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I made a big error regarding the Measels lawsuit that needs to be corrected

According to the ruling of this lawsuit, the MMR shot, which is the one most associated with autism, is administered for a fiction

When commenting about the German lawsuit that was won, which claimed the measels virus does not exist, I associated the virus with chicken pox. That was an error. Measels is not associated with chicken pox. So I am going to post the entire reader comment with regard to the lawsuit, which judged that the measels virus does not exist.

Carlos sent: Hi Jim I'm Carlos. Please publish this information before it is censored, already one of the original free reports has been deleted. The news is that The MEASLES VIRUS DOESN'T EXIST.

In the year 2011 the German biologist Stefan Lanka published on his website the challenge that anyone able to prove without shadow of doubt the existence of the measles virus, will be awarded with € 100.000 ($105.000) actual exchange. This german biologist affirmed that the measles is a psychosomatic disease developed in the individual due to great trauma.

The German Doctor David Barden accepted the challenge and sent by e-mail to the Doctor Barden all available evidence that confirmed the existence of the virus. Doctor Lanka ignored the evidence and rejected the payment, so Dr Barden sued Dr Lanka claiming the money.

In the first trial a Court ruled that Stefan Lanka had to pay, and Lanka challenged the sentence so the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart had to confirm his thesis. This brought the case before the highest court in Germany. So the first Civil Senate of the BGF confirm the sentence issue by the Regional Court as Anonhq.com report.

Dr Andreas Podbielski was appointed consultant by the Court to confirm that the Scientists misinterperted the photographs of the ribosomes (small organs in the cells that produce proteins) that these organs where part of the measels virus. After decades of this mistake they mentally built the virus structure and this failure wasn't discovered because they didn't make control experiments to confirm the results. The leading and most important institute in Germany - The National Institute of Reference of Measles and the Robert Koch Institute made the studies but failed to published or hand over the results of the studies.

As a consecuence of this sentence All the works and studies - National and International, that affirm the existence of measles virus and its infectious capacity were declared by the court to be of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis.

My response: So according to the ruling of this lawsuit, the MMR shot, which is the one most associated with autism, is administered for a fiction. If there was a mistake that concluded cellular structures were viral structures, and then a vaccine was made to destroy those cellular structures, all kinds of auto immune disorders would result. Sounds about right for what we are now seeing.

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Comment by Ashley Nicole Hubbard on May 13, 2017 at 7:33pm

What about if we went to Canada? Me and my husband have a friend from there, but not sure if we would need them to travel to Canada. We do plan to get shots if we ever do travel outside of the U.S.  For my 1 year old son we just think its way too soon, plus he has been near all sorts of people sick and healthy. And he hasn't gotten sick with the flu or anything else. He was a carrier of MRSA we found that out after he was diwcharged from the NICU. Who knows if MRSA can be avoided.

Comment by Bananaman on May 13, 2017 at 7:26pm

I would carefully consider some of them if we were traveling overseas, diptheria, tetanus, are probably the main ones but are unavailable seperately here, tuberculosis may also be needed in pars of europe now with the influx of Africans etc, if yr going to India there are more nasties i suspect

Comment by Bananaman on May 13, 2017 at 7:23pm

The nurse straight up lied to my wife and said they were mandatory, the only positive to come from it was we swore he had a bad reaction, rash, fever, strange muscle movements, vacancy, bearing in mind the child was 2 months old, reactions that dont require hospitalization are rarely reported and vists to emergency are rarely recorded or attributed to something else, we sware we attended emergency even though there is no record, it makes doctors less aggressive and a little more reluctant to push the subject, they seem to prefer to get someone else to take the chance "just in case" they know! the child has had no further vaccines

Comment by Ashley Nicole Hubbard on May 13, 2017 at 7:10pm

My sons pediatrician on the day of his appointment has this nursing assistant who says to us "After we weigh and measure him we will vaccinate." They already make the decision without first calling me the day before asking me if I want to vaccinate. Crazy how measles doesn't exist yet they still expect you to vaccinate your child "just in case" they catch it. Even though there probably isn't any natural causes recorded as to how someone catches it without being near someone who might be infected with it.


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