NaturalNews:"New site “” to reveal accelerated globalist agenda for annihilation of the human race"


"(Natural News) The annihilation of the human race has already begun. Massive depopulation vectors have been unleashed, encompassing abortion (infanticide), the chemical poisoning of the food supply, widespread infertility caused by HPV vaccines, the censorship of all truth about science and medicine, the mass fluoridation of the public water supply, 5G electromagnetic assaults on human neurology and much more.

Just today, a transgender charity demanded that 12 year olds be chemically cast... from developing in their bodies. This is all part of an annihilation agenda that I call the “Oblivion Agenda.”

Beginning today, I’m posting a 10-hour lecture series (with many additional discussion videos) that reveal the true globalist agenda which has already been unleashed. That agenda is rooted in extreme hatred for humanity combined with demonic, anti-God influences that come from the darkest and most destructive realms of the cosmos (to be discussed in great detail on the site).

All the videos are free to watch. Visit the site now at to see them all (and watch for new videos being posted)."

This lecture series, which is strongly rooted in science and scientific explanations, covers:

  • The terraforming of planet Earth via deliberate pollution of the skies through two programs: SCoPEx (funded by Bill Gates) and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI).
  • The planned collapse of all global food webs by dimming the sun and impairing photosynthesis.
  • How the SCoPEx project would drop lead on all food crops and water sources across the planet, resulting in the mass poisoning of humanity (which is the goal).
  • Why Earth has cosmic value to non-Earth civilizations.
  • How the annihilation of human beings is already under way and being accelerated through both “soft kill” and “hard kill” vectors.
  • How it’s all being justified as a way to “save the planet” and stop “global warming.”
  • The promotion of cannibalism by left-wing globalists, insisting that humans will need to eat corpses to save the planet.
  • The existence of Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology and exactly how it works to travel faster than the speed of light without violating the laws of physics.
  • Why the speed of light is not a constant (and how the NIST cheated by defining it as a constant).
  • How vaccines are engineered to cause infertility, spontaneous abortions and death.
  • How the food and water supplies are laced with chemicals to interfere with cognition in order to dumb everybody down.
  • The end goals of terraforming planet Earth, and a detailed reverse engineering of the type of exobiologicals who would be compatible with the terraforming end points. (Hint: It’s not us.)
  • Cosmic economics, including competition, territory, conflict, logistics and the harvesting of energy from pulsars.
  • Understanding FTL travel, the value of energy, the pace of empire expansion, the importance of “space lanes” and other details about the reality of a complex universe filled with life.
  • How Earth can easily detect FTL travel from non-Earth ships. And why those ships would almost certainly resemble asteroids and space rocks.

Watch the introduction episode now at Here’s the direct link to episode one:

read/see the rest here:

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Like "silent weapons for quiet wars".

Lots of info here.

Another good one for me to share, they are spying because They Are Afraid.

So let's see if the evil powers that be are truly omnipotent than why do they need to spend $billion$ on the Internet, TV, press, mags, books, radio to spread there fear?

Imop it's all a projection and how we perceive and receive what is being projected at us by the evil power that be has everything to do with how much saturation and/or permeation they (TEPTB) are able to obtain and influence.

"If we don't buy in we don't get done by it".


Boy when I shared this at another site the globalist went clean off. Say its all fake news. Happy to piss them off.

Sweet music to my ears. There are so many shills for the globalists NWO.

Sad most of the old boards are deeply infected with their ilk. 

Thank you for adding this.... OblivionAgenda.Com is right along the lines of what I need to learn more of. I like Mikes way of speaking and have supported Brighteon since he started it. 

 Seems as if You tube has been censoring what I search for, which is too bad because I learned so much from it in the early years. 

Thanks CC

Youtube just another rotten appendage of Big Tech.

Here in W. V. all the white tail deer are dead/dying ,the guuberment is blaming it on some fly at stagnant water pools, but hundreds have been found around Summersville lake A MASSIVE LAKE WITH NO STAGNENT WATER , pretty damn suspicious in my unedumacated opinion. They have the same symptoms as rats that ingest the green block rat poison(back here ,if you have a corn crib U have rats) 


Wow that is suspicious Steve.

Nature is being killed off by various means as we have seen huge die offs of Starfish in the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention whales, dolphins and lots of fish stocks. 

Hey Raz, It's way past suspicious no cows, horses ,goat, or other domestic critters have died, it's just the wild free food ,hunting season starts the 21st.I usually chow on 3-6 deer every year more if my killer friends drop some off. They are talking of canceling hunting season.As for the pacific fukushima is still spewing radiation and the japs just announced they are gonna dump thousands of gallons of "stored but treated water" they lost the CORES from 3 reactors in 2011 and radiation is too high to measure Kinda glad I'm 60 and not just starting out.


Steve, may I suggest

Can vouch for this Company, cuz I got one ;)~

A new double filtering system for mine is bout 200$, BUT, cuz it's just me & dog, a filter set will last us 2 years before have to change, and these double ones take out 99.995% of EVERYTHING, including Radon and radioactive elements

Thanks for posting.  Somehow I missed this.


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