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Preppers cook book - Biodiesel

"The Foolproof Method has been used to make many thousands of gallons of high-quality biodiesel from all sorts of feedstock. Many individual biofuellers have adopted it as their standard method.

In two professional biodiesel fuel analyses, two years apart, home-brewed biodiesel made by this method met the German DIN 51606 biodiesel standards. This means the fuel is suitable for warranty repair by VW for all their vehicles made from 1996 till today. You can make DIN and ASTM-compliant fuel just by carefully following the instructions."

Some other ideas

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  • Boris

    gonna try a wood gasifier this spring

  • Less Prone

    Someone might think alcohol is a good alternative engine fuel but you have to be careful with that. It is possible but requires some work to the fuel injection system. Alcohol (ethanol) has bad lubrication characteristics and can ruin the injection pump.

    Wood gas has worked in the past, even for motor vehicles, but prepare for a big reduction of engine power.

  • Less Prone