Vladimir Putin Moves Family and Command Center to Nuclear Bunkers in the Urals

Solovey alleges that Putin's family have been moved to a huge underground bunker buried in the Altai Mountains (Altayskoye Podvorie resort pictured)

Many controversial stories and coverage has come out of the Ukraine conflict with Russia from horrid Russian army losses to threats of nuclear war against NATO and the West by Vladimir Putin. The Ural Mountains located east of Moscow in a very remote region are the setting for a complex of underground nuclear blast proof bunkers. By all reports the facilities are luxurious especially by the standards of most Russians. Reportedly Putin has a personal family bunker to himself on top of an underground command facility for himself and his generals to maintain communications in the event of a nuke exchange.

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Implications of minimal engagement

As to be expected the facility is hardened so that despite EMP blasts communication will not be interrupted unlike in the US where in the event of one or two nukes being detonated above the US in orbit, we would be literally reduced to the stone age as all electronics would be neutralized. No internet, cell phones, TV, radio, LIDAR radar guidance, even radar guidance for air traffic all gone! You would not even be able to use electricity for cooking, lighting, heating or cooling. This includes all appliances too. No automobile transportation what so ever. If you have a horse drawn buggy then you’re at the top of the dog heap.

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Why should they care about us?

Knowing this, our military, federal government, or consumer industry has not mandated hardened electronics or refitting of the electrical grid. They would rather waste money on pointless investigations of Donald Trump, pursuing parents who have attended school board meetings to stop their children from being exposed to filth, or FBI raids of Trump’s cabinet. Our government would rather give money in support of Tranny Pakistanis, vague Asian alliance treaties, or LGBTQ parades for the military along with drag queen support at our elementary schools. The survival of the US population? Nah!

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Since December when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began Putin had been inspecting the underground complex of nuclear bunkers that he first put his wife and family in. Apparently, he foresees a strong possibility. He and former president Medvedev have warned that any actions by NATO that could be construed as existential threats to Russia could trigger a nuclear response and that anyone who considers warfare with a super power that possesses such an arsenal should keep this in mind? Oh really? Thanks for the heads up!

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Then and now

Since the 1970’s nuclear bunkers were under construction but where abandoned for a time after the USSR collapsed, the Russian mafia took over the government, and the former satellite nations of the Soviet Union became separate entities. However, construction in earnest began again and we now have a Russian military and government installation ready for a catastrophic scenario. This is not one of those vague disinformation stories created for political purpose. Satellite vehicle tracking has confirmed Putin’s vehicle movements as well as Defense Minister Sergey Shoigyu. It is also confirmed that Putin’s family is located in a secret Siberian bunker. How about the innocent families of Ukraine bombarded by indiscriminate Russian artillery and missiles?


An appraisal of the insanity? Why in 2005 was Obama along with Richard Luger allowed to begin development of bio-weapons labs in the Ukraine? The Biden family with son Hunter laundering millions through the Ukrainian government and even giving them 1 billion taxpayer dollars to fire a prosecutor investigating Biden’s crack headed boy? So, our federal government would risk a nuclear confrontation with a country that has more nukes than we do and has Europe over a barrel since they decided against Donald Trump’s warnings to become energy dependent on Russian crude? Have the chickens come home to roost? Hopefully not in the form of Russian hyper missiles and MIRV’s!

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Comment by Less Prone on September 21, 2022 at 3:33pm

Did it ever occur to you that the war in Ukraine could be a convenient distraction to make the population ignore the total if not complicity in genocide and destruction of the western culture by all means possible then at least utter incompetence to run nations by the WEF puppets and public disservants? The western society is set to fall, with or without that war. People are now manipulated to hate the evil Russians instead of our evil "leaders", the traitorous figureheads. These are the real enemies and servants of the Satanic Cult that lives in the shadows. Mind control and social engineering the tools of the cabal.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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