Deep Space Thoughts On Transgenderism

Deep Space Thoughts On Transgenderism

Maybe half a percent of people don't like the gender of their bodies they got dealt by Mama Nature.

But now that transgenderism has gotten trendy, maybe it's a full one percent or so in these present times.

I just think back to early man.

Oooooh. I shouldn't say “man”, That's offensive to 1% of the population who were born males who identify as females & vice versa.

“Early humans”. Can we go with that?.

Well the word “human” has embedded in it the word “man”. So apparently not.

The fat ugly lesibians who hate men wouldn't stand for that.

Basically humans are monkeys that think too much. That's my perspective. I don't care if they're unhappy with their genitalia or not.

And did they have transgenderism back then? I mean they didn't have any high-heel shoes or make-up.
Or lip injections & fake tits.

Back then they just did what they had to do to survive.

The men killed the wooly mammoths cause they were physically stronger & the chicks cooked it.

I don't really see any problem there.

Just imagine going back in time & informing humans like ten thousand years ago that they could switch genders if they wanted to.

"Hi! We're from the future & we have the technology to turn boys into girls & girls into boys! Doesn't that sound delicious?

How many you think would sign up?
My guess is zero.

But if I showed the early humans pictures of high-heel shoes & mini-skirts, then maybe some of the men might begin to change their minds & decide to cook the wooly mammoth meat rather than hunt & put on lipstick.

On a side note, I'm thinking of entering my grey hound dog who identifies as being human into all the sprinting events at the Olympics. I'm very certain he will shatter every single record.

My dilemma is that he identifies as a “she” so I don't know if he should compete as a male or a female.

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