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Supreme Court Force Feeds Obamacare To Americans-Is This Treason or What?

In an unexpected act of betrayal toward the American people, the Supreme Court allowed mandatory nationalized medical care to not only entrap the public but to further dismantle the US Constitution. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was obviously perplexed and caught by surprise by the announcement at 10:00 am Thursday morning.

Of any…


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Obama’s Speech In Cleveland Ohio Clashes With Economic Reality

Watching President Obama’s speech in Cleveland, Ohio televised on C-Span led me to many conclusions about Obama’s vision for America as well as his perception of reality.

In an administration that has been plagued by scandal and false promises, the President attempted to reassure…


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Supreme Court Unashamedly Running Interference For Obama The Usurper

In denying future hearings over President Obama's unconstitutional presidency, the Supreme Court has showcased its lawlessness and legitimized the most blatant assault on the US Constitution ever.

The Supreme Court refused without comment to hear an appeal over the…


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Ultimately Freedom of Choice Prevailed in Milwaukee,Wisconsin on Tuesday

That Governor Scott Walker overcame attempts by the state employee unions to unseat him was only one aspect of an essential victory on Tuesday night. That the Republican state Senators of Wisconsin remained in office was just part of the much needed curtailment to the leftist push against sane budgets and smaller government. Even more importantly, the people came out in great numbers and they voted to see their choices…


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The Battle For America Being Waged in Wisconsin

You might remember what happened last year when Governor, Scott Walker, rather than increase taxes for state residents did something quite intelligent and beneficial for his constituents. Scott reduced the size of the state government and its resultant budget. In doing so he asked state employees to accept a 6% reduction in their already generous health care…


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The Death of Honor by Peter Friedman

I'd like to preface this article as one of the most complete compilations of the treasonous Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Few writers, citizens, or even politicians get it this right. Please read one of the most important articles you will ever read in your life!

[Opinion] The Obama The Left Refuses To Acknowledge To The Detriment Of All

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by Extraterrestrial | April 4, 2012 at 12:23 am

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Obama Cannot Deny His Past Influenced By Radicals Who Hate America

In 2008 our traitorous mass media ignored the troubling past influences of American hatred through out Obama's life while not only the Democrats but Republicans hurried the election of an obscure junior senator from Illinois to run for the presidency, but it won't happen this time in 2012. 

Why do we bother to dig through the details of a candidate’s personal history and affiliations with possible influential figures in their lives? For pivotal positions…


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Sheriff Arpaio Continues To Add More Evidence To Investigation of Obama

Many of you will remember the March first press conference conducted by Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio which outlined in detail why a justifiable cause for forgery had been recommended on the White House released certificate of birth of Barack Hussein Obama. In the six months that it took Arpaio’s cold case posse of volunteer investigators to put together their findings, Sheriff Joe found himself under attack by Eric Holder’s DOJ, obviously in an attempt to discourage the…


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Disappearance of Only Witness To Breitbart's Suspicious Death

Recently after the untimely and highly suspicious circumstances of conservative giant, Andrew Breitbart’s death, new twists to the tragedy just continue to evolve! Little more than a week ago, forensic specialist for Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, Michael Cormier, reportedly involved in Breitbart’s autopsy is poisoned to death. Now the coroner’s office proclaims that Cormier, a respected forensics technician, was not involved in Breitbart’s autopsy investigation at all!…


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The Term “Birthers” Just Another Tool of the One World Government

Since the convoluted scandal of Barack Hussein Obama’s Constitutional eligibility has raged, there have been many strategies used to deflect the truth and discredit the argument. Many have refused to acknowledge the growing body of evidence that is indicating fraud, cover-up, and official denial as the tools used by the emerging “One World Government” to expedite the rule of the false emperor over America.

