UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has welcomed the "Yes" vote on the EU's Lisbon Treaty in the Republic of Ireland referendum.

Mr Brown said the treaty was "good for the UK and good for Europe". David Cameron will now face pressure to say if a Tory government would hold a referendum if the treaty is in force.The Irish electorate produced a 67.1% "Yes" vote, leaving only Poland and the Czech Republic to sign the treaty aimed at streamlining EU institutions.

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100% rigged, well 40% is the estimate as the actual numbers were never released.

It is thought (not confirmed yet) that the first vote the EUSSR commies were over confident and only stacked the vote by aproximately 20%.

Further, check youtube and watch unescorted an individual RUNNING in with a box and the OUT again with another. Also note that they breached the Irish voting laws by having the boxes unguarded for I think it was 48 hours, even this was pointed out and subsequently silenced.

One official noted "They were badly sealed with ribbons and wax seals and one of the boxes out of the 6 at my polling station was not sealed at all, just triple knotted. I addressed this issue and it was rectified, but I was still not happy with the seals. When I informed the garda on duty at the polling station he refused to look at the seals with me as a witness, but he took my name and ID details!"
sorry mate we dont have machines, spent over 300 mil on them and they sit in a warehouse.(great spending of public money) we still use pen and paper for our votes. the majority actually voted yes and of the 26 counties that voted 1 was against it Go Donegal. As for the czech's and pols, they will ratify it so its almost a given that it will go through. Now its looking like bush's lapdog Blair will be the first euro president. May the gods have mercy on us all

James aka adap2k said:
I heard on the news today that the Polish prime minister will sign the lisbon treaty on the 11th october. Then it will only be up to the Czech republic to stop it from being ratiffied. I personally cant see that happening as the czech's were waiting for the Irish refferendum to be cast.
i think polands a yes.yeah,cant see czechs stopping it on their own.welcome to the new world order

Ian said:
I heard on the news today that the Polish prime minister will sign the lisbon treaty on the 11th october. Then it will only be up to the Czech republic to stop it from being ratiffied. I personally cant see that happening as the czech's were waiting for the Irish refferendum to be cast.
Will the vote for the European Parliament make any difference? We've seen many fraudulant political elections over the years and I believe that fraud could overshadow the elections. The public will be given a list of candidates to vote for, and not know enough about any candidate's past poitical achievements or failures, and enough votes could swing to Blair's side as he is the best-known face.

Tony Blair was voted into British Parliament based on his ability to appear like a man who would stand against corruption and tyranny, yet he followed blindly into the Iraq War, ruined the British economy, failed as head of the Mid-East Envoy Quartet and was dubbed by U.K. Conservative leader David Cameron as being 'the Prime Minister who came into politics to soak up the rich and ban the bomb, but ever since he's been sucking up to the rich and dropping bombs...'

I believe Blair would only take sides with anybody who agrees with the ongoing N.W.O. plans and would be given a podium by the media to bark his agenda down the airwaves...
The European Parliament sounds very dangerous- only European countries will be able to suggest policy ideas, and the Euro Parliament stands to become a powerful New World Order Government with a World-stage promoted out via the media, especially those media groups which lean toward N.W.O. ideology.
Middle Eastern ,Asian and African opinions and issues will be buried by the charade of European agenda- the N.W.O ideology will only detatch Europe from the rest of the World if people of Europe do not sit up and carefully monitor European Parliament policies and what the N.W.O. wants to achieve, which is a media-controlled public, backed by wealthy private interest groups which are often religiously biased toward only Christian/Hebrew agenda, and who love to scratch the backs of politicians like Bush ,Blair, Olmert and Obama.
Lisbon treaty end in sight as EU satisfies demands of President Klaus

The Times ^ | 10/24/2009 | David Charter in Brussels

The Czech President, the last person to hold up ratification of the Lisbon treaty, edged towards signing yesterday after welcoming a compromise designed to secure his backing.

Vaclav Klaus, who stunned his fellow leaders this month by delaying the treaty with his eleventh-hour demands, said that he was satisfied with a deal that had been made after a week of intensive talks.

“President Vaclav Klaus received a proposal from the Swedish EU presidency, in response to his request relating to the ratification of the Lisbon treaty in the Czech Republic,” his office said in a statement.

“This proposal corresponds to the President’s expectations and he can continue to work with it.”

Although President Klaus did not say when he would sign the treaty his brief statement suggested that EU leaders will be able to satisfy his demands when they meet for a quarterly summit in Brussels next week.

The delays caused by President Klaus to the final ratification mean that the summit will not be able to appoint the two main jobs created in the treaty, of President and Foreign Minister. These may have to take place at a meeting in November.

