Vietnam War: War of Terror (Warning Graphic) A Republican President, General Eisenhower, began sending funds and military personnel to Vietnam in 1955. The purpose was to aid France...

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Comment by Sweettina2 on March 29, 2017 at 1:08am

My grandma subscribed to the newspaper and Life magazine for me as a child. I loved seeing children around the world and how they lived. Until the issue of Life came with the children running thru the streets, their clothes burned to their skin from Napalm. And it was my country that did it. I have many friends that were Vietnam Vet's, they taught me so much about the war AND what really happened. Kennedy died, in part, because he wanted to end the Vietnam war...there were lots of oilmen, bankers, defense contractors....they were getting fat off the war. They had Kennedy shot in downtown Dallas in broad daylight; it was a statement: You get between them and their money, you will pay a high price. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, (and many more) all have suffered destruction because they have oil and .natural resources. The corrupt US State Department, Pentagon, with NATO and Israel have created (And Hillary admitted), al Qaeda and ISIS. Israel went into Syria and TOOK OVER, occupying the #GolanHeights & stealing their oil. They gave Dick Cheney's Halliburton drilling rights. Assad wanted Israel to get out of Syria and stop thieving Syria's oil. ISIS was created to take Assad down. The Empire seats & unseats rulers. They will control every oilfield, all natural resources. Their motto is "The end justifies the means ". The slaughter of innocent blood means nothing to them, "collateral damage". I love my country, but my corrupt government is using my tax dollars to kill innocent people all over the world! #WakeUp!


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