Feinstein: ‘Let the Supreme Court Decide’ If It’s Okay For the NSA To Violate The Constitution

Feinstein: ‘Let the Supreme Court Decide’ If It’s Okay For the NSA To Violate The Constitution

Dec 17, 2013

(AFP) – 9 hours ago

Washington — A key senator who backs bulk data collection disagreed Tuesday with a US judge who declared the National Security Agency program may be unconstitutional, saying the Supreme Court should settle the matter.

Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the powerful Senate Intelligence committee, said Monday’s ruling by US District Court Judge Richard Leon flies in the face of decisions by several other federal judges who have upheld the controversial program.

Leon startled the intelligence community when he warned of the “almost Orwellian” degree to which the NSA is scooping up metadata on nearly every American, and how that might be a violation of the constitutional prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure.

But Feinstein pointed to a “real-world terrorist case” from last February against an associate of Al-Qaeda, in which another judge, Jeffrey Miller, found the program to be constitutional.

“Judge Leon’s opinion also differs from those of at least 15 separate federal district court judges who sit, or have sat, on the FISA Court (the secret court set up under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and have reauthorized the program every 90 days — a total 35 times in all,” Feinstein said in a statement.

Ultimately, however, “only the Supreme Court can resolve the question on the constitutionality of the NSA’s program,” Feinstein said.

Leon’s ruling, on hold while the government appeals, would bar US authorities from continuing their bulk data collection without judicial approval.

The case was brought this year against President Barack Obama’s administration, after security contractor Edward Snowden leaked a motherlode of documents revealing the scope of the digital dragnet.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid weighed in as well, saying he was aware that there was a growing pressure in Congress to reform domestic espionage rules.

“We know that senators, both Democrats and Republicans, would like to change the law as it relates to some of the collection activities,” Reid said Tuesday.

“I think we need a good public debate on this,” Reid said, but added that the rulings on bulk collection “don’t agree with what Leon said.”

The comments came as executives of Internet giants pressed Obama at the White House to make reforms to a related electronic data-mining operation known as PRISM, which they fear violates customers’ privacy.

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Comment by H●ȴȴɣwͼͽd on December 18, 2013 at 9:28am

Sure Diane, considering it was the NSA blackmailing SCJ John Roberts in order to change his vote FOR VeryBarryCare this sounds pretty fair......fookin retarded zj00 bitch

......and yet another drunk w/ power Zionist psychopath bitch babbling incoherent shit, thinking We, The People are complete clueless morons. Here's another one for the High Treason & Usurpation Trials after this circus implodes ;)

Comment by Charles Royer Sr. on December 19, 2013 at 7:12pm

R ecent published reports about our richest Congresspersons include California Senator Dianne Feinstein near the top of the list. Her estimated net worth– a whopping $46 million to $108 million. Nice . . . very, very nice . . . for her anyway. But where did this wealth come from? Putting the same question another way, how did a long–sitting United States Senator get so rich? Tracing the sources of wealth for a well known politican seems like fodder for a mystery novel, but in fact the real world answers where Ms. Feinstein are concerned aren’t hard to locate at all. Readily available evidence about Dianne Feinstein’s wealth creation can be found in her financial disclosure reports filed with the Office of Public Records of the United States Senate, and in a variety of investigative reports and analyses that have been published over the years and can still be viewed today through a search of the Internet. All that’s needed is for one to simply take the time to look, and pull the pieces of her life history together as a coherent whole.

That’s what I’ll be doing in a series of articles that begins with this Part I. Over the next few months I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered about Dianne Feinstein and her financial dealings and affairs. It’s quite a story, actually. Dianne Feinstein, it turns out, is the poster child for a rotten–to–the–core insider/crony system of big government handouts in Washington D.C. and California. Want to learn more? Read on . . . and follow the later installments in this series to be published here at Revolutimes. This is a story of mega–dollar political cronyism at work; and it captures clearly the essence of a corrupt culture that has made Senator Feinstein (and many others in Congress) wealthy beyond their wildest dreams at a time when average Americans are seeing their own wealth and dreams disappear into the mists. Congresspersons getting rich while America goes bankrupt– this is the legacy of our modern day political class, and this is what needs to be changed right now if our country is to become free and prosperous ever again.


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