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They Went Off the Road on the Way to Mandalay Bay.

They Went Off the Road on the Way to Mandalay Bay.

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It's not like those other times when the dark side of the Deep State of the American government, with the assistance of Satanic, Zionist, Israel attacked the American public for the purpose of intimidation, for the incremental and progressive implementation of Communism from borders to borders, East and West and North and South and beyond. It's already well on its way to the North. If you want a small taste of what they intend... look at Canada. Of course the stage of it which Canada is presently in is Early Times and the residents had better stock up on plenty of Early Times to help them cope with what the psychopaths have in mind for them.

At other times, when the American intelligence services, in concert with International Satanists and Israel have launched a murderous assault against the American public, the media has been like an angry beehive. It's different this time. In some ways it looks like their heart isn't even in it. Maybe no orders have come down so far. Perhaps this is only Stage One of an agenda and we are going to have to wait a bit for them to hop up and down in feigned outrage. It just happened and that was that. Ordinary dysfunctional life came back really fast. The news of the day before remains the news of the present moment. It will probably be the same tomorrow.

In the past, every few hours there would be some breaking new artifice; some new and fantastic lie about what happened but didn't happen. There would be an industrial Jack in the Box construction where one head popped up after another to provide yet one more perspective on an event that never took place. Oh something happened. It just wasn't what we were told. In the past they relied on a relentless avalanche of lies to reinforce an infrastructure of prevarication built out of shadows materializing into substance. If you concentrate shadow to the necessary density, a palpable form will appear. The general public will come to believe that what is not there is actually there. They will reflexively believe that the lie is true, in the same way that they believe they are free, in the same way they will believe they know what is going on, when they don't, in the same way they will conform to traditions as if the traditions are in their own best interest, when they are not.

The bottom line is that lies are easier to believe, whereas the truth brings a responsibility with it. The truth will set you apart and very likely bring you into conflict with your fellows. It will also bring that grave disappointment, which is that people will not believe you, even when you can convincingly prove what you say. They will often run in horror from what you have to say, or they will cultivate an enmity toward you for putting them in the position of having to refute the irrefutable. On the surface they will be certain that you are wrong but at a deeper level their conscience will convict them and give them no peace and they will hate you for this. Jesus Christ was a classic example of this and the marvelous evidence of his miracles only served to make those who hated him, hate him more. You can show people with the simplest clarity that something is so but it will not be enough if it challenges their comfort, which they either possess or are in the pursuit of. The whole of civilization is the people's reaction to pain and the hunger for comfort.

The epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction are all in relation to a deeper pain that will not go away and that pain is generated by a person's resistance to seeing themselves as they really are. Sexual perversities and addictions are all expressions of one's inability to feel Love. Love requires the giving of one's self. The vulnerability that this creates in a time of material darkness, which drives one in the service of selfish intent is in direct conflict with the experience of Love as love really is. You can't fake love and harvest the fruits of love at the same time. You only create a wicked simulacrum whose product is a gnawing emptiness. It is this emptiness that drives the unfortunate (of which there are so very many) toward an objective that cannot be realized and which results in an ever increasing frustration and attendant shame of having looked for love in all the wrong places.


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