Hi Ya'll!!! I have been gone for a while again.Sorry about that, I think sometimes that the govt. knows how to make me ill, but we all know that our govt loves and respects us RIGHT!!! YesSir and I am a millionare!!! Ha Ha Ha

Anyway I must apologize for my blog last april about the govt complex in utah to grab and save everything that every American says on line, cell phone, land line, etc.

 I wrote that it was not operational yet. BOY was I wrong as we all found out a couple weeks ago.

I do regret my mistake and will check my sources better the next time.

Just remember the next time that you use your cell phone or anything on the inter-net, especially anything on 1216, or a land line or any communication device that ournot ours anymore but a communist) govt is recording it all. They say that they do not look at the substance HA HA HA. Does any one really believe that???

Well, maybe because a little birdy told me I think that they are using programs for certain words or phrases. Yep their crain super computers can go thru every thng everyday looking for key words or phrases. Hell, this one will probably be tagged. The crain super computer can do something like 1000 tigs(?) a second. Do you wonder why the rest of the world is afraid that the obummer govt is also grabbing all of their info???

So boys and girls, the moral of this story is that your govt thinks that you are a terrorist!!! And if you love your country like the tea party people you will get a visit by the irs also known in the old days as a replica of the gestapo or kgb. One and the same

Well, thats about it for me. You ALL be carefull in your phone and inter-net msgs. BIg brother IS listening.

I hope to have more stuff shortly, but if I do not then I think that they have found a way to make me ill. Don't laugh, a couple years ago I was in a group(12160) and mentioned something about big money kickbacks and before I knew it my own doctor had turned against me. IT is REAL out there  people!!!.

HEY you all take care and be carefull!!!

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Comment by Less Prone on July 8, 2013 at 11:29pm

Welcome back! The fight surely isn't over.


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