So much for "Climate Change Deniers" the real culprit is PG&E.

"Several victims of California's Camp Fire have filed a lawsuit against the power company they believe is to blame for the devastating blaze that has killed 48.  

The suit accuses Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) of being responsible for the horrific fire, claiming it failed to properly maintain its equipment and infrastructure.

And one lawyer has claimed that PG&E bypassed preventative measures just a day before the fire, claiming it wanted to protect company bonuses instead. 

PG&E informed the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that a high-voltage power line experienced a problem near the origin of the Camp Fire just minutes before the blaze broke out. "

video footage and more here:

So a "Greedy" Corporation (PG&E) is at fault. Imagine our surprise.

And let's not forget that California Gov. "Moonbeam" Brown also had his part in this when he vetoed a California legislature Bill-1463 regarding "Electrical Lines Mitigation"

Meanwhile Gov. "Moonbeam" has attempted to cover his tracks up (albeit badly) by attempting to put some of the blame (for these horrific wildfires that have cost lives and destruction of $$Billions in property) squarely on the shoulders of "Climate Deniers".

This is the state of our world as it is being run by the Corptocracy and for the Corptocracy.

So much for "We The People"-RP

links below:

Even Neil Young who lost his home in Malibu jumped on the "Climate Denier" band wagon.

Hopefully these facts will change his sour tune.

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Comment by dogitydog on November 18, 2018 at 2:26pm

@Raz Putin I hear exactly what you are saying and agree about jumping aboard blindly. Even though I have no physical evidence to prove that DEW's were used, I have seen the evidence that the technology exists and have been in place for some time now. I don't believe for a second that the evil powers behind this Californicide operation would hesitate to use such a system if available. Worse things have actually been done to carry out their agendas.

I am not trying to convince anyone, I encourage everyone to do their own investigation and come to their own conclusions. This is the conclusion I have personally come to.

Check out the recent post by @Fat Freddys Cat 

Evidence of DEW's

I am billed also for a meter reading service that was previously calculated in to the bill before smart meters. Just another tactic to get more people to opt in.

Comment by cheeki kea on November 18, 2018 at 2:45am

well done dogity. and Raz for your smart metre stand. In my zone they have stitched up 70% of the market, but can't get the 30% of people like us. I will mention breach of the consumers guarantee act, Fair trading act, and the privacy act, -then they leave me alone for the rest of the year.

Comment by Raz Putin on November 18, 2018 at 1:57am

Just looked at this on the home page more evidence here?!

Comment by Raz Putin on November 18, 2018 at 1:51am

@dogitydog I opted against the smart meter and have to pay for the reading of my meter every month.

Didn't want a smart meter attached to my place.

Weather modification through simple cloud seeding  has been around for many years now for sure

And the more recent and aggressive form Solar Radiation Management is what we see in our skies today.

So no doubt they(gov) could have mitigated these fires with cloud seeding and rain making and chose not to.

As far DEWs are concerned I believe they could have been used and I am still looking for more concrete evidence of their use in these horrific fires.

I am always a bit hesitant to buy everything the alt media claims as the alt media is often fed disinfo as way of discrediting anyone who questions the official story. A divide and conquer smear job designed to make everyone who questions the official story a "conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat".

The map of of the high speed rail corridor over laid on the area affected by this years fires is pretty convincing.

Peace Bro

Comment by dogitydog on November 17, 2018 at 8:16am

@ Raz Putin

The way in which the smart meters have been rolled out as if it were urgent for some reason to get these things installed on every home as fast as possible, literally trying to force them on us, is very suspicious. Even the people that adamantly opted out of the program such as myself were being ignored and getting them put on anyway. I was lucky when they came around here because I just happened to be home at the time and the son of a bitch was walking right up to my meter with one in his hand. I told him that would be the biggest mistake he has made all day if he didn't turn right around and get the fuck out of here. The reason they explode is because they are not grounded like the analog meters are. Like it's intentional. Also, they are transmitting 24/7 causing the internal circuitry to heat up to the point that it melts the circuit board and begins arching and catches fire. But is my belief that they also have the capability of being activated remotely to malfunction on demand. So when you put all of the pieces together that I mentioned in the previous post and add to that a device attached to every home that can be detonated remotely, the capability to exists to have us removed from their precious state. 

