Resistance tactics for activists revolutionaries and rebelious people

Resistance tactics for activists revolutionaries and rebelious people



First and foremost look after yourself, stay fit healthy and prepared.

Remember there are only two types of people in the world those that want to tell everyone else what to do and those that want to be left alone.  The war is against us and it always has been Gallipoli, The Somme, those weren’t accidents they were deliberate and clearly speak for the combatants

The field is levelling as new technology evolves goose and gander syndrome. Innovation has made the elite as vulnerable in some respects as the rest of us.

Identify with as many different people and groups as possible, remember who and what we are fighting and focus on that, the opposition want to divide and conquer don’t let them win

They want to shut down the information via a single web site make pop up websites and swarm the spooks, share by email information and website links cleverly named,


Ask everyone to do something, whatever they do


Create more of a noise than we represent encourage people to post on Before its news etc


Contact icke rivero go global


Attack the man and the ball


Psychology, study methods of the enemy


Robo call his electorate


Encourage protest in their faces where they live work eat educate there children


Cmarons no 1 goal, Stop people looking at it, its too obvious


Our no 1 goal has to be the polar opposite GET people to look at the stuff by hook or crook, NOT tell them what to think!!!!!


Tap into true Christian community anti gay trans porn etc people have had enough


Target wives and girlfriends of enablers for education






1, Ridicule- Ridicule is in my opinion the most potent tool in the revolutionaries workbook. The people in power are the same kids who at school used the overhead projector for teacher and froth seathing hatred towards any poor unsuspecting new kid that might just think such a mundane job irrelevant. Hose kids could handle all the abuse of the other children as long as they got to sit up the front of the class and feel important, however they from memory didn’t respond so well to ridicule basiclly because it belittled there sense of importance. To be hated and despised by the commons is something these people have to endure for their own good but to be ridiculed is to be called out for the clowns they really are. They are terrified as being “outed” because they know they are a fraud and to ridicule them is to focus on there idiocy and mock it, and not even show their view any serious respect stemming from e fact that they are in fact useless c*nts that have never held down a real job. Remind them. Remember how powerful ridicule can be  the persecution of maabala maabala is a testament to this and it has been used against oppressive regimes throuout history as far and further back than Richard the third and the roman emporers. Sexy MP is the most visited site on the parlament web site can you believe these people actually take this shit seriously I have to rest my case.

Use utbe, prank calls, name calling  relentlessly ridicule polic on and off duty as paedophile protectors, try npt to ge caught its better to not giv e them a victim yell from a distance embarrass them in front of their families get them to quit 


2,Be friendly- Try to always be or at least act happy if necessary anger and hatred are self defeating and they will enjoy and encourage it at any opportunity, don’t fall for it, react to their ridiculous statements and positions with quizzical interest and ask logica questions, quietly and politely, have your resources handy and be in a position to anticipate the usual worn out arguments centred around the fact they have managed to build a system which revolves around the popularity of two equally useless people with no training in any relevant field to take decisions that effect whole countries and populations, point out how absurd that is they will usually be speechless.


3, Be happy- Protest is important so its equally important to make sure we can’t easily be demonised as as some kind of equally or more violent alternative to the current arrangement. For example if the police wish to kettle protesters to make protesting a thoroughly unpleasant business arrange for activists through anonymous networks to bring in food buckets and lime tents for toilets alcohol music and hve a party invite the police and any other figure of authority that would like to take part, these people are only enablers we have to dismantle the respevt system they have in place and break down psychological barriers not return fire this is absolutely crucial. Create an atmosphere of belonging among protest groups become a family that cares about each other become the example of the world we want to ive in and live it in the present its all there is.




4,Advertise- Make your feelings known by whatever way possible. This has a number of major benefits. Firstly it gives other activists a big boost most of us I suspect feel somewhat isolated, the sight of another activist with a Tshirt with written “ better live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep” can inspire others to work on with a new passion. Remember you are an activist amd what you do is work and within your soul you need t detach yourself from the feelings of despair and isolation involved in government labels. Governments will do everything they can to keep you psychologically in a hole. You and your work no matter how insignificant it may seem to you is equally important for the resistance as the words of a knob like Cameron or abbott. Every poster every bit of graffiti every chalked figure of ridicule every comment at the store every loud reiteration of your position of issues the uninformed. Wear your unemployment in the system with pride  if I hadn’t had this time without working I could never have reached the point where we can start re defining the system around normal people.   


