First the people who are known to have guns or who have purchased guns at anytime in their lives will be targeted. Had you ever wondered what the reason for all of the Federal paperwork involved with your gun purchases was about, wonder no more.

 You are going to be awakened early in the morning by a knock on your door:

“They knocked on my door at five in the morning. I was completely unsuspecting as I got up to see who it was. I opened the door and four Negroes came pushing into the apartment before I could stop them.”…
 “…But I had kept one gun out of the cache. I had hidden my .357 magnum revolver and 50 rounds of ammunition inside the door frame between the kitchen and the living room… but a police search would never uncover it. And these inexperienced blacks couldn’t find it in a million years…”
 “…Another man walked into my apartment. He was a Caucasian, though with an unusually dark complexion… and he carried an attaché case and a clipboard…he frowned. “This is a bad one,” he said. “He has a racist record. Been cited by the Council twice. And he owned eight firearms which were never turned in…”
 “…Tepper opened his attaché case and took out a small, black object about the size of a pack of cigarettes… he began moving the black object in long sweeps back and forth over the walls…”
 “…As he swept over the left side of the kitchen door frame the rumble (from the plug in in the case) jumped to a piercing shriek…”
 “…I was handcuffed without further ado and led outside.”

                                                                 ‘Turner Diaries’ Andrew MacDonald 1978

…interesting aside; this was written in the seventies when they still used a more restrictive hiring practice for agents and police. The outright murder of citizens wasn’t such a thing, then.

Today, the criteria for hiring police and other LEOs is to make sure that they are all psychopaths and will act with total prejudice.

 Today’s greeters at your door will likely be LEOs, UN thugs, your own US Army trannies/queers/women/foreign spics and wetbacks and all of the other shit that has been attracted to the US forces these days.

 You will find that trying to escape will be impossible as your neighborhood will be blockaded by Liberal trash who don’t realize that they are nothing but “useful idiots” to the usurpers.

You are not going to recognize the country you thought was America (if you can even recognize it, now. I don’t).

I don’t think that this scenario is too great of a stretch.

It is possible that they may telegraph their agenda by calling for voluntary surrender of your guns in the name of safety and National Security. That will just be a cover for the actual raids which will be quietly initiated as the dwellings of those who are known to own guns, suspected to own guns or who are identified as political dissidents are placed under observation to detect any attempts to hide guns or otherwise move weapons to prevent what people in-the-know will recognize as a government cover.

“…Now that we have begun, we must continue with the plan we have been developing so carefully since the gun raids two years ago.
What a blow that was to us! And how it shamed us! All that brave talk by patriots, “The government will never take my guns away.” And then nothing but meek submission when it happened.”

                                                                        ‘Turner Diaries’ Andrew MacDonald 1978

I can visualize a few different scenarios but none of them are much different than this. One thing you will be noticing is that your elected officials, if visible at all, will only be addressing you if they are willing to be useful to the Jewish overlords who are controlling the strings. I would say that would be pretty much all of them as they realize that they will live only as long as they are useful.

Remember that post that Diana put up, today, of the “Fuck your thoughts and prayers” Dem warning?

It was funny as hell. However, the bitch was serious.

These people are sick and virulent.

I will not even try to act like I know how to prepare for any of this coming shitstorm any better than any of the rest of you who may also realize what is coming (note: I didn’t say what MIGHT be coming; what IS coming) because I figure that you saw this a long time ago and already began preparations.

What is going to be necessary is to be prepared to avoid arrest and, if not the victim of a hit right on the spot, be prepared to hide. Everyone will have to make their own decisions what they will do from their hidey-holes, but I know what I will be doing.

In addition to ‘Turner Diaries’ MacDonald wrote ‘Hunter’ 1989 (William A. Pierce).

Excellent read.

Ciao, y’all.

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Comment by Burbia on August 12, 2019 at 4:22pm
>>222821480 (OP) #
Hey america *Gets stabbed* why dont you ban *Gets ran over by truck* guns just like us *Blown up by grenade* and be safe.
Amarterasu, I have been making an attempt to follow up on a lead. If what I heard is correct, 240,000 Mountain Jews are at the center of controlling the world. They say their bloodline can be traced back thousands of years. They say the fled from Palestine/Israel  to the Caucus mountains. These Jews are seperate and different than the Khazars. Everyone else aside from them is controlled and are subordinate to the Jehuru. I'm trying to sit through a film about how the Bible is a family tree tracing through the ages of one family. I'm giving credit to Josh Reeves for the lead on story of theaeountain Jews who were part of the Diaspora and not the Khazars who are converts to Judaism.
Comment by James Roberts on August 12, 2019 at 3:10pm

oldranger - The telegraph equivalent of the tech needed to accomplish this exists. The 6G version is on it's way, but it won't take nearly as long. Hallelujah.

Comment by James Roberts on August 12, 2019 at 3:08pm

Amaterasu - Oh, come on. If there were no Jews, there would be no Communism, no glyphosate and GMOs poisoning our entire world, no Freudian psychiatry, no prominent pornography industry, no public acceptance of homosexuality and other perversions, etc. Talk about an US or THEM battle for life or death, this is it.

Comment by the mighty bull on August 11, 2019 at 1:18am

The crazy times are coming us fallas who should be preparing ourselfs for these hard times of greed and control from the people who call themselfs government .

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on August 10, 2019 at 10:58pm

James Roberts The "it's the jews" cry was created by the Ones at the top, and pushed by Their agents provocateurs.  It adds yet another divide in Our society, while giving the psychopaths at the top a "victim" card to play.  That most of the Ones at the top happen to be "jewish" is because the "jewish" psychopaths were in the right place at the right time in history to seize monetary control, inbreeding to retain the psychopathic gene and passing the wealth/power down to psychopathic heirs.  Most "jews" are NOT part of the problem.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on August 10, 2019 at 10:52pm

Well...  Aside for the party-bating (both wings are controlled by the same dirty bird), racially divisive terms (We are all the Human race and the racial thing has been fomented and maintained with agents provocateurs and the media), and the USA-centric rhetoric ("patriotism is a divide/conquer view promulgated by the Ones manipulating Humanity on Our planet), I agree that the psychopaths in control aim to do what They can to disarm Us.  They're rather it be done through "legislation" and getting the "sheep" who think They should abdicate Their sovereignty to some state to willingly disarm Themselves.

But no doubt, if not enough will "come into the fold," then bullying will be the choice.

Comment by oldranger_68 on August 10, 2019 at 10:25pm

James, I firmly believe we will endure and eventually overcome, but I also firmly believe that we will face more than kerfuffles.  

Comment by James Roberts on August 10, 2019 at 8:26pm

oldranger_68 - There will be some kerfuffles, and I don't think the Jews will just say "Oh well", and lay down and die. They will have some nasty parting shots, and we will endure and overcome.

Thanks, Doc Vega!

Comment by Doc Vega on August 10, 2019 at 6:17am

Since the mid-90's I've been aware of the undercover war that's really going on with targeted individuals suddenly disappearing in the middle of the night and nothing but crime scene tape wrapped around their house as well as the early 80's begin to see illegal aliens being legitimized by entering the US Army recruited even from their villages in Mexico! Met an asshole UPS executive who kept tabs on the personal lives of UPS employees like a fucking CIA operative. 

Comment by Doc Vega on August 10, 2019 at 6:14am

Well, James Roberts, I like that outcome a lot better!

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