God Has a Sense of Humor – I Know Why We Live in Such a Clown-World

Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Henry – The founders of this “Democratic-Republic” (oxymoron) great experiment, were among the most intelligent men who ever lived. No argument. Truly intelligent men are rare and there’s a reason why (we’ll discuss it in a few minutes).

How, then, do we live in a world driven by such abject stupidity when one would have thought that we would progressively get smarter? Even before the founders we had Hammurabi, Aristotle, Aristides “the just”, Homer, da Vinci, Galileo, Plato, Socrates, Tesla, Hitler, Gutenberg, Mozart, Beethoven, etc., etc.

What you notice is that they are few and far between. Rare! The exceptions to the rule of empirical evidence.

In order to understand it at least a little, you probably would want to start with the fable of Cain and Abel.

Let’s face it; according to the word of the Bible, Cain married a woman who could not exist. Apologists can spin it anyway they wish, but according to the book of Genesis – depending on which Genesis version you prefer – Cain and Abel were the firstborn sons of the ONLY TWO HUMANS on EARTH at the time.

After Cain slew Abel and God turned him into a n****r (Negro - the ‘Mark of Cain’), Cain went east out of Eden into the Land of Nod and purportedly married a maiden of the Land of Nod. The problem here is that there could not have been a maiden of the Land of Nod as that would have been impossible. God had only created Adam and Eve and some creepy crawlies, and various flying, slinking, and four legged creatures. We will have to talk about the dinosaurs and unicorns in future treatises.

So, what about his sister(s)? What else, who else, could it have been? Here’s how we know that he had sisters: “…after he (Adam) begot Seth (3d son/child), the days of Adam were 800 years; and he had sons and daughters.”… a sister(s) had to have followed him or been secretly given to him by God. And it also says Seth married and begot sons and daughters, too. Who the hell did Seth marry? One or more of his sisters, of course. I didn’t make this shit up. It’s in the bible, – except it doesn’t answer the who questions – and those are the only conjectures possible.

Beyond Cain-
We know through scientific and empirical evidence that close cousins and siblings pairing produce monstrosities and blithering idiots.

I study Genealogy. I have done genealogy for at least 50 years and one of the things I have learned is that power and control have always driven communities and churches. Religious groups maintained control of the church and community by keeping it in the family by intermarrying with cousins and other kin such as uncles and nieces, etc. Not at all restricted to only a few. The practice was wide spread for millennia.

Many times, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries many cousins’ marriages were made simply because the bride and groom had a better understanding of their own cultures and beliefs than would an outsider. You can look to ‘Gone With the Wind’ for one of the best known examples of such a marriage between Ashley Wilkes (Scarlet’s never to be love) and Melanie Hamilton, Ashley’s 1st cousin.

My research has borne out the truth of these marriages over and over again.

The point is, no matter the culture (ancient Egypt probably the most monstrous), the trend has continued up to the 20th century and even today, in most states, 3d cousin marriages are legal. Given scientific biological evidence (going back millennia), and the historical evidence, especially among the royals of Europe and Egypt, its obvious what has happened.

God has a sense of humor. He created a situation in which it is impossible for the human race to progress beyond a point (call it the Godly Peter Principle if you will) before we are immersed in clown world. We’re there.

The end result is that if we don’t put on a good shit-show and eliminate all life on Earth (except the cockroach) we will eventually start to regress back down to the lowly amoeba we evolved from and crawl back into the sea.

God’s been laughing his holy ass off since Cain and Seth laid their sisters and we are the results of the heavenly Petri dish experiment, but at least it explains why the really intelligent are so rare, so few and far apart. They were probably among the few that didn’t keep it in the family.

Problem is, the really mad ones are our leaders now and there are so many total incest bound retards that they think it’s the way it’s supposed to be so they believe everything they’re told because they’re too stupid to think for themselves.

Genetics don’t lie. We have bred ourselves here in a Godly Catch 22.

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Comment by oldranger_68 on August 8, 2019 at 8:29am

Don't much care for researching philosophy when there's so much reality to look at.  You say it's wrong, explain.  Don't expect me to be that concerned with a label.  I'm open, and very aware that I can be mistaken.

Comment by MAC on August 8, 2019 at 12:42am

“Democratic-Republic”Wrong, not true, do more research.

Comment by oldranger_68 on August 6, 2019 at 10:31pm

Actually, I hadn't intended the piece to be so much bible shaming as the fact that there may actually be something to the dumbing down being related to continuous incestuous, albeit frequently unknown to the parties, relationships.  When it comes to the Bible and Christianity, I come from a long line of preachers and believers but no matter what I tried, all of my life, even as a child, I could never believe it.  To me it was a fairy tale and I have never seen reason to change my mind.  I love to debate the religious as long as they don't take it personally.  Beyond that, I simply have to be directly honest.  However, I have seen many results of incestuous and cousin relationships and not many of them very pleasant.  Clown World reminds me of that.

Comment by Burbia on August 6, 2019 at 9:14pm

Comment by Diana on August 6, 2019 at 9:12pm

The Council of Nicaea edited and took out books of the Bible.  It was a lot of compromise, so what we have now, most likely, barely resembles the original.  

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on August 6, 2019 at 8:54pm
Comment by James Roberts on August 6, 2019 at 8:40pm

It's pretty clear that the Bible is incomplete. Constantine was not a Christian, though he decided what went in, and what didn't. In addition, it was written for people in the Iron Age, so one has to take all that into account.

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