Who Is Really Running The US Government? Part II

When Jesus Christ died on the cross his last words as he gazed up into the sky were, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do." Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the members of Congress and Senate who have staunchly hung onto the destructive intentions of the bills they have voted to pass that are calculated to wreck this country! Indeed, they know exactly what they do! Despite the pleas and notifications by US voters and citizens exhausted with anger over the inept handling of our nation.

Something's wrong here

It is not a question of wild conspiracy allegations or half baked ignorance of the processes on Capitol Hill that can bring one to the conclusion that something is wrong, dreadfully wrong. It has nothing to do with GOP leaders being afraid of Democrat rhetoric or false narratives, it has nothing to do with a lack of bi-partisanship, it has nothing to do with being incredibly out of touch with the people over whom they rule. It has to do with a master plan, directives given, fear by the holders of public office to do the right thing. Why?


Could it be that the Democrats have used incriminating evidence gleaned from NSA spying to blackmail Republicans into refusing to act as a functional opposition party, do their job, and defeat Obama's agenda as one would expect them to do? Is it as simple as ideology? just the leftist approach to politics stubbornly pitted against the conservative mindset that has of late been stabbed in the back time after time by the moderate GOP establishment making backroom deals with their supposed opponents? No, I wish it were that simple.

The enemy unseen

There are disturbing examples in history that point to an elite ruling class organized, well funded, and dedicated to ending all pretenses of sovereignty and individual statehood under a gobal government that will exercise draconian agendas such as depopulation to the chagrin of those who know and see it coming. Since the UN came onto the scene the guarantee of co-existence without war and suffering has failed to evolve. Many secretive organizations and ties to an international alliance dedicated to socially engineering the society on a global scale has continued shockingly at an urgent pace.

Making an example

According to Jim Marrs, former newspaper man and professor teaching about the Kennedy assassination notes that not only was JFK probably the last patriotic Democratic Party elected President who hated secret societies, unions, and the underground mob, but died a horrible death in full view of the public! Marrs believes that the arrogant slaying of a US president out in the open on the streets of Dallas was done on purpose to warn future oval office leaders just what would happen to them if they did not do as instructed. Still that question begs, but by whom?

Exerting Pressure

The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is another of those powerful politcal organizations that has international influence, but also exerts its presence upon domestic journalism. Many say that true journalism is dead in America as our primarily liberal media does not objectively report the news but intentionally ignores the truth and constantly parrots whatever the White House tells it to say. Much like Pravda and Tass, two Soviet Union news agencies that were responsible for broadcasting propaganda during the long cold war between the US and Russia after World War II. There are currently 4,000 members in the CFR major anchor personalities of the news networks and politicians such as the Clintons. Witnesses say that no political figure or major newsman can advance their career without first being vetted by the CFR.

The process

The Trilateral Commission is another major organization of political, business, and industrial importance whose membership boasts US presidents, generals, CEO's, or anyone involved in major international policy formulation. The Trilaterals dictate policy based upon intelligence gathering, establishing ties with governments, while over seeing a complex geopolitical network that can decide the fate of upcoming leaders or the termination of those deemed troublesome to the international community. There are investigative reporters who believe that the present world is a stage of orchestrated events designed to keep the people distracted from what really is happening as the freedoms of the masses are steadily being compromised among all nations.

Traitorous Actions

Let us take a look at just what has been happening in the US alone under the aegis of clandestine political legislation. If indeed a global government were to rise,first the most powerful nation in the world would have to be compromised or incapacitated if it espoused virtues that contradicted a secretive and draconian international entity that sought to subjugate all peoples, all countries, and to control all major policies affecting this global conglomeration of states. Unbeknownst to the people of America its very own government is legislating power grabs in favor of the UN ceding vast amounts of land, resources, and water rights for control under foreign jurisdiction. It is called the LOST Treaty. Under the US Constitution any such foreign treaty is abhorrent and against the law of the land.

Foreign authority?

You might recall how not only President Obama, but CIA Director Leon Panetta acknowledged that they sought the permission to enter a military coalition over the Libyan civil war from the UN as opposed to the US Congress in violation of Constitutional law. Our president and Director of the CIA both admitted to violating the US Constitution! Just as a federal judge intervened over Oklahoma's decision to ban Sharia Law once again a foreign treaty was allowed to stand under the domestic rule of law! Why has the federal government continually interfered in questions of state's rights such as defending the borders, gay marriage, ICLEI cities where mayors have assigned the management of domestic resources under the control of the UN for environmental purposes?

Our forgotten heritage

Our founding fathers in their infinite wisdom knew good and well what constituted tyranny. They experienced it under the harsh rule of King George. Searches and seizures without warrants or court orders, taxation without representation, over-regulation, the imposition of foreign treaties over domestic matters. That was why they declared independence from England. This is why they drafted the US Constitution so that American's rights as citizens would be protected especially from a draconian federal government that had forgotten that it was a servant to the people. How is it that our present administration flaunts the US Constitution whenever possible? Under whose direction do they persist? Under whose orders do these traitors that we call Congressman and Senators choose to mock our system of checks and balances as they allow America to be undermined by foreign entities?

When governments ignore grievances

Grievances such as the above stated were once carried to the King George government by legal representatives of the 13 Colonies who sought to petition for fairness and just cause on behalf of the colonists pleading for a reprieve from the stiff penalties and restrictions imposed upon them by an ambivalent ruler. Even though King George's legal council acknowledged that all matters of due process had been expertly demonstrated by the Colonies, the royal government refused to cooperate. Today it is the citizens of the United States against their own draconian federal government who are voicing their grievances and watching the legal process being ignored just as did King George when confronted by the overtures of the 13 Colonies. War resulted in 1775 and lasted for eight years. What lies in store for America now?

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