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Silence of Snowfall in June

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Driving down the wrong street running into a dead end
Unable to hear the loving signals you send
How long can I live like this it only depends
No way this kind of life I can defend,

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Standing in the shadows of the opposite side of the moon
Seems I've always been singing the wrong tune
The wrong lovers wasting my time leaving me too soon
Expecting the silence of snowfall in June,

Clown Culture — Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely clown lovers...

Am I simply the eternal clown?
Wondering why I feel so down
Every one I thought would be there is out of town
It seems that I'll never be home word bound

Sharemarkets are ignoring the chaos in America's streets, and its economy

Watching the world descend into a vortex of lies
No wonder I've lost it all along with my personal ties
You thought they were ugly women who turned out to be guys
Women talk about their health ignoring aborted baby's cries,

The Chaos of the World | Ignatian Solidarity Network

The world is not what it seems nightmares and dreams
How many times have you felt you were coming apart at the seams?
Life rapidly collapses into an amateur movie scene
One more victim of a leftist thug taking one for the team,

The Angel of Death Victorious – M.A. Kleen

I overlook the balcony of life
Marveling at the orchestrated strife
Like tunneling through a glacier with a butter knife
Fear of the Angel of Death's scythe!

33,500 BEST Angel Of Death IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

Like so many blinded by the lies we believed
Too distracted to be bereaved
Beating horses until they sleeve
Too busy to even be grieved,

Personal Robots Are Closer Than You Think | SCU Online

My personal robot named Stan
Killed a former girl friend without a plan
I tried to inform him the best that I can
I failed, no matter how carefully I planned.

Why Good Men Should Go to Bed Lonely — theYoungCatholicWoman