Many argue that who so ever identifies such political assaults…


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Were Threats and Murder Used To Get Obama Elected in 2008

Recently, Heather Childers, a TV correspondent for Fox news was reprimanded. It was not because she had uttered a mistake, a falsehood, nor had she enraged any viewers by the use of racial epithets. None of the above. Heather Childers had simply stated, in a tweet, an allegation based upon the testimony of her sources, which is no different than any other reporter does when writing an article or revealing news content in front of a camera. Heather, as a matter of fact, had a very…


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National Debt And The Tax Fallacy

In 2009 only 45.4% of the population was paying tax. Of that number a very small percentage, 10%, were paying 45% of the taxes. These numbers came from the Federal Reserve. The top 10% earners were paying another 35% with the rest of the middle and poor paying the rest. One might think that it was only unemployment that was responsible for that incredible disparity. The truth is that entitlements and government mismanagement of federal fiscal measures were the culprit.



Added by Doc Vega on March 31, 2012 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Breitbart’s Death and A Short History on US Assassinations

In the wake of the unlikely death of successful and talented publisher and commentator, Andrew Breitbart we are not only saddened but intrigued by his untimely passing. A 43 year old California publishing millionaire collapses in front of his home, dying shortly after. Yes, this is an unfortunate reality of our fast paced world of stress and pressured living, Breitbart was an acknowledged political opponent of Barack Obama. Some have speculated at his anger being responsible for…


Added by Doc Vega on March 31, 2012 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

The Myth Of Income Taxes-How They Transformed America

With tax season here, I thought it would be an appropriate time for an important report on income taxes, what we’ve been told, and how we have been swindled by this scheme. You will not hear the truth from your government, the US mass media, or anyone with a vested interest in the existing tax system. This article is a public service, not part of a disinformation program or conspiracy to defraud the government.

In 1986 a study was commissioned during the Reagan…


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Little Known Story Of The John Birch Society

From the 1950’s through out the following decades to the present, the John Birch Society has been demonized by our liberal press and Democrat party. Typical of the left’s influence in molding US society and our foreign policy, it all began by labeling conservatives who warned about the socialist agenda as merciless war mongering bigots. That practice of slander and smear continues to this very day with such charlatans as Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and…


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US Foreign Aid To Nations Holding Billions In Federal Treasury Securities?

US Foreign Aid Goes To Countries We Borrow From?

This fact validated by a Congressional report revealed that our government has given away  1.4 billion in foreign aid to countries that have been buying our debt. Countries holding billions in Treasury backed securities are receiving millions in US foreign aid as we suffer record unemployment and a failing economy.

According to Fox news who received the Congressional Research Report… Continue

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The Emergence Of The Corrupt Left

The liberal movement has been highly under estimated and falsely associated with the left that existed during the late sixties and the Vietnam era. The present liberal movement has nothing to do with the peace loving Woodstock Generation that simply wanted to buck the establishment and stop the war. That era of relatively innocent if not self destructive drop outs and alienated misfits eventually became productive contributors to society. They were the product of the upper… Continue

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Federal Government’s Fiscal Insanity Read And Learn

As Congress quibbles over the debt ceiling and refuses to acknowledge the sheer weight of the evidence that if the deficit continues unchecked with the Federal Reserve continuing to print fiat currency, our dollar will collapse. Period, no ifs ands or buts. That collapse will lead to chaos in this country.

Timothy Geithner’s fear mongering about what will happen if the government does not raise the debt ceiling is politically motivated in order to help prop up the Democrat… Continue

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Obama Uses Abortion Issue To Pressure States

The state of Indiana has banned Planned Parenthood in representing the will of its constituents, who do not condone abortion. Federal law states that no federal funding for abortion will be allocated thereby making abortion illegal if funded by government revenues. Easy to understand no problem. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case under the Obama administration.

Medicaid administrator Donald M. Berwick has informed state of Indiana officials that… Continue

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Felony Forgery Charges Filed On The President

Amidst the continuing controversy of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the office of the presidency based upon his questionable birth certificate assertions, a ray of light is shining through. Doug Vogt is a document scanning expert who has owned a software business since 1993. According to him the supposed long from birth certificate issued from the state of Hawaii exhibited on April 27, 2010 is in his words, “an outrageous and obvious fraud.”

Issuing a… Continue

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