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For licensed amateurs, and others interested, discuss setting up a nationwide network to keep us informed of activities of minions of NWO, and keep communications open in case the power and/or communication grids go down, by accident or by design.

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Liberty Tree Radio - Mark Koernke

Started by David A Jones. Last reply by DTOM Oct 10, 2017. 3 Replies

Back in the 90's, the shortwave was all abuzz from about 6 pm to 10 pm with guys like Bill Cooper, Kurt Saxon, etc. My Sony 2010 got a pretty good workout back then.Gradually, it seems the internet…Continue

Ham Radio innovations, list them here.

Started by Minuteman. Last reply by Ed Mar 30, 2013. 4 Replies

A novel approach to long wire deployment. A massive invention if you are no where near 1/4 wavelength in height. Continue

Ham Radio Just Got Rude This Year! Now Where Is The FCC??

Started by WTRH-AM-AE. Last reply by Jon Dec 27, 2010. 2 Replies

I was on Facebook and I was just looking for electronic groups and I just came across this obnoxious ham radio conversation that was using foul language and inappropiate words. The guy was just…Continue

Police State - You Are Getting A Ticket For Using A Ham Radio!

Started by WTRH-AM-AE. Last reply by WTRH-AM-AE Jun 11, 2010. 1 Reply

I just came across this on Facebook, and you're not going to believe this.  You also get a ticket for using a ham radio transceiver.   A man was driving and was stopped by police in NY for using a…Continue

Tags: regulation, law, ticket, radio, ham

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Comment by JED on November 27, 2009 at 12:09pm
Minuteman, I don't see me being able to spend over $3500 in order to get the most out of my 2 meter rig. Gotta be a less expensive option, perhaps a build-it-yourself antenna system.
Comment by JED on November 27, 2009 at 12:01pm
Minuteman, this info is interesting. As I am studying for General Class eventually we'll be able to set up direct coms. Meanwhile, I still need to get my HF antenna up so I can monitor, and procure a mic so I can transmit on my little slice of the 10 meter band. Once I've had some time to explore the 10 meter band I might find an existing linked repeater network that we utilize. I would like to avoid using any satellites other than the moon to facilitate long distance com, as the moon has predictability no satellite can match and doesn't need its own technology in order to be used. What I'd like to achieve eventually is low profile, low power, long distance... without having to rely on Morse Code. Will be an interesting journey.
Comment by Minuteman on November 27, 2009 at 11:52am
Well since I got the day off I decided to look into the moonbounce method for giggles. For reliable 2m comms from me to you both using moonbounce we (each of us) would need eight of these in an array. However you both could get away with a pair of these and have some sucess ground wave....

I checked with the YL and she said maybe for Christmas...HA!
Comment by Minuteman on November 27, 2009 at 9:04am
Regarding the post below. If you guys had some 1/2 wave ears up and on at 80/40/20 and sometimes 17 meters I'd bet you could here me transmitting at a predetermined time and frequency designation with good to fair reliability.

The trick to all of this is staying just below or at the MUF
Comment by Minuteman on November 27, 2009 at 8:43am
Hey Guys, Have you ever seen or used a MUF Map? I'll bet you have but in case you haven't I'll explain a bit here. This would help someone else following along with little experience and knowledge in AR.

Skywave propagation (unlike groundwave that is used for less than 60-100 mile comms) is dependant on the MUF. The MUF is an abbreviation of Maximum Useable Frequency. Any frequency above the MUF will pass through the ionosphere and into outer space. Any frequency blow or at the MUF will skip like stones on water and bounce back to earth, sometimes mulitple hops.

The MUF is dependant on the solar conditions and more specifically the sun spot activity at a given time of the day. The MUF changes constantly based on the suns' position in the sky as well as apparent solar activity of that day. The more sunspots the better the comms. We are now in the trough of Solar cycle #24. This is a bad time for long range comms. Solar cycles are 11 years long.

If you look at the MUF map it will show the MUF at any given point and the half way point to you target sector. The instructions are on the bottom of the page. Here's the link...

The map can be confusing at first but after a quick study of it with a magnifier you will sort it out.

So we can see that any long range VHF/UHF is out of the question unless we do one of 2 things....Use the moon as a reflector (it is done) or use on of the AMSAT satillites that are free for all to use. Otherwise a linked repeater network would have to be setup and coordinated.

Reliable long range net style comms requires General Class frequencies these days period. If we check continuosly the MUF map we may find some brief and unpredictable openings to allow 10m comms between us.
Comment by JED on November 27, 2009 at 12:49am
Jonesy, 1200 miles is well beyond the ability of 2 meter operation. Might be possible with a linear amp and favorable conditions and the right antenna. We shall see what we can accomplish on 2 meter but I think 10 meter will prove to be what we end up using for an info net.
Comment by David A Jones on November 26, 2009 at 11:29pm

Are you talking about sideband, or FM? You guys are 1230 miles apart, so if you make contact, that will be great.

Let me know when and what freq, and I'll swing my 10 el 2 bander toward you and see if I can hear y'all.

Comment by JED on November 26, 2009 at 11:12pm
Minuteman, perhaps some time over the weekend. Will see if the elevation of my antenna helps any. Can't remember off hand but there's a standard frequency on 2 meter that's used for simplex, so we can plan on that. Otherwise, I'll have to continue to wait till I get the antenna on the HF rig up, and get a mic for it. Technician class has a small sliver of 10 meter that is for phone communications. I'll be checking Ebay this weekend to see about finding a mic.
Comment by Minuteman on November 25, 2009 at 8:15pm
Will do Jonesey, Thanks for the book it'll get several reads around here...

Yes gold is at another record high. There will probably be a dip next week or on Friday as the major and more senior traders were out today on Wall Street. Reaction was postive to the posted jobless and housing numbers today. There should have been a larger rally on Wall Street today. With more confidence in the dollar gold will dip. Let's see how this will pan out friday and next week.....

That Eagle is certainly soaring.....
Comment by David A Jones on November 25, 2009 at 5:45pm

Let me know when and what freq. I have the A99 up, and it is good for 10 meters.

Jed, 65 watts FM probably won't get you out much over 80-100 miles. No guess as far as sideband, though. I got my 10 element 2 band beam up, but don't know how well it's working. Hoping to get 13 element 2 meter up when roof climbing friend gets back from Georgia.

We'll get it together yet. My eagle gained another $75. Getting closer to unloading it for the R2500, and maybe enough left over for a 10 meter beam.


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