Long Awaited Durham Report Confirms Suspicions

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John Durham began his investigation while Bill Barr served as Donald Trump’s Attorney General two years into the administration’s term. Many people waited anxiously the results of Durham’s report but for many it came too late. Durham, using unbiased and bi-partisan sources, unleashed a thorough investigation that revealed many things the Democrats would rather have covered up or that the public hopefully would forget about. As it turns out everything Trump confronted Biden during their debate was correct.

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Lies of the press corps

Of course, the sold out bought off mainstream media is already busy on damage control trying to say that Durham’s report has a pro-Trump spin to it, but if one recalls Bill Barr betrayed President Trump after the stolen 2020 election saying that he saw no evidence of massive voter fraud and even laughed about it! Durham did not share that bias at all. Durham’s findings confirm what most of us suspected or already knew, that the Democrats pulled off falsely fabricated evidence against Trump, that the Biden’s have been profiting off China and the Ukraine, that the FBI was knowingly involved, that John Brennan of the CIA actually briefed the other heads of intelligence that a scheme hatched by Hillary Clinton was to be unveiled to influence the FISA Courts to allow surveillance of the Trump election campaign. They knew an illegal conspiracy was being unhatched and participated in it.

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Nest of vipers

Within the federal government is a corrupt element dedicated not to justice or transparency but to perpetuating the power that goes to those with influence in major agencies. They are not out for the good of the American people. They are not out for the fair treatment of honest and hardworking public servants. They will act in such ways as to incriminate the innocent if they have to. They will destroy careers if it serves their purpose. They will conceal evidence and hide the truth anytime it suits them. In the case of Donald Trump who made his money outside the DC Beltway, who isn’t on the public dole, he was an outsider, unwelcome, knowing too much about the “Rigged” system, and not a go along get along establishment player. That made him a target of constant lies by the mainstream media and attacks by the Democrats.

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No conscience at all

John Durham’s report should serve as an arrest warrant guide for the Democrats members of the FBI, and the intelligence service heads who knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it! Of course, this would include Hillary Clinton as well who began the Russia collusion scheme with a false accusation that would justify a FISA Court authorization to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. President Barack Obama at the time knew exactly what was going on and had informed Peter Strzrok, the FBI agent, to keep him informed! If justice was served all of those named in John Durham’s probe would be charged and would, no doubt, be lawyering up!  

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Treason from within

If they had their way, the filthy cowards who hold public office would have falsely incriminated Donald J. Trump, put in jail, and wreck his business along with his family, simply to keep him from attaining the Oval Office. When you have a federal government, this corrupt who would try to get away with this kind of ruthless conduct you know that this country is in deep trouble! These people have no compunction in lying to the cross examinations of GOP inquisitions. Why? Because they know that the Justice Department infested with Obama appointees will not do its job. They will allow violent criminals and even murderers back on the streets. They will not serve the people and prosecute the guilty, but they will selectively indict anyone from the opposite side of the aisle and any poor innocent bastard that stands in their way whether he serves the people conscientiously or not. This revelation over the cowardly, ruthless, and dishonorable political operatives in the Biden White House marks the lowest point in the history of this nation, and just why the Republic is teetering on disaster!

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Comment by Doc Vega on May 31, 2023 at 4:50pm

Burbia the FBI has been transformed from a legendary law enforcement agency to an intelligence collecting attack dog for the Democrats! With Liars like Stzrok and Comey who should be doing time! 

Comment by Burbia on May 31, 2023 at 12:54pm

The suspicions being the Clintons are protected by the F.B.I. and it is weaponized in their favor.

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