"I'm gonna play a secretly recorded conversation between Secretary of State John Kerry and a group of Syrians who are part of the CIA operation against the Syrian government. I want to start by giving you a general definition of what the DEEP STATE really is, you're gonna hear different opinions on this depending on who you talk to, but here is my own assessment.

Really we need to define two key terms; the deep state and the shadow government, when we talk about the deep state what we're really talking about is a criminal organization, and when we talk about the shadow government, we're talking about those powerful people who operate that criminal deep state organization okay the shadow government which is also called *crypto cracy*.

It's a group of powerful people who have so much influence over the policies of the United States that they in essence constitute their very own secret government that is functioning behind the scenes out of sight of the business of what our legitimate government is doing and these powerful people are alluded to by different labels some people call them globalists, the New World Order, the Rothschild mafia, the Illuminati and so forth, and really there are very nuanced differences between those different terms, the terms get misused all the time, but some of these people are politicians some of the are bankers, some of these shadow government are operatives are bosses of multinational corporations, some of them are simply very rich elitist whose wealth gives them an immense amount of influence.

So someone like George Soros for example these people include man, it includes women, mostly men, but there are some women they come from all different political parties and ideologies. Some are of them are Marxist, some are fascist, some are corporatist, some are Zionists, some of these people are US citizens and some aren't.

Some of the names are well known to the public, but really most of them are not, many of the names are not well known, but what unites all of these people is that they are all, each and every one of them, evil sociopaths. These people have insatiable lust for wealth and for power, and the way that they go about obtaining power and wealth is through the mechanism we call - the Deep State.

The deep state is the organization and its various bureaucracies; think of the deep state almost like a corporation, the various departments of a corporation, they all function together, but individual department has its own goals, they do their own things. So for example, the marketing department, what they do is going to be different from what the engineering department does, what the sales does, but while each indivdual department has its own department goals and do different things, the fact is, that all of their work combines together to accomplish the overall goals of the corporation, right well, that is very much how the deep state operates.

It's got all these different components that make up the organization.

So it has, for example, the US State Department and its vast bureaucracies you've got the non-governmental round tables think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, these things that craft the foreign policies for the state department to implement.

Then there is the military-industrial complex, which is basically just the war for profit industry. This is what outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn us about.

Then there are other powerful groups, there are multinational corporations such as oil and energy giants. We have military and intelligence that are definitely the backbone of the deep state, and then of course, we've got all of the central and Wall Street investment bankers or the banks themselves the institutions.

Now all of these various components each have their own inidividual goals, they all working for them, but the powerful players that make up the shadow government, they take the heads, or the key figures in these various organizations and they secretly work together for mutual gain they work outside of the law to achieve what they cannot achieve within the law, and that makes them criminal organization.

Now here's how the shadow government operates; let's say, for example, we use the example of Syria, so let's say that a group of Rothschild linked corporations and banks they want to be able to build a pipeline, and you know some kind of gas pipeline, oil pipeline through Syria, but the Syrian government says "No."

What happens is the new world art order policy development group, which is the Council on Foreign Relations, they write up some policies that would benefit that Rothschild Network if America were to implement them, and the purpose of these policies is to coerce Syria into relenting.

So this could be, for example, something like; play harsh economic sanctions to cripple them economically and make the cost of resisting the Rothschilds a much heavier toll than if Syria were to give in to their demands and give them what they want, let them build that pipeline.

So we've got the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR, they write the policies and those polices are then adopted by the US State Department.

The CFR are not a government agency, but it is so interwined that it's almost inseparable, infact many many many hundreds and hundreds of CFR members are in key positions in the State Department almost all of our secretaries of state, since that turn... since the 1900s... have been members of the CFR.

Most of these policies that the CFR crafts and that the US State Department implements, they don't require congressional approval, so they're operating largely outside of congressional oversight.

The State Department is in reality just a tool of the CFR and the CFR, again this what the Rothschild Network uses to take their ambitions the laws they need to change the policies that need to be implemented too, so they can do what they want to do, with their oil corporations, their banks, and so forth.

The CFR writes those policies, and they're, they're implemented through the State Department, okay.

So the State Department is just a deeply, deeply entrenched government bureaucracy........ we we need to just gut the State Department.

Now regardless of which party controls the White House, what we always see with the State Department, is that this bureaucracy stays essentially the same year after year, and these cryptic rats from the shadow government, they use the State Department as a weapon, or the world, a weapon that strong-arms other nations, other Corp other corporations even on behalf of the Rothschild Network.

