were kids? - the obvious answer is "NO" - but that doesn't give them a free pass to be sadistic psychopathic mercenaries working for the government. So when any of 'em ever dies - I just celebrate. 

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

What about the little tiny poisonous jelly fish you can barely see that can kill a person with one sting? 

Irukandji jellyfish


Comment by Bananaman on Friday

its the sting rays ya gotta watch lol,


I want to know how the cunt got past the fucking Baby!

Comment by Bananaman on Friday

No Crocs round here, fucking sharks ate em all

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

I figured you being Australian, your dad woulda taught you how to wrestle a crocodile. But I know that's just me being a racist who believes everything on main stream media.

Comment by Bananaman on Friday

What ya want and what ya get, two very different things. Thats what my ol' man taught me


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