Walter Block
January 4, 2012

The closure of an international body of water is an act of war. If Iran implemented such a policy in the Strait of Hormuz, it would thus constitute an act of war. This is because in order to do so, this country would have to physically violate the rights of peaceful shippers. One might object that at present, Iran has only threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz. However, in my understanding of libertarian theory based upon the non aggression principle (NAP) not only are people (or governments!) not permitted to actually invade, or violate the rights of peaceful individuals, they are not entitled to threaten this either.

However, before we unduly criticize the Iranians for this threat, let us put the matter in context. The U.S. government has also threatened a blockade of Iran. With many statements emanating from Washington D.C. to the effect that the U.S. government “is not taking anything off the table,” they are menacing actions a lot more serious, and invasive, than a mere blockade.

Why is the U.S. acting in so bellicose a manner? This is because it seems to be a settled part of present American policy that Iran should not persists in its (supposed) goal of arming itself with nuclear weapons.

Now, somewhat paradoxically, I agree with the Obama administration on this matter. Iran should not have nuclear weapons. But, neither should anyone else! Why not? This is because they are necessarily offensive. This type of ordnance cannot be used in a way that distinguishes between the guilty and the innocent. States Rothbard in this regard: “… while the bow and arrow and even the rifle can be pinpointed, if the will be there, against actual criminals, modern nuclear weapons cannot. Here is a crucial difference in kind. Of course, the bow and arrow could be used for aggressive purposes, but it could also be pinpointed to use only against aggressors. Nuclear weapons, even ‘conventional’ aerial bombs, cannot be. These weapons are ipso facto engines of indiscriminate mass destruction.” (For a further elaboration of this thesis and a discussion of its implications, see here.)

However, this demand of Iran on the part of the U.S. comes with particular ill grace given the fact that the latter country has thousands of such nuclear devices. If the Obama Administration had suddenly become infused with libertarianism in general, and with Rothbard’s analysis of nuclear weapons in particular, it would certainly be justified in continuing to press the Iranians not to develop such firearms. But it would begin this quest by getting rid of its own stocks first.

But are not the Iranians unstable? Are they not likely, under the leadership of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to use these items against innocent people? Did not this person threaten to wipe Israel off the map with them, that is, use such weapons against that country? No. This was a mis-translation of what he actually said (see here, here, here, here, here and especially here). Nor is it possible to ignore the fact that there is only one country on the face of the earth that has actually employed atomic weapons against innocent men, women and children. And that country, strangely enough, is not Iran. Rather, it is the good old U.S. of A., land of the free and home of the brave. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and especially here).

So, while I certainly endorse Rothbard’s analysis according to which any and all atomic weaponry is illicit according the NAP, it does not at all logically follow that a country with thousands of such armaments, that has the distinction of being the only one to have ever murdered people with such a heinous weapon, is justified in using force to prevent another nation from obtaining one for itself. (I here stipulate, arguendo, that this is indeed the case; Iran of course insists it is interested in nuclear power for entirely peaceful purposes.)

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Now that we have explored the context, let us return to the Iranian threat to close the Straits of Hormuz. From a libertarian point of view, in order to assess the validity of this threat, we must ask, Does this constitute initiatory aggression, or threats, or retaliation? For libertarians are not pacifists. We reserve the right to employ threats, aggression, violence, provided, only, that it is in response to a prior act, but does not constitute the prior act itself. So, did Iran “start up” with the U.S., or did the U.S. begin the hostilities?

When put in this stark manner, it is difficult in the extreme to see the Iranians as the aggressors. At worst, they were going to build a nuclear weapon, not merely avail themselves of the peaceful use of this technology. Along comes a country, much larger and more powerful than theirs, certainly lacking “clean hands” in this regard, and orders them to cease and desist, under dire threat. So, in response, the Iranians issue a threat of their own: to close off international waters to peaceful shipping. Yes, Iran is in the wrong for so doing. But, they are not the real villain of the piece. That guilt lies elsewhere. The threat of the blockade against Iran came first. Only then did the Iranians make their own threat.