Now what happens when the target of the New World Order's the sanctions implemented by the State Department, or other efforts, when these things fail to achieve their desired goal if their economic manipulation doesn't work? what they do is they turn to using the deep state's enforcement apparatus, and the main component of that is the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA is the organisation that enforces the new world order, or policies, that are written by the CFR. So when Syria would not go along with the softer approach that the State Department uses, the CIA would go in and try to destablize the country, and you have ensuring riots, you have riots, you have terrorism, all of this designed to overthrow the Syrian government, so that the shadow government the people could gerrymander and obedient and subservient Syrian regime that would permit the New World's plans to go forward, we see this all the time.

This is exactly what the CIA and the shadow government did in Ukraine... they ran out the democratically elected pro-russian president of Ukraine and replace him with a pro NATO president with deep state connections to corrupt Ukranian and Russian oligarchs, it's exactly what they did, people who were loyal to George Soros and others.

So if the CIA can't handle the job on its own though if they go in and they try, for example, they've done this in Syria, they did the best they could; they created chaos, they created bloodshed, but it wasn't enough to topple Assad. So if the CIA can't finish the job on its own to topple Assad a false pretext is created to justify bringing in the next part of the deep state, which is the US military. They come in to finish the job the CIA couldn't do on its own.

Now I'm not saying that regular US soldiers are members of the deep state, not at all, that's not my point, but there are elements; it is very clear when you look at Afghanistan, when you look at Vietnam, Vietnam, the Gulf War,Iraq, Afghanistan war after war after war... is this to protect America? of course not, these are wars for territory, for oil and so forth, okay?

This is the US military being used as, as an apparatus within the Deep State's control to go in anddo the job that the shadow government wants accomplished, and all of this is done outside of the knowledge of most citizens, and that's partly because the new world order owns the corporate media, which shapes the public perception of reality, in a literal sense, our media a vast psychological operation of mind control by telling the public what they need to hear hiding from the public those things they don't want the public to even know about; limiting, confining, constricting, what the public can actuallly see and hear, so that they, the opinions in the the minds of the public, are only they're gonna be limited to a little bit of information that's given.

Former President John F Kennedy, he alluded to this kind of sinister global conspiracy to the United States press not long before his assassination, let me read it to you part of what he said quote,

"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthles conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration, instead of invasion, on subversion, instead of Elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night, instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic economic scientific and political operations."

Doesn't that sounds like what if been describing to you? let me read one or two more sentences, he says...

"Its preparations are concealed not published, its mistakes are buried not headlined, its dissenters are silenced not praised, no expenditure is questioned, no rumoor is printed, no secret is revealed."

That ladies and gentlemen is the deep state that is controlled by the shadow government.

Now of course back in the 1960s JFK is refering primarily to what was the threat at the time and that was the COMMUNIST, but over time the communists merely changed their clothes. We know them as the GLOBALISTS, but whether we call them globalists or communist the objectives are the same.

Now let me share with you what I've been doing on deep state activities related to Syria. First of all, the Obama administration had the State Department, leader was Hillary Clinton right? she was the first Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Syrian President Bashar al-assad had already said "No" to the New World Order networks plans to run a new pipeline through the Syrian territory, he said "No, the pipeline would operate in competition with Syria's allies, with Russia and Iran both nations of which rely heavily on their own oil and gas sales, so the answer was "no we're not going to undermine our allies."

Well after the US State Department failed to get Syria to budge on this the next phase opened up with the CIA taking the lead. So we've got the United States coordinated with other factions that had their own vested interest in the downfall of Syria and those factions outside of the United States included the Israelis, they've got their own geopolitical agenda.

You've got the Saudis with their oil competition, so they've got their agenda. You've got the Qataris and others. So the CIA held to orchestrate an uprising in Syria and they were arming all of these dissidents, they were providing them with combat training, they were giving them logistical support.

And then we've got the Saudis and the Qataris who were also sending weapons to these terrorists and indeed these groups were terrorists that the United States were supporting, because of including groups like al-nusrah which was just al-qaeda by a different name, bloodthirsty beasts.

Well Hillary Clinton as head of the US State Department, and is a member of this SHADOW GOVERNMENT, she had helped to orchestrate previously the overthrow of Libyan, the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi right? They armed mercenaries there and overthrew the government and turned it into an actual and absolute hellhole there in Libya. With Gadhafi dead those mercenaries that were used to topple him they traveled up to Iraq and to Syria to continue working. They merged with these existing groups that were already up there, they merged with al-qaeda and when these groups merged a new terror group was emerged from all this, it was called Isis.

