Rachelle Cohen Wants You Dead, But You Are Not To Respond In Kind

Rachelle Cohen Wants You Dead, But You Are Not To Respond In Kind

By Ginger Taylor

Last week in the Boston Herald, Rachelle Cohen wrote about the presentation on vaccine information by Mark Blaxill and the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota given to the Minneapolis Somali community, errantly reporting that they had given false information to to those in attendance, and expressing her opinion that they should be killed for holding the event.

“These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.” - Editorial: Preying on parents’ fear, Boston Herald editorial staff Monday, May 08, 2017

Health Choice Massachusetts, of which Boston resident Mark Blaxill is a member, formally reached out to Ms. Cohen and requested a meeting, so that the upsetting and incorrect column could be addressed properly.

Ms. Cohen declined the invitation. Her reasoning? That she had received angry and harassing messages from the public for calling for the deaths of vaccine injury parents, and that it was Health Choice MA's fault.

Because they had scheduled a protest rally.

Protesting her calling for the murder of their members.

Specifically for one of their members who was the individual addressing the Somali families at the event in question.

So it was THEIR fault that people were angry with her for calling for the lynching of people whose loved ones, or who themselves, had been harmed by vaccines.

Not her fault for openly advocating for the violent, humiliating and torturous deaths of US citizens for the crime of talking about corruption.

Because apparently a large percentage of the public would have been just fine with Ms. Cohen targeting them for assassination, if only Health Choice MA had not organized a protest of said shout out for mass termination? I guess?

Health Choice Massachusetts has allowed me to share their exchange with her here:







Cohen to hundreds of thousands of innocent people: “You should be killed.”

Angry people who don't want to be killed: “No, YOU should be killed.”

Cohen: “How DARE you say that to me! HATERS!”

Emphasizing again... this woman is a newspaper editor. I don't even allow this kind of behavior in the comments on my facebook page, but she is making plublic calls for mass murder of disability parents in the name of a newspaper.

Also congratulations to Health Choice Massachusetts for being so powerful that they can control the entire public's reaction to Ms. Cohen's plea to extinguish the lives of vaccine injury moms and dads. Who knew they had so much influence! I must know the secret of their mind control.

Dear Ms. Cohen,

It is not ok for you to call for the murder of people for saying things you don't want to hear.

Also, humans have this thing called, "The Will To Live," and when their lives are threatened, they tend to display this knee jerk reaction to "hate" the people who are calling for their murder, and do a thing called, "fighting back." Look up the phrase, "self-defense," if you want to learn more.

And here is the thing... either your call for their extermination is morally acceptable, in which case their calls for you to die are in bounds as well; or their calls for your demise are both morally reprehensible and wrong, which means your call for their slaughter was evil, and you owe thousands of families in the country an apology and a retraction.

Please consider picking a moral standard, sticking to it, and taking responsibility for your words and actions.


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Comment by Philadelphian on May 16, 2017 at 4:17pm

  Jews, they are what they are, as Jesus Christ told them, they are the children of the devil.  All of them.

Comment by Less Prone on May 16, 2017 at 10:38am

I don't know why they vaccinate Somalis, given their already low IQ just below 70.

Comment by DTOM on May 16, 2017 at 10:14am

I am all for these creatures continuing to open their traps like this, as it causes more ordinary folks people to wake up.

Whereupon the enemy only screeches louder and makes it very clear to everyone what the agenda and endgame is.

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