But the prospect of him signing soon is likely to boost speculation surrounding the race for the new jobs. David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, issued a denial by Twitter yesterday that he was interested in the role of foreign minister, saying that he was already “fully booked”. The Times disclosed yesterday that he was being considered as a candidate in several EU capitals.

President Klaus had withheld his signature by claiming that the treaty could allow German families who were expelled after the war to bring cases at the European

(Excerpt) Read more at ...
thanks for update james.i thought he may have signed already.tho i dont thik he can stop it on it's own.our leaders have sold out their people for big pay deals and good living while also claiming expences.but masses have been trained to accept corruption and most are asleep or thinking things will get better.they'll be sadly dissapointed fulite>James aka adap2k said:
Lisbon Treaty clears important hurdle- The last legal block on the Lisbon Treaty has been cleared by the Czech Constitutional Court.The move puts pressure on the country's Eurosceptic President Vaclav Klaus to sign the document as quickly as possible, completing ratification.

His signature is the last formal step needed to finish the pact's approval in the Czech Republic.

The Treaty, aimed at boosting Europe's role in global foreign affairs, must be ratified in all 27 countries of the union to become valid.
The Lisbon treaty has now been ratified, and Britain has now lost it's sovereignty. We are now under the law of serfdom. The next stage of the EU will be to impose a "religious belief" on all member states and all individuals. That religious belief system will be Roman Catholicism. All Protestant Churches in Europe with be "forced" to come back into "The Mother Church" those that refuse will suffer persucution. ( could be lost of membership of EU, unable to trade). Next year Britain will recieve the Pope on A "state" visit. He has already called the Angalican Church "home" and they will be reunited back to catholicism next year.

It is interesting to note that when Tony Blair became Prime Minister one of his very first acts, was to go to Rome and Kiss the Popes ring!

"His parting act of constitutional illegality, or “EU treachery” as one press headline put it, was to sign the revised EU constitution in Brussels just 5 days before handing his resignation to the Queen. “An arrogant stitch-up… handing Gordon Brown a poisoned chalice,” as the Daily Mail, London, put it on 11th June, 2007.

The suggestion also that he may now declare himself a Roman Catholic, having left office, confuses the picture even further as to his understanding of what constitutional Protestant Britain represents in respect of ancient freedoms and faith. For a Covenant Nation such as Great Britain, with a history approaching 800 years since Magna Carta 1215, which predates Parliament and which was addressed to “the freemen of the Realm,” and 320 years in 2008 from the Declaration of Rights 1688, when Parliament was suspended, it was a very serious constitutional act of betrayal for Tony Blair to end his premiership.

In dramatic symbolism, after signing Britain up to the alien EU constitution on 22nd-23rd June, Blair went immediately to see the Pope, his last State visit as Prime Minister. It seemed just like the act of King John placing the British Crown at the feet of the papal legate. His Oath of Allegiance to the Queen and the Realm seemed to matter not. He was on his way out. Nevertheless, he was still receiving his salary and still representing the Covenant Nation of Great Britain. Historically papal blessings have proven to be curses. Was the extensive flooding that occurred just 2 days later in England on 25th June a warning of events to come, plus the new Foot and Mouth disease outbreak that followed on 3rd August?".

Of Course What did Gordon Brown do as soon as he came into office? Yes went and kissed the Popes ring! inviting the Pope to come to Britain. As State this vist will be taking place next year where the Pope will welcome back the head of the Angalican Church.

It is also interesting to note that the French President has called, in a round about way, "the Union of State and Religion" Of course that religion being, Roman Catholicism.

"Sarkozy's recent speeches to Catholics and Muslims prompted charges he was violating France's separation of church and state. He was the first French president to address the CRIF annual dinner, a role the prime minister normally takes".

Sarkozy says he is a lapsed Catholic. Previous presidents avoided talking about faith even if they were believers themselves.

"He argues people of faith have a hope and purpose missing in modern society due to the "end of ideology" after the Cold War and the spread of disillusionment in consumer society".

The European Union( The Rise of the New Roman Empire) will now become a great political, economical, religious/ecclesiastical and military power. the confederation of member states will give their power to a central overall leader/President. Thank goodness that this"Beast" will only have a life span of 15 years and will eventually be turnned upon by it's member states.
thanks for input tony,but these peoples religion is luceferian under the guise of catholicism/christianity.and they have been dividing and conqering humanity through different faiths for many many years.i dont think we've got 15 years man.we are under serious eugenics attack from all sides,air,food,water,swine flu,poison vaccines.time is short!!


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