It's also known by the name ISIL, but a lot of people refer to them in general as well as Hillary. Hillary Clinton eventually resigned as head of the State Department because she had ambitions to run for the presidency, had to get ready for that and John Kerry who had run against George W Bush back in 2004 for president, John Kerry became the new Secretary of State, he picked up the New World Order's baton.

The legitimate government, government that you and I saw if you watch CNN or MSNBC or even c-span, whatever, what we saw from the government they were telling us in public statement one after another that the United States was not arming these fighters, the United States was not interfering, but all along that is exactly what the SHADOW GOVERNMENT and the DEEP STATE was doing. The SHADOW GOVERNMENT was fomenting a major proxy war against the Syrian government, that the American didn't know about, they didn't know about it because the American people wouldn't have supported it.

I did my best back then 2012-2013 to report on this, to report what was really going on, but my voice is severely limited; the reach in comparison with the reach of the DEEP STATE'S propaganda outlets in the mainstream media, but I did talk about this a lot back then, about specific rebel groups. I put him in there by name, talked about who was arming them, who was funding them. All of this was being done with total knowledge of the US government, of the State Department and apparently I wasn't supposed to be talking about some of the stuff because it got me into trouble with YouTube at the time, but the fact is the Obama administration was knowingly lying to the American people.

The SHADOW GOVERNMENT was using the various components of this DEEP STATE to conduct those in this secret proxy war, that very few Americans knew about at the time. We know about it now, but not, not back then.

Publicly it's Secretary of State John Kerry was talking about diplomacy, he was saying that he was working very very hard with all the various parties to bring about a peaceful diplomatic solution to the Syrian, in fact, I'll play a clip here on September 9th 2013. He said that he and bro Obama that the solution to the problems in Syria was strictly political that there was no military solutions to this, that the problems couldn't be resolved on the battlefield, take a listen to this...

John Kerry "So let me be clear, the United States of America President Obama and myself are in full agreement that the end of the conflict in Syria a political solution there, there is no military solution and we have no illusions about that a resolution will not be found on the battlefield but at that negotiating table, but we have to get to that table."

But in secret, John Kerry was quite a different story, he was pushing very hard, as hard as he could, not just to arm these proxies, but to have a full-scale war using u.s. ground troops as an invasion force to topple Syrian government, that is what John Kerry was pushing for.

You see this how the DEEP STATE operates this. There is what the government tells us publicly what most people in America and around the world hear from our government, what they think we're doing, and then there is what the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is doing in secret without the approval, without the knowledge of the American people, and largely without the approval or knowledge of the US Congress, now Kerry said that in September 2013. In that same month he had a secret meeting at the United Nations with a group of Syrian dissidents and this included representatives of the white helmets. You know notorious groups there in Syria affiliated with al-qaeda, the meeting was supposed to be strictly off the record, Kerry thought he had just a bunch of allies in there, but somebody in that room secretly recorded the conversation and they leaked it.

So let me tell you what you're gonna hear because the audio is not super good, you're gonna have to listen close, so let me tell you what to listen for, for we've got John Kerry whining about how the American people don't want another war and that was very hard for him because he's been working behind the scenes to start a u.s. ground war in Syria that the American people wouldn't go for. He whines about the US Congress was also unwilling to go with a war against the Syrian government, and so Kerry talks about the United States and its Gulf State allies like Saudia Arabia and Qatar, how they had been pouring massive amounts of weapons into the waiting hands of opposition forces, including al-nusra, which like I said is a branch of al quaeda.

He says that these opposition forces manages to team up with Isis, which is like I said as ISIL, or - that's what he calls it in this clip, he says that he and his allies watched the strength of ISIS grow, which of course was a result of this assistance we're arming the rebels, arming these groups these opposition groups, who then ally with Isis and are transferring all of these weapons into the hands of Isis. So maybe we're not giving them weapons directly to Isis, but we're giving them to the people that are turning around and giving them to the Isis.

Well in this video, in this audio Kerry acknowledges that know this is going on. He says that were watching the growth of Isis, they were watching it with the hope that Isis would be able to overthrow Assad, or beat him so bad that he would have to essentially give in to the West, which would be essentially to step down, and because Isis was becoming so powerful, Kerry says that's why Russia came in, they came in to keep Isis from toppling the Assad regime and now that's also why and he alludes to this as well. That's why Hezbollah from Leabanon came in and that's why Iran came in to help prop up the Syrian government.

