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defending Australia
Saturday, February 3, 2018 5:02
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Amfortas made this observation in a comment to my previous post.

“I have always held the view that we should use it before we are in imminent danger of losing it. We have far too few to even defend ourselves.”

That was in fact the logic behind Australian immigration policy for several decades after 1945. It was the major driving force behind the enormous in take of migrants in that period. The lesson of the Second World War (and of European history over the course of the centuries) seemed to be that in order to defend itself a nation needed a large population. Countries with small populations like Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark had been quickly overrun.

In 1945 it was a reasonable view.

Is it a reasonable view today? Would a population of 50 million, or even 100 million, make us more secure? The days when large numbers of men were needed as cannon fodder seem to be over. A larger population would theoretically mean a larger GDP which would of course theoretically allow us to buy more weapons, assuming that the population growth didn’t collapse our economy to Third World standards.

I’m inclined to think that we don’t need more defence spending. We need smarter defence spending. Why on earth did we buy M1A1 Abrams tanks? Are we going to refight the Western Desert campaigns of WW2? Is it really likely we’ll ever be fighting large conventional armoured battles on our own soil? If it ever got to the stage where we needed to do that we would already have lost. Our only chance of preventing an invasion by large conventional forces would be to stop them from landing. For that you need a credible navy and a credible air force. You don’t need tanks. But generals, like small boys, love the idea of playing with tanks.

We have an army that exists to fight as auxiliaries in someone else’s foreign military adventures.

We need a credible navy, and that means submarines. Nuclear submarines. As submariners like to say, there are only two kinds of ships – submarines and targets. What we have are a handful of submarines of dubious quality and lots of targets. In an actual shooting war with a real enemy how long would our frigates last? Half an hour? Of course you need frigates as escort vessels, except that we don’t have anything for them to escort.

If we scrapped the frigates and the tanks we could afford a dozen modern nuclear submarines which would be more than enough to deter any of our immediate neighbours. If you wish to deter attacks by major powers there is only one way to do that. You need a nuclear deterrent. If we spent our military budget wisely we could afford such a deterrent. Israel, with a third of Australia’s population, has a credible nuclear deterrent based to a large extent on submarine-launched cruise missiles.

We also have to consider the likely threats. Our immediate neighbours are not much danger. Indonesia’s army is intended for use against its own people, or for use against people who can’t fight back (like the West Papuans). Our only serious threat would be a major power. Russia has zero interest in our region. It’s hard to imagine India being a threat – they’re much too preoccupied with Pakistan and China. Japan is too preoccupied with China. That leaves China and the US. Only nukes would deter those powers.

We also need to consider that at the moment no-one regards us as a threat. An Australia with 100 million people would be a different proposition – we’d be a potential regional major power. If we went down the high population road we’d need a very serious military. If you’re going to put yourself forward as a major regional power you’d better be able to back up your pretensions with real military power.

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Comment by DTOM on February 4, 2018 at 1:19pm
Comment by david james on February 4, 2018 at 12:42pm

As much as I love Australians, their Government are the butt-monkeys for the US Empire. How long will it be before the US Oligarchs decide Australia is the NEXT to be pillaged and have all resources stolen ?  With no credible military, they become RIPE for exploitation. Without a Nuclear Deterrent, they are LESS able to resist than even North Korea.  How long until the CABAL decides the continent Down Under needs to continue to exist ???

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on February 3, 2018 at 7:50pm

You are right, mate. It's all by design. All should check the video I've just posted "Agenda, Grinding America Down."

Comment by DTOM on February 3, 2018 at 7:46pm


It's no coincidence that the black uniforms and praetorian attitude has been promoted and re-enforced through media and entertainment in all of the Anglo-American nations - standardization.

Australian TV shows used to be full of true-blue Aussie blokes, but like the UK they're now all PC or statist, which we know is not a fair representation of reality, but the world now perceives nations by their entertainment output.

This is how we are mean to perceive millennial Australians as they piss on the past.

Their heads would explode if they watch Hoag's old sketch show...

I barely watch TV these days, but for some reason, if I happen to pass a TV there always seems to be this Australian Border Control show on...

I get the impression that pretty much everything is prohibited upon entry and subject to a mandatory AUS$200 fine (it's always $200 bucks!)

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on February 3, 2018 at 6:59pm

There was a cop show on Australian tv called "Blue Healers". Somehow, over last 10-15 years our corporate cops started wearing black uniforms. Not unlike Italy's Black Shirts during Mussolini's fascist era.

Comment by DTOM on February 3, 2018 at 6:20pm

And the enemy that is within the gates?

The ones that banned Australians from owning arms and have increased laws and the presence of the state revenue collecting mercenaries.

The ones that have sought to transform Austalia from a nation of rough and ready can-do men and women - celebrated in books, films and song - to snowflakes.

The ones that flooded the country full of invaders who will never assimilate into Australian society or desire to contribute or be part of it - Unlike British, Irish, Italian, Greek, German, Polish etc immigration from Europe in the past.

The ones that continually strip you of freedoms.

The article raises goods points - here's a thought why did Australia dump the Auscam camo uniform?

Auscam was specifically designed for use in Australia, and it does a bloody good job of that.

So why did Australia adopt a Multicam variant unform in recent years?

Oh wait...

"We have an army that exists to fight as auxiliaries in someone else’s foreign military adventures."

So new equipment requirements for all personnel, to go fight in all those foreign banker wars, plus those in power domestically can make a bit of cash on top of that too...why pretending its creating jobs and industry domestically.



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