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ooof... sorry Chris, not my cup 'O tea. I can't deal with a self-righteous, self-entitled "Personal Messenger for gawd", BUM RUSHING ME while he screams in my face way too loud, for way too long, with breath way too funky  All about some eternal damnation, agony & pain, the hell on earth I sow if I don't change my evil ways...

But I'm to "worry not, for we will be saved by a holy light... then some fictional hippie's supposed to come down from a cloud one day & save just the goodnik's? ..Really??

so who votes on that lil "2-choices" question?..... A paid off National Court system, some left over Dominion machines, a fraudulent Congress, a corrupt as fak Senate, the Electoral College gang, a handful of MSM Corporate Whore's Nuze "agency's"

Viewed 5 video's of 5 different religious persons the past 2 weeks who have apparently been making vlogs for a long time ( large channel, Sh'loads of followers, etc) their videos had the creators of these video's, speaking directly at the camera being truly sincere,talking about the ass kicking, the cheating, kno ur feeling defeated, depressed, blah blah... and all 5 said basically the same thing... Gawd told them all, "that it wasn't over yet, Trump will still be in the WH for another 4 years, I know it's looking pretty bleak right now, but trust in me, blah blah blah Trumpy Bear WILL remain President, now go tell it to the mountain, to ur ppl, tell the world ...and tell that little burning bush over there too.

Needless to say, I bet those 5 feel like complete morons right about now, and to me, it's yet, another check-mark in the "Proof there is no invisible cloud guy" column for my record books... not looking good in my 26 year old score book... not even close... looks more like what the 2020 Election should have been if it had been an honest election without the sneaky chicanery & nefarious skulduggery  

"Proof there is an Invisible Cloud guy" - 0

Proof there is not an invisible cloud guy -87 

I may not always agree with what you believe or say sir, but I will fight to the death, your right to say it!!!

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Aware!!


He is my umbilical brother LOL!


"Destroying the New World Order"


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One Nation Under Fraud

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Coronavirus - 1970s Public Information Film

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Be That Spanner.

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