At their request and he says he tells this group that Hezbollah is not a threat to America that they're not attacking America, he says that Hezbollah is normally an enemy of Israel, but that Hezbollah was not trying to fight Israel and regardless of these facts regardless that Hezbollah was not attackiing Israel, not attacking America, Kerry said, "We are still arming these proxies inside Syria to kill Hezbollah and Iranian fighters who were battling to defeat Isis."

This leaked audio was incredible, but the mainstream media barely mentioned it just like John F Kennedy said, "dosen't get reported, it gets suppressed," it largely went unnoticed by the public at the time, so listen to this clip.... "'s pretty difficult and Sunni extremists -[[KERRY (SHADOW GOVERNMENT) TRIED TO GET US TROOPS INTO FULL-SCALE WAR]]- and you think I've argued. Useful I stood up, I'm the guy who stood up and announced we're going to attack, I said because of the process the bottom line is that we the Congress refused even to vote to allow that, Congress will not authorized -[[BUT THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE WOULD NOT AUTHORIZE IT]]- our use of force, godness will not pass that and so we're trying to help the best way we can, you know we can always throw a lot of weapons -[[SO THE DEEP STATE WILL BYPASS CONGRESS AND WORK BEHIND THE SCENES WITH FOREIGN NATIONS TO CONDUCT A PROXY WAR]]- the group's the armed groups in Syria get a lot of support, not just in the United States, but from other partners, and we've never said that brother Russia Qatar,Turkey,Saudi Arabia huge -[[MAKING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FORTUNE FOR THE GLOBAL WAR-FOR-PROFIT INDUSTRY]]- amount of weapons coming in huge amount of money but pumping weapons because it's someone else to pump more weapons in. Hezbollah is exclusively focused on attacking Syria where they are how main the Syrian people accept this argument that because Hezbollah cannot pass the Iraqi and Iran -[[KERRY ADMITS ARMING THE "OPPOSITION" TO ATTACK LEBANESE & IRANINAN FORCES]]- groups are not party downstairs now, so they are not targeted by the attacks against the material they cannot leave New York they are targeted by the opposition, we are army so -[[KERRY SAYS SHADOW GOVERNMENT WAS HOPING ISIS WOULD TOPPLE ASSAD - BUT RUSSIA STEPPED IN TO FIGHT ISIS]]- and training may be the reason. The reason Russia came is because ISIL was getting started - was the threatening... the possibilty of... and that's why Russia came in and they supported us, this was wrong.

We were watching, we saw that the - was growing in strength, and we whistling, we thought however we could probably manage, you know that outside might negotiate, negotiate... you got outside support, so this what makes it Martin on this one - but make it hard because you have this extreme element out there, and unfortunately some of the opposition has already kind of chose."

Now here we are in 2018, this information may not seem all that shocking to us, least not to you, my viewing audience that is keyed into this kind of information, but at the time remember at the time John Kerry was denying all this -[[JOHN KERRY - THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION IN SYRIA. IN LONDON TODAY, EXPLORED WITH PARTNER NATIONS NEW PROPOSALS FOR ACHIEVING CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES]]- he was talking about how he was engaged in diplomacy, how he knew that fighting wasn't the answer so this my dear viewers is the DEEP STATE this is how it operates and just as secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry were part of the DEEP STATE running the Obama adminitration back then, it is a cold hard fact that Trump supporters don't like that CIA director Mike Pompeo now has as Secretary of State, he is also very much part of this DEEP STATE network, that is doing terrible things on behalf of the New World Order syndicate. The American people don't know, how much does the average American know about what is being done in YEMEN, in SUDAN, in SOMALIA don't know about much of that do you? that we can have a left-wing social liberal like Obama followed by an alleged right-winger like Trump, two different administrations and yet the foreign policies go unchanged the same wars continue and even increase, that is evidence that demonstrates we are not in control we the people are not in control. There is a SHADOW GOVERNMENT that is functioning behind the scenes, that we and our representatives seemingly have no control over [Music] INFILTRATING THE BOHEMIAN GROVE - by drone.

"Morphonios received a strike from YouTube stating its community standards." - USA Today

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"We want your recording of the German national" - FBI Special Agent Jim Malpede

"Be prepared to be indignant-and enlightened. [Morphonios] provides one of the finest history lessons you will ever find." - G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jeckyll Island

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