Is Trump Really Guilty of Treason

There are many saying Donald Trump is guilty of treason because he dare challenge the intelligence community. Lets examine the issues and look deeper into el...

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Comment by Sam Nelson on July 19, 2018 at 5:07pm

Every "Official" who refuses to tell the populous they are made to be slaves, 1871, slaves to the US Corporation, a Rothschild Corporation; every Official, rather political or police, rather teacher or preacher, every official who refuses to tell people the truth is a traitor, is treasonous.

The worst fear they have, these Officials have, like the child molester's have, a fear of being locked up with the other criminals, but criminals not like themselves, not traitors nor treasonous to their country, just real bad people; the Officials, sure don't want to be locked up with them who might though a crook or a killer, be a patriot; in prison, anything goes. 

Could this be the blackmail Rothschild's agents hold over the Officials in The District of Columbia, so they sell their nations and their people down the road at a wink of an eye, ala, LBJ. 

Every Official, all the way down to the County or City Council person, and even more than they; all of them who know but refuse to teach it, the school teachers; those who know that, we people, are slaves, to a Corporation; a Corporation, owned by a family foreign to us; these people, all of them, certainly are treasonous, are traitors, are spies, operating in our nation; we truly are, a, nation at war; they, are spies, and deserving of the treatment spies have always received; traitors, to the nation, and, to the people, end of story. 

Yes, Trump, and all that nests in The District of Columbia are Treasonous, Traitors, the worst enemies we the people have ever had, the only real enemies, we have today, if, the discussion is kept local.  I tell you strongly, in no uncertain terms, except the Official's over us work against us we could get much better treatment from the Family that owns the Money.  Much better, and we could be much more than a killing machine for the family that owns the money.  A killing machine, so the whole other world of people hate us, hate us so intensely we should shiver and shake, just thinking about it.

If we don't get these Officials and their God King Masters, the Rothschild Family, before they get us, then surely the other world of people, licking their lips, just to get their hands on us, will surely kill us all and not so pleasantly as a bullet in the back of the head.  What the Germans did, have and are suffering, at the hands of the Rothschild's and their agents, much of it the Army of the US Corporation, aka, the "American" Military, what the Germans did and are suffering WW1 and 2, in comparison, a walk in the park. 

Our women and children used as holes, sperm collectors and worse, used to breed more of them and none of us, until we, a disgraced species, curl up and die.

Traitors, yeah they are traitor's and so are we, treasonous, yeah they are treasonous and so are we, everyday we let go by that we for our children don't demand the truth and the end of The Federal Reserve, we are traitors and we are treasonous, to our nation, and, our children.  

Much more, our children, so much more, the environment, so much better, so much, if you only could see what I see; so much; yes, they are traitors and treasonous, deserving of the treatment every spy should get, must get, lest they divide and multiply, until, we have lost control.  Oh, so we have, the trick being now, how do we get the rats back into their cages without killing them all?

They, the Officials, will never go gladly, they will never give up even a penny of their treasonous wages, they will just grow bolder, raise up pups to be mad dogs, just like themselves, devour the whole world when they can, and, spit vomit, over the whole of creation.  This must end.  

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