5,Ring the office- The so called elite which is a cataclysmic misnomer these people being elite in no other respect but what appears to me to be paedophilia and cruelty I will therefore from here in refer to them as the paedophilelite in line with other ridiculous non words the equally risiculous mainstream media manage to steal rom primary school children. Its important to undermine these people where it hurt s and that’s there ego. Ridicule and mock them to their employees they can handle abuse sll day but someone at work sniggering behind their back. They will have to stop e phone calls this adds to there sense of  disconnect among the populace but still they can not live in a bubble all the time they have t work with tradesman that can mock them. We can also get to them through there contacts boyfriends prostitutes and pimps the girls in the elite go jelly legged at a bit of rough they all want what they can’t hae nd they can never have the street smarts and pride of a street smart winner, the scallwag without fear. Use multiple accents representing multiple electoral; groups in the target electorate


6,Crystalize the facts-Make things as simple as possible for these people remember thay are not elected for there academic or streetsmart capabilities in fact the exact opposite is the case so be carefull not to confuse them, Questions like do you believe that four people could really walk through any London train station and not be seen on some form of camera you either do or you don’t. These arguments work well on others that are unconvinced, it’s a very simple question to answer, so it doesn’t tell the whole story or even part of it but it makes it clear that the official story is a) Telling the truth, therefore the statement is possible or b) Not telling the truth and the above atatement is therefore impossible

Other examples include can you make a mobile phone call from 35 thousnad feet, lose an aeroplane, wander around o a beach reload and shoot british tourists at random without anyone doing anything  obviously there are many other examples but you get the picture right


7,Transpose the story- My example here is the beach shooting “ Do you think a dude could wander around on Bondi beach for half an hour shooting poms for a full half an hour withourt someone getting a police snier downthere to take the guy out?”  Its s straight yes or no.  Some people will try to argue its possible I suggest an eye roll quizzical smile then drop it and talk about something else this person is stil very lost, its exhausting and pointless to argue obvious points with unreasonable people it not worth the effort or the time, crack a joke or two  


8, Speak quietly but carry a big stick-Know your shit and if you don’t just keeo it simple as in strategy a6 and 7 don’t be baited into what may have happened unless you are sure of your information, stick to well I know what didn’t f*cking happen so all the rest is a load of bollocks if you ask me


9, Keep your tongue up in your cheek- If thy are ridiculous and make ridiculous claims and cannot be reasonably argued with over obvious points insert tongue in cheek and walk away, crack a oke or two


10. Remember you represent more than just yourself


11,Use asymmetric actions stay dynamic-Flash mobs, disguise, complex communication,


12, Use technology they don’t understand- encryption, proxy servers, anti surveillance technology, drones, hacking , move on quickly to new developmens keeping them behind the eight ball


13, Target the enablers with information and logic- Remmember who “they “ are and the chances are they are as disgusted by the behaviour of the people that we do. Police


14, use psychological techniques to reach out to people


15, Know your shit and be prepared for questions, undermine their credibility


16, Use a variety of different names, why not?


17, Remember the bottom line, they are coming well who are they are they super human or demonic probably not just that dickhead you used to beat up at school. If the global paedophile elite win this they will come anyway at least know you gave it your best cowering at hoe won’t save you


18, Complin to the agencies and authorities force them to defend their position, they are human too they can be convinced


19, Stand your ground, demand to be heard and remind them of your democratic rights, don’t be cowered by political correctnesssay what you think and don’t be offended when others do the same it’s a beautiful thing to genuinely disagree on a point


20, Judge people by their actions not their possessions, no matter how rich they are a loathsome paedophile creeper is still a loathsome paedophile creeper, a poor man in Palestine killed in a double hit airstrike is a far superior example  of what a human should be.


21, Use music


22, Stop fearing death its inevitable everybody dies not everybody lives, find your inner strength and stand up for your children it is time


23, Protest peacefully attack authority with logic violent protest doesn’t work.


24, Act a little crazy when necessary it unnerves your opponent, I don’t have to act I’m genuinely nuts, but ive got a science degree go figure lol


25 Get pissed off and break stuff


26, Do some form of rebellious act each day and encourage others


27 use drums at protests distributed loudspeaker arrangements knowledgable people on the mikes


28 chalk


29 Have a simple stand eg Politics should be like jury duty anyone who aspires to political office should be disqualified for life.


30,  Stop people admiring them undermine any respect they might feel they deserve they are loathsome scum.

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Comment by Bert on October 12, 2017 at 7:28pm

A normal strength untrained doesn't stand a chance, pick em up and smash em into something hard, and again, thats how i play the game fella' lol, just jokin'.....

Comment by Bert on October 12, 2017 at 7:25pm

One very strong guy can make things very difficult for quite a few attackers/cops, I'm speaking fro experience 

Comment by Bert on October 12, 2017 at 7:23pm

To be honest i didn't put much thought into it when i wrote it it was a long post to Spivey i'd like to complete it, happy for suggestions maybe a group or somthing

Comment by DTOM on October 12, 2017 at 7:17pm

Get fit and healthy - because ultimately they will bring force to us.

Comment by Bert on October 12, 2017 at 7:05pm
I plan to expand it when i get better, now wheres my Ritalin :)
Comment by Bert on October 12, 2017 at 7:03pm
This is that thing i said i'd dig up for ya less, took me a while to get a round tuit, but ADHDADD ya know, pity me lol



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