Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination What Have we Learned?

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Fifty nine years ago today, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Democrat President, on a campaign tour in Dallas, Texas was brutally assassinated in front of Dallas residents and the whole world. America definitely lost its innocence on that fateful day before Thanksgiving and the traditional Dallas Cowboy game to be played in the Cotton Bowl the next day. As Don Meredith, legendary quarterback for the cowboys said, his entire world changed forever on that tragic occasion. On that sad period in time, America descended into the depths of dictator regimes where assassination could regularly be expected as a method of changing administrations, but for America to go down that bloody road was unthinkable.

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An intended obstacle

To follow would be the flawed and intentionally lengthy Warren Report that was so full of voluminous pages of distractive and unconvincing detail that it took several investigators to try and break down the unnecessary drivel designed to wear down the reader and suppress any other explanation for the shooting as the old and fabled “Lone disturbed gunman” theory that has plagued every assassination investigation since Robert Kennedy, MLK, Ronald Reagan, and John Lennon. It takes planning and the support of those hidden to make an assassination succeed. It is almost an insult to the intelligence of an entire nation to simplify such a complex operation as the workings of a single “Disturbed” individual.

Which autopsy to be believed

There are so many discrepancies in the testimony of witnesses the results of the Dallas County Coroner’s office autopsy performed by the trauma team at Parkland Hospital and the follow up examination of JFK’s body later on that had been forcibly and illegally removed from Dallas and transported aboard Air Force One on the grim trip back to Washington DC. So many things were done to corrupt a forensics investigation that it most assuredly was the work of a coordinated effort to not only cover up the existence of a conspiracy to kill JFK but to sabotage all procedures that would have routinely followed. Why would LBJ have the motorcade thoroughly cleaned before police and forensics experts could examine the crime scene?

More cover-up distraction

Ask yourself why the shooter who killed Officer J. D. Tippit of the Dallas PD was shot by a man witnesses described who looked nothing like Lee Harvey Oswald, the fall guy, in all this. Ask yourself why Oswald who had entered a movie theater as planned would be apprehended there when the Dallas Police received an anonymous tip from a phone caller informing them that the shooter was in the Oak Cliff movie theater, and how did the police have a full description of a book depository employee who had left before the building had been locked down? Of course, there was the major problem with Oswald, being a Marine trained rifleman, who was average in ability being able to get off so many shots in such a short period of time with a bolt action Carcano Italian made weapon considered to be substandard.

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From which direction?

The testimony of one Dallas Police motorcycle officer stationed behind the motorcade who was sprayed with President Kennedy’s blood after one shot who was convinced the bullet had come from the front instead of from the rear. One lost cartridge picked up by a Dallas PD detective that was never found or returned to investigators while another bullet travelled further down the street hitting a concrete curb and fragments hitting a pedestrian in the cheek requiring some medical treatment. That left the “Pristine Bullet” that appearing un-blunted or deformed after travelling through two men when any ballistics’ expert will tell you that any bullet fired into a cadaver or gelatin facsimile of a human body designed to have the same resistance as a living physique would always be deformed from the impact with flesh and bone, yet the bullet that entered JFK and Governor Connelly would be in almost perfect condition? All of these inconsistencies lead to one conclusion, a conclusion far from that offered by the Warren Report.

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What was the prime directive?

It was clear that the main response of the media, LBJ, and the authorities was to reassure the American people there was no other explanation than a single “Disturbed Lone Gunman,” no co-conspirators, no cover up, no failure of the Secret Service and accompanying local and federal security forces, just a lucky pot shot by a former Marine who once defected to the USSR! Yeah right!

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According to Robert Morningstar, who studied surveillance film from other locations on JFK’s route as well as witnesses never interviewed by the FBI because their testimony was simply over looked, as well as blow ups made of the unknown persons at the top of the grassy knoll that appear to have just fired a rifle along with the resulting emission of gun smoke, his conclusion was that Kennedy’s entourage must have passed through several layers of shooter teams awaiting their opportunity, but it was the odd turn off and slowing down of the motorcade to negotiate the turn onto Elm St. from Main that provided a “Turkey Shoot” for the gunmen who fired the shots. As was depicted in the Zapruder Camera film that has been partially edited so that the public never saw the total footage, one would have to wonder why being that there was no effort made at masking the horrific head shot portion of the film, so why alter it then unless there were more damning details to hide?

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Although I was just a little kid at the time I remember hearing so many people calling District Attorney Jim Garrison a kook for theorizing that JFK’s assassination was not what it seemed and Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only operative on that fatal afternoon. I believed what Garrison had to say, but of course you could count on the Democrat owned media even back then to regurgitate what they had been told to report! Two of my brothers and father were driving to his sandwich meat storage and distribution center when an ambulance carrying the wounded Lee Harvey Oswald came racing by them. My brother said Oswald’s arm was hanging off the gurney, his eyes were wide open, he was motionless, and there seemed to be no effort being made to sustain his vital functions as they watched the emergency vehicle race by. Our neighbor living across the alley from us in Lake Highlands was scheduled to serve the President Lunch that day in person, but she never got to undertake such an exciting opportunity.

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There are several books written about this tragic event by Garrison and others each has its own reiteration of strange contradictions that would have been key in the entire murder and cover-up including the deaths of almost all witnesses who would testify in court or by during FBI or police interview. During the Trump administration the anniversary to unseal the archived evidence was due for examination but the event was denied disclosure to the American people. President Trump was denied executive privilege in ordering that the contents of the evidence be exposed. The jurisdiction of the intelligence departments apparently prevailed. Once again, an opportunity at the truth was denied. Perhaps, the most grievous date in US history occurred on this day in time when a supposedly Christian Republic watched its leader get murdered in cold blood without justice ever being administered. Jack Ruby, the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald in front of TV cameras and penetrating through police security, pleaded with local authorities to be allowed testimony on Capitol Hill where he promised to reveal the entire plot of JFK’s assassination, but he would remain incarcerated in the Dallas jail for two years until he died of cancer. Case closed. The execution had been performed on an unsuspecting President, his accused assassin, and any witnesses who seemed a threat to the outcome of the Warren Commission Report.

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