To regain power, the democrats have become the party of lawlessness, chaos and disorder. Because their impeachment of President Donald Trump failed, now their focus is on halting our roaring economy so as not to give any credit to Trump. Anything that can be done to make Trump appear to be unworthy to govern is being tried; regardless if it is legal or even true.

Example are: (1) Continuing the allegations that Trump is a raciest- which he is not, (2) Orchestrating the Plandemic in such a way as to cause hardships on the American people and consequently blame Trump, (3) Hiring out of town thugs (not true anarchists) to storm cities like Minneapolis to wreak havoc and cause Trump to forcibly shut them down and then blame him for not allowing constitutional expression of speech, (4) Help establish the group called “Black Lives Matter” which has absolutely nothing to do with police brutality against Blacks but is in reality a giant White fund raiser that does not benefit blacks at all. Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist organization that funnels their money to the Democrats. In the long run it will only harm the black people in their quest to obtain justice.

The question is not to prove that Police Brutality against Blacks is more prevalent than against Whites but to prove just how much worse it is and how to correct it. There is pressure on police departments and politicians to do something like reforming law enforcement tactics to the ridiculous idea of defunding or even abolishing police departments.

There are some disturbing findings to consider. It has been estimated that about 1,000 civilians are killed each year by law-enforcement officers in the United States. By one estimate, Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police during their lifetime. In another study, Black people who were fatally shot by police seemed to be twice as likely as white people to be unarmed. If these allegations can be proven, then of course change is warranted. But care must be taken to not over react. In other words, don’t destroy our country to make these needed changes but make changes that are beneficial to all of us. It is naïve and dangerous to just say “Black Lives Matter” but rather it should be “All Lives Matter.”

Information based on more than two million 911 calls in two US cities, shows that that white officers dispatched to Black neighborhoods fired their guns five times as often as Black officers dispatched for similar calls to the same neighborhoods.

The liberal Fake news media is serving the democrats well by orchestrating and manipulating the COVID 19 narrative which has helped public opinion to agree that the American economy must be shut down.

We have had in the past other virus outbreaks nearly as bad but the entire economy wasn’t shut down.Per: JAMA Intern Med: “As of early May 2020, approximately 65 000 people in the US had died of (COVID-19), This number appears to be similar to the estimated number of seasonal influenza deaths reported annually by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” Per CDC: ‘As of May 30, 2020, among COVID-19 cases, the most common underlying health conditions were cardiovascular disease (32%), diabetes (30%), and chronic lung disease (18%). Hospitalizations were six times higher and deaths 12 times higher among those with reported underlying conditions compared with those with none reported.

If Trump had not been elected, I doubt that these drastic measures would have taken place. Note that the most property damage inflicted by the demonstrators has been in states with democrat mayors and democrat governors who allowed it to happen; again making President Trump to look bad. St. Joe was not plagued with buildings being burned because the hired outside thugs were not bussed in to our town.

Look at the statistics in the press reported by the Liberal John Hopkins University. The numbers of deaths are compared to the number of people who tested positive. Not all died! Why not compare the number of deaths to the population of that particular statistic. Instead of 5% it is only .004%. Not as scary! The FAKE news media normally does not reveal that the US Covid-19 deaths are heading down despite cases going up. Again, not so scary!

The democrats can’t seem to abide by the Constitution that provides a peaceful and constitutional remedy to remove a president every four years. They have no problem lying, breaking the law and causing chaos just to regain power. This is literally destroying our country.

With all the dirty tricks and unconstitutional acts committed by the democrats, hopefully there will be a substantial number of democrats who have a little common sense and some degree of wisdom that will vote for Trump in November regardless of Trumps lack of social skills.

Coup to Unseat Trump Continues

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