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The reality of this situation is not what it appears.    All of the former leaders of the "Arab Spring" leader replacement frenzy is planned to set up the coming conflict.    All of the former leaders, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Quadaffi (who is still alive), Mubarack,  Saudi Royal family leaders, Hassan, and many more are in fact, Freemasons.   They are being replaced as planned to give rise to the so called Claim that Islamic Fundamentalist are taking over thus giving the justification to set up the coming Middle Eastern War with Israel.   Its all part of the NWO plan.   It even appears that the revolution was spontaneous and patriotic etc.....   The OWS movement in the US was sponsored by Lucis Trust, Freemasons, funded by Soros and Rockefeller the very people that OWS is marching against.   They will make it appear that the so called White Hats and courageous patriots have won.  This will be a lie like they have all been doing all along.  

A war may happen before the Day of Declaration/Disclosure giving justification for appearance of the lying Masters of Wisdom.    They stopped it in time to save man from himself.  This will be untrue.

A false flag is coming.

War is on the horizon. No doubt about that.

What makes you think Quadaffi is still alive?

The same reason Bin Laden was killed by omar sherif in DECEMBER 2001 not 2011.    The deception to  hide the truth; except that Quadaffi was a FreeMason, the pictures of him being dead was certainly not him; in the same vein as Saddam who is also a Freemason, is not dead, but members of this masonic/Zionist/Jesuit conspiracy to set up conflict leading to the NWO by steps.    The Hierarchy will soon be externalized and revealed to the public as has been planned for generations.  The idea in Arab Spring to set up America Fall, was to justify the changing of the Masonic leadership with so called arab Extremist in leadership so as to justify the coming war.  Israel will have the justification to attack Iran and syria or should we say manufactured justification.   Notice that Iran, who is also part of this deception, is claiming getting close to nuclear power, is banging war drums in the Hormuz, they are crying "Armageddon in the Straits of Hormuz which is nonsense.   Armageddon is not even a war between men but a battle between the real Jesus Christ and the Armies of the anti-christ and it will last only seconds when Jesus defeats them with just one command.   This won't happen until the Peace covenant between the state of Israel and Old Roman Empire is signed making a 7  year peace treaty in the middle east.  Then we will know that Jesus Christ will return in the 7th year from then, but the day or the hour will not be known. 

The Day of Declaration, Disclosure, Externalization of the hierarchy and Debt elimination worldwide will happen as planned to ring in the NWO.    ITs called the second phase, or the stage of complete economic reorientation; humanity is relieved of all economic anxiety and is free to receive it due wages and the right reward of all service rendered in the building of the "Temple of the Lord"  

This Lord is Lucifer or could be the rebuilding of the Temple on the Mount which is in the scriptures.    "Signs of Christ" by Harold Balyoz, 1979 page 87.    

Quadaffi is not dead by no stretch of the imagination.

So, how close are we to the breaking of the first seal..

Hmm, interesting. I knew Quadaffi was a CIA asset. The masonic connection, although merely conjecture, is not unfounded given his western intelligence training and placement as Libyan head of state. All high level assets are initiates in one of the many fraternal orders. In fact, the intelligence agencies of the world can trace their inception back to the secret societies of their culture. It's where we derive designations such as "Secret Service", the etymological origin of course being "Secret Society."

Considering the probability of your assertion I found this:

Via: Global Research:

In one of the most blacked-out stories in America right now, the US military is preparing to send thousands of US troops, along with US Naval anti-missile ships and accompanying support personnel, to Israel.

It took forever to find a second source for confirmation of this story and both relatively mainstream media outlets are in Israel. With one source saying the military deployment and corresponding exercises are to occur in January, the source providing most of the details suggests it will occur later this spring. Calling it not just an “exercise”, but a “deployment”, the Jerusalem Post quotes US Lt.-Gen Frank Gorenc, Commander of the US Third Air Force based in Germany. The US Commander visited Israel two weeks ago to confirm details for “the deployment of several thousand American soldiers to Israel.” In an effort to respond to recent Iranian threats and counter-threats, Israel announced the largest ever missile defense exercise in its history. Now, it’s reported that the US military, including the US Navy, will be stationed throughout Israel, also taking part.

While American troops will be stationed in Israel for an unspecified amount of time, Israeli military personnel will be added to EUCOM in Germany. EUCOM stands for United States European Command.

In preparation for anticipated Iranian missile attacks upon Israel, the US is reportedly bringing its THAAD, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, and ship-based Aegis ballistic missile systems to Israel. The US forces will join Israeli missile defense systems like the Patriot and Arrow. The deployment comes with “the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces in the event of a large-scale conflict in the Middle East”.


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