Mainstream Media Incitement of Violence Against Republicans Leads to Shooting of U.S. Congressman

Mainstream Media Incitement of Violence Against Republicans Leads t...

You know the liberal stereotype of violent right-wing shooters?

You know: the abortion clinic shooters, the Klan and other hate crime types, the right-wing militiamen, etc.?

It almost seems as if that’s now been flipped 180 degrees …

For example, the madman who opened fire and shot a sitting U.S. congressman (and majority whip) and others today is a liberal who wanted to “kill as many Republicans as possible“, and who had recently written:

It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.

And at least some liberals expressed pleasure that the congressman was shot.

How did the left become the crazies advocating violence against other Americans?

It’s often said that corruption starts at the top.   And the corporate media has been overtly or covertly calling for violence against the Trump administration for months.

Trump may be a terrible president, but the media is completely out of hand inciting violence against a sitting president (the New York Times and Time Warner supporting a play showing the assassination of Trump doesn’t help the optics.)

Assassination fantasies have become so common that their are now cartoons about them.

I passionately and continually fight to protect free speech …

But inciting violence is not free speech.


Why is Trump protecting ISIS?

Eric Zuesse

On June 12th, Al Masdar News — the go-to site for the honest latest news regarding the war in Syria — reported that the U.S. coalition that’s been fighting in Syria so as to replace Bashar al-Assad by a ruler whom the U.S. government will support, is now actively assisting ISIS against Assad’s forces; that’s to say, the U.S. supports ISIS against the internationally recognized government of Syria. Here was Al Masdar’s report [along with bracketed additions from myself to explain what the writer was referring to]:


VIDEO: Humongous ISIS convoy allowed to escape Raqqa to fight the Syrian Army instead

By Chris Tomson 12/06/2017

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:40 A.M.) – Al-Masdar News has obtained jaw-dropping footage from northern Syria suggesting the US-led coalition has allowed hundreds of ISIS vehicles to leave Raqqa city for areas controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Despite Kurdish and American drones hovering above Raqqa on all flanks, the Islamic State convoy remained completely untouched by coalition airstrikes, thus suggesting an under-the-table deal may have been struck between the warring parties [ISIS vs. U.S.]:

According to an Al-Masdar News researcher, the footage could be traced back to earlier this month while the convoy in the video later was bombed by the Russian Air Force.

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