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Has Fukushima killed the British Columbia Sardine Fishery?

I found this story on the lamestream news and couldn't help wondering if it could be linked to the Nuclear meltdown at Fukushima and subsequent elimination of nuclear waste into the ocean off the Japanese coast. 

Curiously the author of the article didn't mention Fukushima as a possible cause of the fishery collapse, but also didn't suggest any other alternative Thesis.

A $32 MILLION commercial fishery has collapsed in Canada after sardine fishermen failed to catch a single fish.

The mysterious disappearance of the sardines has marine experts investigating why they aren't populating the British Columbia coast



Figure 2a

The Kuroshio current is a relatively warm and therefore shallow Current that sweeps past the Japanese coast then

The bulk of the Kuroshio turns east to receive the southward-flowing Oya Current. This flow, known as the Kuroshio Extension, eventually becomes the North Pacific Current(also known as the North Pacific West Wind Drift).


The north pacific current then sweeps past the Canadian coast around British Columbia and the Sardine fishery

At this point, some of this water  then finds its way down the North American west coast  likely effecting Calfornia etc and becomes the California current in the figure below

The water then gets pushed back along the tropic of cancer to flow through South East Asia and along the Northern Coast line of Australia


This link will fill in the blanks if you're interested in how it all works but it doesn't look good for Americas West coast, or Australias North. I should add it takes many years for these Gyres to do a full circuation, i'd be surprised if someone didn't see this coming. 

Just Sayin :) BM

Major surface currents of the world's oceans. Subsurface currents also move vast amounts of water, but they are not known in such detail.

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Comment by Bananaman on June 9, 2018 at 7:30am

If anyone wanted to repost this i don't giva fuck, do what ya like 


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