BTW, while I was researching weather modification, I came across a video that was posted by a company called Aquiess. They specialize in supplying water on demand for a fee of course. They are a weather modification company that will bring rain to you for a price. In the video he was stating that he offered to provide his services to the state of California while the fires were raging out of control claiming that he could have put out the fires by drenching them with rain and guaranteeing it also. That piece of shit Jerry Brown that has destroyed this once great state refused their services. The fires continued to burn out of control for months destroying thousands of homes and many lives and costing billions of dollars surpassing by far what the weather mod company would have charged and saved a lot of destruction also.

Climate Global Control Trading LLC claims they created and steered Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa (June 7-12, 2015) using their ionspheric technology

Comment by dogitydog on November 17, 2018 at 7:41am

I have lived here most of my life. It is normal to have seasonal fires. The fires over the last few years are not normal by any means. How do cars burn up driving down the highway when the trees on either side of the highway are intact? The cars aren't just burned up either, they are melting in the middle of parking lots away from any encroaching fire. The heat inside these cars is equal to a crematorium. The remains of the people are like they were cremated. I have seen the remains of burned up people after a devastating vehicle pile up in which several vehicles exploded into flames completely engulfing the them. What remains is a body that has been burnt to a crisp but even as charred as they were, you could still make out the outline of a body. These people in these latest fires up here did not even have a small piece of burnt flesh stuck to them. Pure bones. The way in which so many of these vehicles were completely cooked while driving down the road yet surrounded by trees which are way more flammable, but remain alive with green leaves still on them leads me to suspect that these weapons are able to tune into metallic objects or perhaps it is the metal from the vehicles that works as some sort of conductor that provides a pathway for the beam to reach the ground. It appears as if the vehicles were selectively targeted with pinpoint accuracy while not affecting anything beyond the vehicle itself. It is like a scene out of a science fiction movie. 100% not natural in any way. The intensity of these fires are unprecedented. Yes Diana, the way the forests have been managed have added to the intensity and I believe that this plan has been in the works for decades putting all pieces together. California gets massive doses of aerosol spraying. The nano aluminum has been literally coating the trees and saturating the soil and mixing into the aquifers so that the trees also take it up internally. It dehydrates the trees inside and out. Aluminum oxide is also very flammable. This has also been going on for decades in conjunction with the mismanagement of the forests. The result is now when a fire starts the forest literally explode shooting flames over 300 feet in the air as i witnessed in the Carr fire. The neighborhood I lived in near Redding 20+ years was completely reduced to ashes. Not a single home left standing. Fortunately I moved farther north about 10 years ago and managed to escape the fires but just barely. I see this as a plan that has been in the works for a long time and it has finally come together after years of geoengineering the drought, mismanaging the forests and saturating them with gun powder, all they had to do was send in the DEWs to finish the job. 

Comment by Diana on November 16, 2018 at 9:24am

The environmental laws passed in the 70's put severe restrictions on forest management and turned the forests into disasters just waiting to happen.  This set California up for the fires which have been occurring in recent years.  It would not surprise me if this was implemented as part of Agenda 21, so that if it was DEW or PG&E (or both) that ignited the fire there was a certainty that it would be devastating.

Comment by Raz Putin on November 16, 2018 at 12:34am


Agreed California is definitely under attack and by incredible means.

I am still weighing in on all the evidence that's out there with regards to DEWs.

I have seen the reports of smart meters bursting into flames.

And I do believe that geoengineering has been the key factor in California's recent extended droughts.

Comment by dogitydog on November 16, 2018 at 12:21am

Wildfire Triad: DEWs, SMART meters and Geoengineering

Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack...

SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms

Smart Meters Caused California Fires (Video)

Globalists Use Geoengineers to Conduct False Flag Environmental Terrorism
to Distract from Election Theft

“Operation Torch California is a very real ongoing black operation being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with Operation Gladio.  These false flag terrorist attacks are first and foremost a highly sophisticated psyop.  They have many goals.  And they will continue until California has been completely subjugated by the globalists.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

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