WLKY TV in Louisville reported that the KY Senate has passed a bill stating that Kentucky will not enforce any new federal gun control regulations if passed at federal level, SB 129.

It needs to be understood that the federal government could dangle some money out there and most of the political whores who pass this now, could easily forget that they did and, given a tempting enough bribe, revoke the bill with even more Draconian measures than the Federal bills.  They are as corrupt and greedy as any at federal level.

However, let me not be cynical right now.  I kind of suspect that many of the state governments that appear to be putting up a brave stance may just be jockeying for position for a juicier Federal handout, but maybe I’m wrong.  Let me not be cynical…

Don’t expect me to sing praises either.  The Kentucky House and Senate protect some of the most arrogant, low class, corrupt white and black trash known to politics.  I’ll try to hold my tongue while I hash this out, though.

Although I refuse to ever look to the Supreme Court as experts on the Constitution of the United States, and I know that the Founders never imbued the SCOTUS with any power to rule on the meanings of the Constitution, as they wrote it so all could read and understand it, The Federal and State governments choose to believe that the SCOTUS may rule, so it stands that Professor Russ Weaver of the University of Louisville cannot be right.

WLKY feels that they need to call a Constitutional Professor at a local university to find out what the state can or cannot do, probably because they have never read the Constitution.

I can understand why universities feel the need to hire Constitutional law professors as the Constitution was written at a time when there were intelligent men.  Today, men and women, even when taught, frequently know nothing.  Just look at the politicians as proof.

Here’s what Professor Weaver says about SB 129;

“…Frankfort can’t nullify Federal Law…I think the bottom line is…is, by and large, the federal government can do what it wants…”

Makes me laugh my ass off to think that Uof L pays this guy a bunch of money to tell you what he thinks, because he obviously is not intelligent enough to understand the Constitution any better than the lizard brained politicians.

Now, it appears to me that the SCOTUS has made it clear on more than one occasion that unconstitutional laws are “illegal laws”!  Illegal laws have no binding on any citizen or state.

I don’t know where this mental reject got his training, or what part of the Constitution tells him that the federal government has the right to do anything it pleases, but he’s got to be very poorly schooled.  I’m refraining from some of the more descriptive adjectives many are accustomed to hearing from me as I don’t want to appear overly brash or cynical.

I don’t know if anyone ever noticed but the Constitution is not a novel.  In fact, the Cato Institute printed the entire thing, with foreword, in a small pamphlet that fits easily into my shirt pocket without even a bulge.  I have read it since I was a lad and the funny thing is that, I have always understood what it said and what it means.

The only study I see that is required is not to try to figure out the obvious, but to study the Federalist and anti Federalist papers and, if you had any doubt what any of the founders were thinking, you have the answers.

No Constitutional scholars are necessary, and certainly not at University Law level.  All that is needed there is a copy of Black’s Law and it is done.

Bottom line is…

Russ Weaver is full of…stuff, and each state and individual citizen is honor bound to defy illegal laws.   And, under no circumstances is the Federal Government allowed to “… do what it wants…”  That’s batshit crazy talk!

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