Halle Synagogue Shooting in Germany While Others Jews Celebrated the Killing

 Other Jews celebrated the Halle Synagogue Shooting, THIS is the terrifying moment a man opens fire in the street after two people were killed by "several culprits" in a grenade and machine gun attack outside a synagogue in Germany.

 Video posted by the TV outlet MDR Aktuell shows a "suspect", wearing a helmet with what appears to be a mounted GoPro, ducking behind a VW hatchback and repeatedly firing the weapon - reported to be some kind of adapted shotgun.


Shooter in Halle, Germany fires long-barrelled gun outside synagogue- YouTube

I do not speak Hebrew so please tell me what this woman reporter said????????

 Jews celebrated the attack on their Synagogue in Halle Germany video: https://ia801403.us.archive.org/18/items/jewscelebratedtheattackont...

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Dumb asses. Like 9/11 celebration which confirms Mossad false flag-yet again...

Do you or someone here at this site speak Hebrew, the link is to that video on the bottom of this page?

I need to know what the lady was saying in the video...please.

 Yes he did, the network team found his video, downloaded it, here in a few we can show you the video, if they take it down it will be uploaded again.

 He shot one German Lady, and one man from Turkey. His bombs were defective as well as most of the rounds for his shotgun and I am not sure the issues with the automatic rifle.

 Yep he sure did, but he was very disorganized, as if he was on drugs, because he kept messing up and out of breath and was talking irrational.

PS. special note he got a money transfer from the Globalist Bitcoin which belongs to the Rothschild and George Soros, I smell a Gun Control setup. 

Hi Chris, I checked into something, about the shooting, Hasidic Jews of the synagogue in Halle & Orthodox Jews, there seems to be a glitch, because a lot of Jewish people believe in Christ, and I noticed that his video was aired for 36 minutes.

 The other shooting of the Muslims, I am willing to bet they believed in Christ.

Named christchurch shooting of Muslims- New Zealand mosque shooting in Christchurch:That video was live streamed across the internet for 17 minutes. Hit facebook over 100,000 uploads.

 No one called the police from where the videos were viewed, no one called the police????

 Another video came on line about another shooting a while back, they say it was a German Nazi, but that shooting showed something different, a connection to those that do not Believe in Christ, a different Jewish people.

 The video was Qd, by the network team and securely downloaded.

Greetings Tif, A leader that denounces Christ brings Big, Big Trouble. As far as the ch.ch mess goes, the reason nobody called the police was because they were Already there. 300 of them actually as we have been told by the catering staff that served them. We heard that they were polite and friendly and in high spirits through out the day in question -and there were Snipers Everywhere.

 As I watched the video, of the shooter, of which is still on line, he shot a Arabic Christian lady, as she called for help, he walked up on her and blew the top of her head off.

 So where the hell was the police snipers??????????????

 No, I seen the BS video of people calling it a fake video and no one died, but I seen people die, and it was not because they were Muslim, that the police was not called, it was because they were of Christian, so they allowed them to die.

Your MSM Media Mainstream at its best.


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