So, does this dumbass actually believe that the decades of the slow but steady decline in every area of society is government incompetence and not planned? That decades of federal funding going to foreign countries to fund NATO’s wars instead of using that money for the benefit of US citizens just happened without a larger plan? Yes, Moron, the baby formula crisis existed before the latest NATO intervention, as did the collapsing of the infrastructure, the open borders, the destruction of the family, the collapse of cities, the glorification of LGBTQ and pedophiles, the worship of abortion...the list goes on.  Because it is the plan to destroy humanity...not incompetence.

The point is that taxpayer’s dollars should be used for the benefit of the citizens, not throwing gas on a conflict that is none of our business. I realize that Levin is a war mongering neocon POS that has never seen a conflict where he didn’t want the US involved and will support his fellow Jew Zelensky because he supports the State of Israel and Jewish people first.  Don't believe me?


Neocon Mark Levin: 'I Am Not A Nationalist,' People Who Push 'Ameri...

Levin continued: "Let's move this into foreign policy, I keep hearing this line still, 'What do you want to do get us in a war with Russia over Ukraine?' "

"And these people pretend to be conservatives and they say America First, America First, these are prominent people who know of not what they speak, they're going to surrender the next century, this century, to the communist Chinese with their idiocy, with their lack of foresight!" he said.

Levin said "America First" means "stand[ing] up" to the "monster" that is Putin to prevent a "true world war."

"Americanism means to me when you see mass graves in Ukraine, now, 9,000, when you see people being slaughtered by a monster and a war machine that is imperialistic, that if they have their way will do the same to the rest of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and will light the fuse with its allies in communist China in terrorist Iran, in North Korea and on and on and on, really creating a true world war," he said.  FAKE MASS GRAVES in Ukraine - now exposed (

"Well, America First doesn't mean putting your head in the sand and pretending otherwise. You want to protect your children from war? You stand up now! If you believe in America First from our Declaration to our Constitution to our founding principles to our economic system then you must reject ... nationalism, populism and all the other isms, embrace your history see what's before you reject these dangerous ideologies that are incoherent but are destructive!"

According to Levin, true Americanism is not avoiding entangling alliances as George Washington called for but fighting for Ukraine, Israel and Capitalism against the Russkies, the Iranians and the Communist Chinese! That's gotta be in the Constitution somewhere!

Mark Levin Takes On The Putin Wing – Occidental Dissent

Mark Levin and his fellow crazed Boomer neocons advocate invading and occupying this or that country or whacking this or that foreign leader in Eurasia. Every single time we respond and patiently explain why that would be a bad idea and point out all the negative consequences that have flowed from previous misguided interventions like 9/11 and the rise of ISIS or major refugee crises.

The countries which Mark Levin has supported invading over the past 20 years have changed over time: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya and now Ukraine. Similarly, the evil doers who have to be stopped has changed over the years: Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Soleimani, Assad, Gaddafi and now Vladimir Putin. He thinks we should have invaded Iran instead of Iraq although he still insists Saddam had WMD.

The bottom line is that Mark Levin is a neocon, a warmonger, a jingoist, a chickenhawk, a militarist, an imperialist and a blustering fool who never learns anything from experience. This is what has always separated us from his ilk. It was watching people like Hannity, Mark Levin and W. and Lindsey Graham plunge us into the disaster in Iraq who shaped our foreign policy views, not Vladimir Putin.

Mark Levin rallies conservatives to support Ukraine at CPAC (

“You want a world war? Then become an ostrich, put your head in the sand and let the Russians roll through one country after another, violate our own treaty agreements, pretend nothing is going on,” he said, which will likely lead to other authoritarian nations to pursue their own invasions, such as China invading Taiwan and Tehran deciding to launch missiles on Tel Aviv.

“That’s how you get a world war. Weakness in the face of these genocidal maniacs,” said Levin.

Levin and Strauss-Levin remarked on the heroic actions of the Jewish Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had declined an offer for evacuation of him and his family by the U.S. and instead asked for more weapons and ammunition.

Levin said the Zelenskyy will be remembered for 1,000 years and acknowledged that he has been smeared by some in conservative media.

Mark Levin: America First Means 'Having the Biggest Kickass Militar...

Levin has defined “America First” as it pertained to foreign policy, which he said meant having the “biggest kickass military” and not being afraid to use it, especially regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


Putin has been in position(s) of power in Russia for over twenty years, but he’s a “madman genocidal maniac” who wants to take over the world. That’s why he is just now starting his reign of terror by supposedly starting to "roll through one country after another". 

Who sounds like the madman, Levin or Putin?


Israel and Jews first:

Mark Levin receives the Friends of Zion Award in Jerusalem

Fox News’ Mark Levin honored at Friends of Zion Museum - Israel New...

Levin was honored with the Friends of Zion Museum “Defender Award” for his steadfast support of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

“I promise to continue to fight for this country [Israel] and for the United States,” Levin said upon receiving the award.  

Fox News's Mark Levin receives the Friends of Zion Award in Jerusalem (photo credit: YOSSI ZAMIR)

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