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Thank you for inviting me to post my predictions for 2011.  I had just posted them on my site, which I have been starting to do each month.  Here is what I posted for January 2011.


Rising Unemployment & Financial Crisis


Draining of national financial resources and unemployment is the central theme for January 2011.


Overwhelming financial burdens will continue to plague families across America affecting the middle class and creating tensions.  In the
Psychic Super Center’s (PSC) December Prediction, we described how
December would be relatively quiet and festive as people would be able
to pull together resources to spend for the holidays.  However, in
January we  will begin to hear more of an outcry now that the holiday
seasons have passed.


The financial situation in the United States will appear to be more of a crisis during the month of January and will be prevalent in the media.  The focus will be on the suffering middle class and those living in
poverty here in America.  The people of the United States will begin to
get more in touch with how American families are struggling through this
financial crisis.


Americans Move Closer Towards Depression

The challenge for many Americans will be the lack of good news from the Federal Government.  In terms of any bailouts for Main Street, there will be none.  In fact, pay close attention to tax return season as I
do see indications that many early filers could be faced with filing
delays.  Inaccessible funds and non-existent money seem to be plaguing
families in particular during the month of January.


Budget Shortfall Crisis

January will prove to be a month of discovery for many in mainstream America.  This will be the month of reality checks.  I have a sense that January will be the month when we all begin talking more openly about
the fact that many states in the U.S. are faced with a massive budget
crisis.  Money or the lack thereof will be the central theme for


American’s will go through somewhat of a period of disillusionment with the current administration and began to seek new answers and solutions
to the current financial crisis.  As Americans quietly reconsider their
current financial predicaments (job loss, unemployment insurance issues,
budget cuts), I do not see any major upheavals in the public arena
during the month of January.  Instead, people will fail to react
powerfully towards the state and federal government, hold on to any
money they have left, and wait for their change to come.


However, as Americans begin to tighten their belts, this will cause a major disruption in the economic markets.  Not only will Main Street
start holding on to their cash, so will the State as they begin to
introduce the areas which will be hit the hardest by the upcoming budget
cuts.  It appears that all the energy is being drained out of the
system.  There seems to be almost no money to spend revealing a serious Budget Shortfall.


The areas within the budget that will be the most seriously effected would take a more in depth reading, feel free to contact me if there is a particular area of interest for you.  I would be happy to look into it.


The current economic financial crisis is effecting us all and we are all in this together.  My encouragement to  everyone is look within for the
answers to our own individual financial issues.  These are hard times,
and hard times call for praying hearts.  Let your prayers be filled with
faith, and declare your own personal financial recovery.  Declare what
it is you expect to see in 2011.  This overall economic crisis need not
effect us individually as harshly,  if we harness our personal
power/gifts, become more passionate in our pursuits with hearts full of
faith.   Blessings to you all. 

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