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The TRUTH behind the "Russia Bashing" & "Iran Bashing" taking place.

The Jewish "Banksters" are the complete cause for the imminent Collapse of the US economy. THEY ARE THE TRUE EVIL in the World today.

Furthermore, they fear being (rightfully) blamed for the Collapse, which will end millions of lives.

In the past, when they got into this kind of trouble, they just started a World War. It served to distract the public, from the CAUSE of the problems. It also was a boon to them, by selling to BOTH SIDES.(loans, etc.)

This "BASHING" is their prelude to yet another World War. The problem;  this time NOBODY is believing the lies.

We see through the False Flags, Color Revolutions-(regime change) and outright FALSE claims, within hours.

Without the ability to tell lies with impunity, their plans are NOT WORKING.  So far, far greater False Flag attacks are being prepared. They plan to EXCEED the horrors of 9/11.

  It's been proposed in the Pentagram, to have a Nuclear Detonation within the USA.  This, or any similar MASS MURDER, will have the opposite effect than intended.  It will galvanise people AGAINST the US Government. It might trigger the Revolution even sooner than expected.

We shall see how their desperation manifests.

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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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