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Hell on Earth National Geographic- NG Fake News

On April 5, 2017, National Geographic released a preview of its film, Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS, by filmmaker Sebastian Junger and producing partner Nick Quested- following Assad’s alleged chemical attacks on his own people April 4. What a coincidence?

Not only was the depiction of a chemical attack by Assad a fraud, the opening scene of the trailer is a total fraud. The first scene shows a missile destroying a residential building with a huge explosion suggesting that the scene shown was ALEPPO, SYRIA. The film implies that the missile is part of a Russian or Syrian Air Force attack in the battle for Aleppo.

The question is, “How would the film crew have known where to locate their camera in planning for such an attack? Others have claimed that the victims were told in advance the time and location of the missile strike.

It is suspected that the people in that area had received a warning by phone call giving some time to escape. It has been alleged that a similar attack was done in Gaza when Israeli soldiers called the inhabitants of a house by phone and told them to get out in 15 minutes or be blown up. That is enough time for someone to film the event. This same scenario has been played out many times in Gaza and other staged events.

The footage showing the bombing is not from Aleppo, Syria but rather from Gaza. It is just labeled as Aleppo. Paul Larudee writing for the web site, “Abundant Hope” Jul 6, 2017 claims the original source footage comes from 2014, and is from the Israeli operation that took more than 2,200 Palestinian lives that summer, long before the Russians started providing air support for the Syrian army:”

The film does do some service by revealing the suffering of refugees but there are so many parts that are inaccurate and fabricated; like a Hollywood movie. This video does not bring out the fact that the US and its allies are the main cause of the conflict and not the solution. The goal of the US all along was to topple the Assad regime

The National Geographic magazine, in a story about Syria, refers to the war in Syria as a Civil War which it is not. In a civil war, the people of that country, attempt to overthrow their own government. In this case it is the United States and Israel who want to over throw the Syrian government. Isis solders are paid and given weapons from the US and Israel to topple Assad. The US has demonized Iran for providing weapons to Syria but Iran is merely assisting their ally Syria in stopping the US and Israel from accomplishing their goal.
National Geographic, in error, refers to those attempting to overthrow the Assad government as “Pro-Democracy Rebels” These so called Rebels have nothing to do with Democracy. They are merely paid soldiers hired by the US and Israel to topple Assad.

Both the filmmakers and the National Geographic magazine have shown that they are propagandists and have permanently damaged their credibility.

Larry Flinchpaugh- Editor of “The Flinchpaugh Gazette.”

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